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#4281 No acceptable ads are shown when searching on in ABP iOS. Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#4282 Acceptable ads not displayed in search results on with ABP iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#4295 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 53626d2055a6 Platform
#4298 Unblockable ad box on Platform
#4299 Incorrectly blocking YouTube thumbnail and other elements Unknown
#4300 Sitekey whitelisting not working for Safari Platform
#4302 ^ doesn't match URL with a dot after domain name Core
#4303 Advertising that is not removed. Unknown
#4304 Bing's "new tab" page renders slowly in Chrome Platform
#4305 Popup isn't blocked if opened through local page with refresh in header. Platform
#4307, ads still visible Platform
#4308 "Block element" does not appear as an option in the menu. Platform
#4313 TypeError: expected string or buffer using hg review Sitescripts
#4314 "watch youtube videos with chrome" bar blocked by ABP Unknown
#4316 Adblock Plus blocks video from rendering on Unknown
#4319 Got error status from ['hg', 'status', '--rev', '0^:0', '-u', '.']: Sitescripts
#4321 [abp2blocklist] Improve abp2blocklist to support/patch rules which can't be properly translated from Easylist Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#4322 Counter increases without stopping User-Interface
#4323 spam Unknown
#4325 Adblock Plus Breaks YouTube Filters in Edge Unknown
#4326 [abp2blocklist] || doesn't match additional subdomains Platform
#4327 [abp2blocklist] Prevent $subdocument filters from blocking top-level documents Platform
#4328 Check shadowRoot doesn't already exist before creating it Platform
#4329 [abp2blocklist] Add (very rough) $generichide and $genericblock support Platform
#4330 Block element tool slow for images with data URI Platform
#4331 Wrapped WebSocket has wrong constructor signature Platform
#4332 Objects produced by the wrapped WebSocket aren't considered WebSocket instances Platform
#4337 Don't use -k command line switch when creating Firefox builds Sitescripts
#4341 Make flake8-abp compatible with flake8 3.0 Sitescripts
#4342 tox fails due to incompatibility of flake8-putty with flake8 3.0 Sitescripts
#4346 Safari development build fails: "'module' object has no attribute 'get_certificates_and_key'" Sitescripts
#4349 Update short description to reflect that Adblock Plus is used on over 100M active devices Platform
#4351 Video ads on YouTube are not blocked using Safari 6 (Flash) Platform
#4353 Update Js Shell version, replace non-standard "for each" syntax Automation
#4354 Release automation commits and pushes local changes Automation
#4355 Chrome/Opera/Safari release automation fails if the local copy of the downloads repository is outdated Automation
#4361 ABP calls Event#initEvent without all required parameters, breaking Safari TP r11 Platform
#4364 Drop support for Chrome 29-40 and remove legacy code Platform
#4367 Update Eyeo address in sitescripts templates Sitescripts
#4370 Add Crowdin Integration Fixture and Tests to CMS Sitescripts
#4373 Make jsHydra compatible with Python 3 Automation
#4374 Make the Python code that is part of jsHydra comply to our coding practices Automation
#4375 Update dependency from buildtools on jshydra for Python 3 support Automation
#4376 Update buildtools dependency Platform
#4379 Add Crowdin Server Fixture and GET Info Method to CMS Tests Unknown
#4380 Add Crowdin API Methods and Tests For Translation Operations Unknown
#4381 Add File Operations For Crowdin API Tests Sitescripts
#4382 Use new syntax to catch Python exceptions Sitescripts
#4384 ABP Detection not working on Safari Platform
#4386 Document domain determined incorrectly after a redirect Platform
#4388 [hgreview] Reviews should use Base URL field in order to indicate the repository Sitescripts
#4392 Background image on cannot be blocked in Safari Platform
#4396 Dismissing block element dialog in Edge doesn't dismiss element highlighting Unknown
#4405 Hiding filters doesn't work on Platform
#4410 Update runserver.spec for new pyinstaller versions Sitescripts
#4413 Merge and Sitescripts
#4415 Adblock Plus for Edge breaks Tumblr videos with easyprivacy enabled. Unknown
#4419 Uploading devbuilds to AMO no longer works Sitescripts
#4422 Replace the old implementation of "formmail" with "formmail2" and add an alias Sitescripts
#4424 Remove the formmail2 alias for formmail Sitescripts
#4429 Update Js Shell and related dependencies Platform
#4443 Add support for the spread operator to jshydra Automation
#4448 Use 'websocket' type for WebSocket connections Platform
#4450 Prevent ElemHide filters from being created with an empty domain restriction Core
#4452 updateUpdateManifests script errors out failing to import get_certificates_and_key Sitescripts
#4455 WebRTC circumvention Platform
#4459 xarfile should not expect Crypto.Signature module to be present Automation
#4460 Update buildtools dependency to revision 512717e74592 Sitescripts
#4464 updateUpdateManifests script relies on which is no longer there Sitescripts
#4465 Move rsa.js into adblockpluscore Core
#4466 Update adblockpluscore dependency, replace rsa.js with rsa module Platform
#4467 Js Hydra converting some hex strings incorrectly Automation
#4468 Update Js Hydra dependency for hex string fix Automation
#4470 ABP Causing VERY high CPU usage in Safari 10 (Sierra) Platform
#4475 Chrome developer tools panel does not list -abp-properties matches Platform
#4476 Implement a tool to debug hiding filters including -abp-properties filters (and :has in the future) User-Interface
#4477 Update adblockpluscore dependency and getSelectorsForDomain usage Platform
#4479 [codingtools] Default editorconfig settings are not being applied Sitescripts
#4483 Sitekey whitelisting not working reliably after redirect Platform
#4487 Auto-generation of translation string ids and comments in CMS Sitescripts
#4488 Support JSON page front matter Sitescripts
#4489 Shorten <fix> translation string variable syntax in CMS Sitescripts
#4491 Prevent page front matter from breaking formatting and linting Sitescripts
#4492 Refactor messageResponder to be less monolithic and more convenient to use User-Interface
#4493 Activate update_as_unapproved flag for translation script (CMS) Sitescripts
#4494 Error message on pages with sandboxed iFrame Platform
#4495 Remove adblockplustests dependency Platform
#4503 fails for git submodule Automation
#4530 ABP slows down page load, even if it's disabled for the current domain Unknown
#4540 Update createNightlies script to support creating dev builds from bookmarked branches Sitescripts
#4547 Easylist is beeing added again on Microsoft Edge Platform
#4548 Adapt release automation for Safari and Edge Automation
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