Milestone Adblock-Browser-for-Android-next


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Investigate another way to disable the crash reporter
A square to mark and unmark is displayed on the side of "None".
Adblock Browser does not display chosen filter lists as active right away
Enable extension compatibility checking again
Firefox logo shown in background on empty Adblock Browser New Tab and Search pages
Settings changes are sometimes not saved if the user quits the app
Change "clicking" to "tapping" on the second page of the first run flow of Adblock Browser for Android
Create Adblock Plus on/off switch
Controls in Find in Page UI are white on near-white and look missing
Show the first run slide about the beta community to users that installed via Play and don't have ABB_RELEASE_BUILD set
"Firefox" string is displayed on several error messages
[ABB for Android] FAQ and Privacy Policy links redirect to English site only
Closing the browser shortly after initial launch(s) causes no filters lists to be selected
Merge FENNEC_44_0_2_RELEASE into adblockbrowser
Restore default ABP bookmarks
Update README to reflect build changes in 44.0.2
Check (and fix, if needed) multilocale builds
UI colours gone bad
Selecting Settings within ABB for Android causes the app to crash.
No filter list is active on first run
Merge abb_fennec_44_0_2_merge into adblockbrowser
Update ABP for Firefox dependency to version 2.7.3
Remove crashreporter check from adblockbrowser-build/
Remove disable-crashreporter option from adblockbrowser-build mozconfig files
Add support for x86 builds in adblockbrowser-build
Refactoring of in adblockbrowser-build
Change Ad blocking settings text
Change minimum compatible versions
'Block ads on this page' does not remove whitelisting when re-selected
Checkboxes automatically change their state if clicked too fast
[build] Signing fails if zipalign is not in PATH
Force usage of Android version code v0 function

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