Milestone Adblock-Plus-2.7.1-for-Firefox

Completed (01/19/2016 01:12:16 PM)


Total number of tickets: 23 - closed: 23 - active: 0

Store blockable item selection in the content process
Issue reporter doesn't create a screenshot in E10S mode
synchronizer unit tests are broken
Warning "unsafe CPOW usage" spammed to console when list of blockable items is open
Update buildtools dependency for Adblock Plus to revision b02d0532e33c
"TypeError: this.treeElement is null" error when closing Filter Preferences
Use sendRpcMessage instead of sendSyncMessage
Previously disabled filter is re-added as disabled when whitelisting a site
Bring back $ping type option
e10s changes broke popup blocking
<img srcset>, <picture> and fetch() are recognized as other
the issue reporter is broken
"subscriptionUpdateDataSource is undefined" error in Issue Reporter
Don't access content document when opening new tab
patterns.ini is being saved on every filter hit after a while
Hide genericblock and generichide types in the composer
Don't access content window in issue reporter
Image preview in blockable items tooltip no longer works
Update buildtools dependency for adblockplus to revision 4d73b9c76e34
Don't use expression closures in Issue Reporter
Screenshot marker in Issue Reporter is no longer red
Screenshot color reduction step of the Issue Reporter is very slow
Issue reporter calls String.replace() with deprecated flags parameter

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