Milestone Adblock-Browser-for-iOS-1.5.2

Completed (05/02/2017 01:33:02 PM)


Total number of tickets: 18 - closed: 18 - active: 0


18 / 18

Modify application parameter in ABB for iOS
Image displayed in new tab as well as overlaid in old tabs page
Sponsored content is not displayed on Fox News articles
[HA Crash] iOS10 NSFetchRequest fails while servicing
Update ABP bundle to version 1.12.4
Introduce HockeyApp event-based error reporting
Reordering dashboard elements breaks links
An alert popup to inform user about application exit
Full text search causes crash
Bundle Adblock Browser with the new Acceptable Ads favicon
Error "ChromeTabNotFound" appearing often
'Clear History' does not function
ABB crashes during start-up on older devices
Settings menu item hidden on iOS 8.4
[ABB for iOS] [Search function] Notification displayed on the screen
[ABB for iOS] [Search function] Italics effect not supported by some languages
ABB doesn't load default filter lists after fresh install
Update relevant description keys

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