Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.13.4-for-Chrome-Opera

Completed 2 years ago (09/26/2017 10:43:54 AM)


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Fall back to i18n.getUILanguage if @ui_locale isn't supported
Custom filters edit as raw text sometimes duplicates entered filters
Switch to chrome.tabs.insertCSS() on Firefox
Add support for Microsoft Edge
[Web Extension] Errors thrown when opening webpage in Firefox Mobile
Errors when using ABP WebExt build and devtools panel
Update buildtools dependency to hg:9c8d2c9e4344
[webextensions] Adjust data to account for UI limitations
[webextensions] Add a message for Firefox users on the options page
Update buildtools dependency to hg:0234926280f1
Workaround Edge bug in tabs.query
Update adblockpluscore dependency 217eff0504a5
[webextension] Icon badge not reset when navigating to a new page
[webextension] Custom filters in the options page aren't updated
Update the buildtools dependency to ba4805b5eda4
Pass runAt="document_start" to tabs.insertCSS

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