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Issue Status Resolution Summary Module Assignee
#5893 closed fixed Add application vendor information to issue reports User-Interface trev
#5891 closed fixed Add missing subscription information to issue reporter User-Interface trev
#5892 closed duplicate Add requests information to the issue reporter User-Interface
#5951 closed fixed Bubble isn't closed when opening issue reporter in Firefox User-Interface trev
#5952 closed fixed Clicking Cancel in the issue reporter doesn't close the tab User-Interface trev
#5914 closed fixed Consider taking screenshots of the page in issue reporter User-Interface agiammarchi
#5880 closed fixed Create a minimal issue reporter User-Interface trev
#5888 closed fixed Issue reporter is using the wrong font User-Interface trev
#5887 closed fixed Issue reporter should use the SVG Adblock Plus logo User-Interface trev
#5889 closed fixed Issue reporter: links displayed on successful submission should open in top frame Sitescripts kvas
#5890 closed fixed Issue reporter: server response uses wrong font Sitescripts kvas
#5884 closed duplicate Make issue reporter backend configurable User-Interface
#5886 closed duplicate Persist email address in issue reporter User-Interface
#5885 closed duplicate Remember recently submitted issue reports User-Interface
#5896 closed fixed Simplify error handling in the issue reporter User-Interface trev
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