Milestone Adblock-Plus-1.8.9-for-Chrome-Opera-Safari

Completed (01/06/2015 05:54:23 PM)


Total number of tickets: 17 - closed: 17 - active: 0


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"Block element" does not generate blocking filters for elements with multiple URLs
Inconsistent behavior with "Block element" context menu item
Get rid of unused translation
Improve descriptions of translated strings
Optimize short description for the Chrome Web Store (and possibly other websites)
<input type=image> elements are recognized with the wrong type on Safari
"Block element" adds semicolon to style attributes
On Safari "es" translation is used instead "es-419" if UI language is a Latin American dialect of Spanish
Remove "Hide placeholders" option from the UI on Chrome/Opera/Safari
Use String.trim() to strip leading/trailing whitespaces
Styles get removed on Yahoo
Add bidi support for Safari
Popup menu doesn't work when opening multiple tabs simultaneously on Safari
Element collapsing doesn't work for frames with javascript: URL
Update buildtools dependency to 6524d2ff188d
Update adblockplus dependency to 816bc28239cd
Update adblockplustests dependency to 30c3c8f9f80c

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