Milestone Adblock-Plus-2.6.5-for-Firefox

Completed (10/15/2014 06:13:00 PM)


Total number of tickets: 13 - closed: 13 - active: 0


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1 / 1

[Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockplus repository
[meta] Remove timeline code
[Remove timeline code] Remove timeline.js and callers
firefox: block image broken on youtube thumbnails (recommended videos)
Remove special handling for the $sitekey option
Adjust to $sitekey-related changes of the Matcher API (Firefox)
Issue reporter: don't consider special subscriptions when complaining about high subscription count
Disabling filters via space bar does no longer work
Sharing on Twitter and Google doesn't work
Adblock Plus triggers adblock warning message on wrong domains
Element hiding exceptions broken in Firefox 34
Element hiding exceptions broken in Firefox 35
nss3 library isn't being found on OS X

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