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Issue Status Resolution Summary Assignee
#97 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Indicate type for all expressions
#96 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Convert += and similar operations into regular assignments
#95 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Convert parameters and return value for exported functions
#94 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Allow exporting functions trev
#93 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Handle nested functions correctly (auto-insert additional parameters)
#92 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Move all functions to top level trev
#91 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Convert variables into heap references
#90 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Verify variable types
#89 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Recognize the scopes involved trev
#88 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Make heap size configurable
#87 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Improve error reporting (track line number and column) trev
#86 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Allow compiling multiple files at once
#85 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Use SpiderMonkey runtime if node.js isn't installed trev
#84 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Parse external API markers
#83 closed rejected [ChimeraScript] Parse class declarations
#82 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Implement initial compiler trev
#81 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Implement Node-based compile script trev
#80 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] "Steal" decompiler from JSHydra trev
#79 closed fixed [ChimeraScript] Implement initial parser trev
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