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Issue Status Resolution Summary Module Assignee
#4125 closed fixed [emscripten] Convert filter classes to C++ Core trev
#4127 closed fixed [emscripten] Convert subscription classes to C++ Core trev
#4128 closed rejected [emscripten] Convert parsing patterns.ini to C++ Core sergz
#4988 closed fixed [emscripten] Adjust API for Element Hiding Emulation filters Core trev
#4989 closed fixed [emscripten] Move filter class files into a separate directory Core trev
#4991 closed fixed [emscripten] Update to Emscripten 1.37.3 Core trev
#5020 closed fixed [emscripten] Improve compile script Core trev
#5062 closed fixed [emscripten] Allow generation of custom bindings code Core trev
#5063 closed fixed [emscripten] Make FilterNotifier calls more efficient Core trev
#5131 closed fixed [emscripten] Clean separation of bindings code and runtime code Core
#5137 closed fixed [emscripten] Add implementation of basic filter storage functionality Core trev
#5138 closed rejected [emscripten] Convert serializing patterns.ini to C++ Core sergz
#5141 closed rejected [emscripten] Convert filter matcher to C++ Core
#5142 closed fixed [emscripten] Convert element hiding container to C++ Core hfiguiere
#5143 closed fixed [emscripten] Convert element hiding emulation container to C++ Core hfiguiere
#5144 closed rejected [emscripten] Move FilterListener functionality into FilterNotifier Core
#5146 closed rejected [emscripten] Implement DownloadableSubscription.parseDownload() Core hfiguiere
#5147 closed fixed [emscripten] Prevent use-after-free from JavaScript Core hfiguiere
#5149 closed rejected [emscripten] Verify that unit tests don't leak any objects Core tlucas
#5159 closed fixed [emscripten] Expose BlockingFilter.collapse property Core hfiguiere
#5160 closed fixed [emscripten] Expose changed class and property names to JavaScript Core hfiguiere
#5174 closed fixed [emscripten] Allow brackets { and } in element hiding filters Core hfiguiere
#5175 closed rejected [emscripten] Reject element hiding filters with effectively empty domain names Core hfiguiere
#5185 closed fixed [emscripten] More compact definition of class prototypes Core trev
#5201 closed fixed [emscripten] Replace EM_ASM calls by a custom JavaScript library Core trev
#5216 closed fixed [emscripten] Use a more reliable way of retrieving mangled function name Core trev
#5258 closed rejected [emscripten] Make filters and subscriptions easier to use from C++ Core
#5259 closed rejected [emscripten] Implement hit counts functionality Core
#5603 closed fixed [emscripten] Support references in parameters of exported functions Core trev
#5604 closed fixed [emscripten] Put BINDINGS_EXPORTED after the return type consistently Core trev
#5661 closed rejected [emscripten] Move impl of Subscription serialization from Subscription classes Core sergz
#5662 closed duplicate [emscripten] Create patterns.ini parser Core
#5664 closed fixed [emscripten] Change `assert` macro to accept a single parameter. Core hfiguiere
#5732 closed rejected [emscripten] Stop using i64 arithmetic Core rjeschke
#5870 closed fixed [emscripten] Implement the new ElemHideEmulation filter type Core hfiguiere
#6429 closed rejected [emscripten] merge the changes to the content script. Core
#6888 closed rejected [emscripten] Remove support for legacy :-abp-properties() syntax Core hfiguiere
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