Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.12.4-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (10/26/2016 08:45:19 AM)


Total number of tickets: 14 - closed: 14 - active: 0


14 / 14

Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 53626d2055a6
Block element tool slow for images with data URI
Update punycode.js and use it under the MIT license
Video ads on YouTube are not blocked using Safari 6 (Flash)
Drop support for Chrome 29-40 and remove legacy code
Prevent advanced WebSocket circumvention where our content scripts can't run
Update buildtools dependency
Document domain determined incorrectly after a redirect
Update Js Shell and related dependencies
Use 'websocket' type for WebSocket connections
Update adblockpluscore dependency, replace rsa.js with rsa module
Update adblockpluscore dependency and getSelectorsForDomain usage
Sitekey whitelisting not working reliably after redirect
Remove adblockplustests dependency

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