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#3764 Redirect adblockplus(chrome|chrome-experimental|opera)/updates.xml to CWS Infrastructure
#3763 Get rid of redundant "add-filters" message type Platform
#3761 Don't clear user input when filter validation failed on the new options page User-Interface
#3760 Remove the "opera" build target Automation
#3759 Get rid of PAD generation Sitescripts
#3758 Get rid of Opera specific devbuilds Sitescripts
#3757 Facebook "LIKE" button on someone elses comments does not show up Unknown
#3756 Filterlist rendering in python-abp Sitescripts
#3755 Python filter list parsing API Sitescripts
#3754 Initial setup of the python-abp repo Sitescripts
#3752 Create Mercurial repository python-abp Infrastructure
#3749 Encourage user to update subscriptions if there is at least one one day old subscription and user attempts to report an issue User-Interface
#3742 Make behavior of checkboxes on options page consistent User-Interface
#3741 Add "remove" option to list items in new options page User-Interface
#3737 [logprocessor] Parse user agent strings from MS Edge Sitescripts
#3735 Pop-up windows from not blocked with Safari Platform
#3732 Always update repositories to the master bookmark Sitescripts
#3729 Default size of Add filter popup window hides buttons / requires scrollbars Unknown
#3720 Installing ABP to Chrome on OS X kicks user back to OS X login screen Unknown
#3716 Split up files stored in storage.local Platform
#3715 Subscription still disabled after removing it and adding it again Platform
#3711 Block Element frame is to small by default / scrolling is necessary. Platform
#3710 [abp2blocklist] Unify hostname logic Platform
#3709 [abp2blocklist] Filters aren't normalized before parsing Platform
#3705 Don't rely on info.platform when checking for availability of the chrome.* API Platform
#3704 Consider Edge a seperate platform in the generated "info" module Automation
#3703 Add "coin flip" feature to the IRC bot Sitescripts
#3699 Patch DOM API in order to prevent disabling the injected stylesheet Platform
#3698 Easylist with Safari ABP is blocking things which are not blocked with Firefox or Chrome Platform
#3697 Fall back to i18n.getUILanguage if @ui_locale isn't supported Platform
#3696 Fall back to tabs.create if windows.create isn't available Platform
#3695 Edge exposes it's API with the "browser" namespace instead "chrome" Platform
#3692 Create sharable ESLint configuration defining our (modern) JavaScript coding practices Sitescripts
#3687 Add experimental support for content blockers on Safari 9 Platform
#3685 Remove dead migration code from subscription initilization Platform
#3684 Link to disable Acceptable Ads in first-run page is broken Unknown
#3681 Add suport for "Fixes XXXX - ..." commit messages Sitescripts
#3679 Reject commit messages that aren't in the right format Sitescripts
#3675 [abp2blocklist] Add unittests Platform
#3674 Add a hg hook that references commits in issues Sitescripts
#3673 [abp2blocklist] Merge closely matching rules Platform
#3672 Move antiadblockInit.js from adblockpluscore to adblockplusui Core
#3671 [abp2blocklist] Turn the command line interface into an API Platform
#3670 [abp2blocklist] Make rules case-sensitive whereever possible Platform
#3660 Remove locale dependency from subscription classes Core
#3659 Remove locale dependency from filter classes Core
#3654 CSS property filter prefix and suffix improperly applied Platform
#3651 Popup blocking misses some redirects and bails out if opener is a dynamically created document Platform
#3649 Replace notification download counts above 4 with a range in uninstallation page Platform
#3641 Collapsed dialogs like 'Clear Recent History' with ABP and nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache == true Platform
#3636 "Block element" dialog hides element even if added filters don't apply due to $genricblock Platform
#3635 doesn't work when neither a .git nor a .hg directory is present Automation
#3623 Update warning at the top of the ABP for Firefox and Chrome devbuild listings Infrastructure
#3622 "Learn More..." is plain text and not a URL link in Adblock Plus for Firefox Mobile Platform
#3620 "Block element" doesn't consider $genericblock when generating filters Platform
#3619 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts
#3618 Generate JSDoc documentation for adblockpluscore Core
#3616 Turn popupBlocker.js into a module Platform
#3615 Add module prefixes to navigation in generated source code documentation Automation
#3610 UnicodeDecodeError during generation of static content with non ASCII filename Sitescripts
#3596 Support CSS property filters in devtools panel Platform
#3591 Support <template> on Safari <7 and Edge for new options page User-Interface
#3588 TypeError when trying to add filter list on Chrome <47 Platform
#3586 Support flexbox on Safari 6.1-8 with the new options page User-Interface
#3585 [abp2blocklist] Merge element hiding rules for the same domain Platform
#3584 [abp2blocklist] Element hiding rules with uppercase letters never apply Platform
#3580 Adblock Plus fails to initialize (hence doesn't block anything) on Chrome <38 Platform
#3569 site load speed is significantly lower and "TIMESVIDEO" section doesn't load on the main page when ABP is enabled on this site Platform
#3568 "window.location is null" error prevents blocking pop-ups Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3559 should run npm install when a package.json exists Automation
#3546 Add port and hostname options to CMS testing server Sitescripts
#3544 Block functionality doesn't work on webarchive page Unknown
#3543 Extension Update build information doesn't show up Automation
#3537 Remove obsolete workaround for Malware Domains List breaking YouTube Sitescripts
#3532 Generate notification icon animations on the fly Platform
#3522 Block element functionality doesn't work on website Unknown
#3521 Malware Domains List breaks YouTube Sitescripts
#3520 Last installed version number of ABP is shown on newer installed version in Safari Unknown
#3518 Use fetch API instead XMLHttpRequest Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3515 Use ES6 promises Platform
#3510 2 ABP options tabs are opened when adding a list from Platform
#3507 Translation sync script for generates separate json files for each platform for homepage instead of index.json Sitescripts
#3500 "Add filters" dialog box length is too long for a website. Platform
#3499 Create a clean messaging API for internal use Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3496 "block element" doesn't work on Platform
#3489 Firefox "restore last session" buttons missing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3478 Hide genericblock and generichide types in the composer Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3476 Test case: CF-4 testsuite 04 failed. Platform
#3475 BR-2 - Save and restore backup - TXT / Windows Windows 10 FFESR / 0028 / fail Platform
#3470 Unable to block single tab for a specific ad Platform
#3469 Blocking one modal box blocks the entire website and shows in dull colors Platform
#3467 Unable to clock an Image at first shot Platform
#3466 Blocked Video still shows for a second Unknown
#3461 the issue reporter is broken Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
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