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#5023 Update adblockplusui dependency to 8ceaabb9c639 Platform
#5019 Anti-adblock notification not added on first-run User-Interface
#5015 Element hiding completely breaks if there are any syntax errors in element hiding filters Platform
#5014 Broken "Hide targeted messages?" notifications Platform
#5012 Support "minimum_opera_version" in Chrome/Opera packager Automation
#5011 Change Formmail2 To Fail When Template is Not Found Sitescripts
#5009 Popup blocking false positives in Adblock Plus for Chrome Platform
#4993 Apply the operator-linebreak ESLint rule consistently for all operators Sitescripts
#4992 Generate website from the master bookmark [CMS] Sitescripts
#4990 [CMS] Add Pytest Coverage Report To Tox Unknown
#4987 Custom filters list has no horizontal scrollbar in Safari or FF WebEx Platform
#4981 Measure and improve test coverage of CMS Sitescripts
#4980 The "eschew the extraneous else" policy of flake8-eyeo considered too strict Automation
#4978 Custom filters edit as raw text sometimes duplicates entered filters Platform
#4974 HTMLCollection iterator workaround for old Chrome versions missing from popup window Platform
#4973 Exception thrown in popup window Platform
#4970 Document the library API of python-abp Sitescripts
#4969 Filter parsing in python-abp Sitescripts
#4954 A downloader script supporting OAuth2 authentication/authorization Sitescripts
#4953 CSP injected for whitelisted websites Platform
#4919 Make getBackupFiles in lib/filterStorage.js asynchronous Core
#4910 ABP for Edge messes up the ad controls on YouTube Platform
#4906 change cloning in ensure_dependecies Automation
#4902 sitekey whitelisting broken in Adblock Plus for Safari Platform
#4888 Add SCSS build feature to CMS or website infrastructure Sitescripts
#4885 Adblock Plus issue reports e-mails - Missing some legend info Sitescripts
#4884 flake8-eyeo (formerly flake8-abp) tests are failing with flake8 3.3.0 Sitescripts
#4882 Rename flake8-abp to flake8-eyeo Sitescripts
#4880 Create Nightlies Test 'test_copy_repository' Fails on Ubuntu Sitescripts
#4875 Change app_id paremeter names for Microsoft Edge builds Platform
#4871 Start using ESLint for adblockplusui repository User-Interface
#4866 Regression with CSP based blocking since the switch to frame-src Platform
#4865 Make sure Identity.Name attribute is different for development builds for Edge Platform
#4864 Start using ESLint for adblockpluschrome repository Platform
#4840 "Block Element" tool fails to remove some grey overlay elements Platform
#4836 Buildtools uses an old URL for checking allowed Crowdin locales Automation
#4835 ABP crashing in chrome canary Version 58.0.2990.0 Platform
#4833 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockpluscore, migrate strings Core
#4831 Running with devenv flag throws an error Unknown
#4829 Empty error message when adding invalid filter Platform
#4827 Add relentless notification to notification parser Sitescripts
#4823 Update adblockplusui dependency Unknown
#4814 Collect the Acceptable Ads Committee application form data Sitescripts
#4809 ABP blocking AJAX POST submission on Open Source Script Unknown
#4808 POST request made by a page does not always complete Platform
#4806 Update buildtools dependency for Microsoft Edge bookmark Platform
#4804 Icon animations do not play properly for newly created tab Platform
#4803 Punycode module broken when we stopped using JS Hydra Platform
#4802 Add back compatibility for Microsoft Edge after #4722 removed it Platform
#4801 Use modern JavaScript syntax throughout adblockplusui User-Interface
#4795 Use modern JavaScript syntax where possible (let, arrow functions, for of) Platform
#4789 Migrate to the new Chrome options UI Platform
#4787 Adblock Plus can be installed on outdated/unsupported Opera versions Platform
#4784 Missing error handling in updateMalwareDomainsList Sitescripts
#4783 Switch message_responder.js to use the messaging API User-Interface
#4775 Unable to add custom filter list by using subscription hyperlink Platform
#4770 Deprecated child-src content security policy used Platform
#4767 Improve error reporting in update_update_manifests Sitescripts
#4764 Add relentless notification type Platform
#4763 creates banner targeting adblock plus users Unknown
#4762 Add relentless notification type Core
#4752 Options page is extremely slow when dealing with large numbers of custom filters Platform
#4748 Add support for dark page inspector theme in Google Chrome Unknown
#4729 Packager Edge tests fail on Windows due to differing mime types Automation
#4727 Chrome 49 tabs crashing "Aw, Snap!" for some websites Platform
#4724 Popups does not get blocked in Adblock Plus for Firefox Platform
#4723 Ensure use strict is used throughout Unknown
#4722 Increase minimum Chrome version to 49 from 41 Platform
#4721 Use IndexedDB for storage in Edge Platform
#4720 Edge packager does not support devenv Automation
#4719 Edge packager does not generate an info module Automation
#4716 Update adblockpluscore and adblockplusui dependency to TBA Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#4715 Update metadata to include antiadblockInit.js from adblockplusui instead of adblockpluscore Platform
#4714 "Block element" context menu item fails to open window Platform
#4713 Switch from Shadow DOM v0 to Shadow DOM v1 Platform
#4702 Update buildtools dependency to revision 4cea55c4bdc0 Platform
#4700 Allow specifying devbuilds update URL in manifest.json for WebExtensions builds Automation
#4699 Edge does not support 16px and 32px icons Platform
#4698 Text not shown in popup window on Edge Platform
#4697 Add support for WebExtension-based Firefox development builds Sitescripts
#4690 Localize action attribute in adblockplus/cms Sitescripts
#4689 Provide platform detection for Help Center website Sitescripts
#4687 [cms] Context function for retrieving pages metadata Sitescripts
#4680 Use runtime.openOptionsPage when available Platform
#4678 Implement JSHydra monkey-patch for Safari builds Platform
#4676 Replace non-standard CSSStyleSheet.addRule() call by CSSStyleSheet.insertRule() Platform
#4674 No character set declared for the popup.html page Platform
#4673 Add a WebExtensions build configuration to the adblockpluschrome repository Platform
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