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#1724 Messaging on Safari is prone to memory leaks Platform
#7033 Meta data in filter list header ignored Core
#2570 Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is detected as Android Infrastructure
#3314 MiddleClick on multimedia content (images/videos) to un/hide Platform
#5654 Migrate existing hooks/filters to website-defaults Sitescripts
#6884 Migrate from nodeunit to mocha (in adblockpluschrome) Platform
#7467 Migrate rpy to Python 3 Sitescripts
#3869 Migrate the UI to the new FilterNotifier API User-Interface
#3868 Migrate the platform code to the new FilterNotifier API Platform
#4789 Migrate to the new Chrome options UI Platform
#3089 Misplaced borders of share and donate section on first run page with smaller viewport sizes User-Interface
#5641 Misplaced content on Websites
#5672 Misplaced content on Websites
#4784 Missing error handling in updateMalwareDomainsList Sitescripts
#2640 Missing preference for notification opt-out is causing error Platform
#2875 ModPagespeed defer_javascript issue with active ABP Platform
#7059 Modify fldiff so it can handle multiple files Sitescripts
#1665 Mouse events handled by the page interferes with "Block element" functionality Platform
#3909 Move "Tweaks" below "Filter lists" on new options page User-Interface
#3824 Move "use strict" into IIFE for compatibility with Kitt Platform
#6726 Move CSS escaping from ElemHideBase to ElemHide Core
#5562 Move Edge storage to IndexedDB Platform
#1628 Move PAD file generation into a separate script Sitescripts
#2539 Move VCS abstraction part of ensure_dependencies into a separate module Automation
#3672 Move antiadblockInit.js from adblockpluscore to adblockplusui Core
#7449 Move compareVersion function into separate module and export Core
#6323 Move composer.html related files to adblockplusui User-Interface
#1853 Move filter generation into the background page utilizing URL utils available there Platform
#7453 Move filter state to a global map Core
#6371 Move hosting of beta versions of Adblock Plus for Firefox back to a self-hosted solution Automation
#5060 Move module code from adblockpluschrome/lib/compat.js into the modules template Automation
#2642 Move notifications code to separate module Platform
#3843 Move page load logic to their respective modules Platform
#6321 Move popup.html and related files to adblockplusui User-Interface
#4089 Move punycode.js to correct position for lib/adblockplus.js Platform
#4465 Move rsa.js into adblockpluscore Core
#5758 Move the ability to create development builds for "Adblock Plus for Safari" to sitescripts Sitescripts
#6956 Move the extension's style sheet generation logic into core Core
#1711 Move the logic determining whether the nested frame should be whitelisted into js core Core
#6633 Move translatable strings from adblockpluschrome to adblockplusui User-Interface
#6016 Multiple "block element" windows are permitted (chrome / firefox) Platform
#2279 Multiple dialogs shown when using "Block element" from context menu Platform
#3405 Multiple unit tests are failing in Adblock Plus for Safari Platform
#5700 Navigation and footer overlap on new options page User-Interface
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" User-Interface
#6110 New options page does not display correctly in Chrome 49-51 User-Interface
#6141 Nightly build generation on the server is failing Automation
#6092 No "Block element" context menu entry on Platform
#6765 No COPYING file in the root directory Platform
#4281 No acceptable ads are shown when searching on in ABP iOS. Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#6103 No attribute error when running build script User-Interface
#4674 No character set declared for the popup.html page Platform
#5748 No confirmation dialog shown in options page when using subscribe links User-Interface
#2078 No proper text when clicked on facebook icon. User-Interface
#1838 No suggested filters when trying to block dynamically modified element Unknown
#6939 No-TLD restriction for content filters does not work if there's at least one non-TLD Core
#2131 Non existing job redirection on [] Infrastructure
#2316 Not able to block Feedback button Unknown
#1394 Not able to block element on ebay website Unknown
#7340 Notification animations do not work Platform
#7347 Notification animations error on Edge Unknown
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization Core
#3096 Notification icon animation is not stopped after desktop notification is dismissed Platform
#2969 Notification locales should be interpreted as Mozilla l10n locales Platform
#5746 Notification not shown in Edge Platform
#3060 Notification popup should be closed explicitly Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2707 Notification start / end keys do not work Sitescripts
#7206 Notifications crash Edge Platform
#5354 Notifications with buttons are not supported in Opera Platform
#3808 Notify ABP for Chrome users about having adware symptoms Platform
#3020 Notify users that Adblock Browser for iOS has been released Sitescripts
#2567 Number of total blocked ads is reset when reloading Adblock Plus Platform
#6679 Number shown in icon regardless of user setting Platform
#7090 Oauth2client causing tests to fail Sitescripts
#7203 Objects are not actually hidden in Edge Platform
#4332 Objects produced by the wrapped WebSocket aren't considered WebSocket instances Platform
#6685 Offer incremental filterlist downloads Sitescripts
#2117 On Chrome ABP eats a lot of memory Platform
#1666 On Safari "es" translation is used instead "es-419" if UI language is a Latin American dialect of Spanish Platform
#7298 On some websites most elements are not selectable by block element Platform
#1125 One more 'Think Adblock Plus...' page opens in duplicate window when click Cancel button on Twitter login page Platform
#1802 Only first selector in multi-selector hiding rule works in Chrome Platform
#2132 Only match exception rules when checking whether a page/frame is whitelisted Platform
#1896 Only one number is shared but there is "Share these numbers" Unknown
#6923 Only parse metadata from special comments at the top of the file Core
#2426 Open "block element" dialog as popup window Platform
#2079 Opera doesn't switch to options tab Unknown
#2541 Opera regression: storage.get: "managed" is not available Core
#6688 Optimise matching algorithm, add matchesAll function Core
#2177 Optimize filter matching performance by performing regexp match last Core
#7443 Optimize rpy for data analysis Sitescripts
#1643 Optimize short description for the Chrome Web Store (and possibly other websites) Platform
#7216 Options page can be opened multiple times Platform
#7197 Options page displays General tab when submitting whitelist entry in Edge User-Interface
#6515 Options page is broken in Edge Platform
#4752 Options page is extremely slow when dealing with large numbers of custom filters Platform
#1268 Options page isn't opened correctly when using incognito window Platform
#3915 Options page sometimes not updated with newly added filters Platform
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