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#2374 Implement "Tweaks" section in new options page User-Interface
#2375 Implement "Blocking lists" section in new options page User-Interface
#3828 Ignore simulated clicks on abp:subscribe links Platform
#6716 Ignore resource: protocol in Firefox Unknown
#2824 Ignore non-ads subscriptions in Utils.chooseFilterSubscription Platform
#6704 Ignore $rewrite filters for requests loading code to be executed Core
#6917 Iframe collapsing doesn't work on Firefox Platform
#1198 If you share your statistics via facebook, you get a german headline and an english description Websites
#5117 Identify ElemHideEmulationFilters based on the filter text in the devtools panel Platform
#2052 Icon vertically misaligned on the Options page User-Interface
#2260 Icon doesn't change when disabling ABP Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#4804 Icon animations do not play properly for newly created tab Platform
#5212 IRC hook should report bookmarked branches Sitescripts
#2255 IO.writeToFile() doesn't support ES6 generators Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3875 I can't download filters Platform
#7066 Homepage meta data is ignored from some subscriptions User-Interface
#6967 Hold on to only non-standard style sheets Platform
#3969 Hits are not counted for custom CSS property rules Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2057 High resolution icon for Chrome extension management page is missing Platform
#5176 Hiding preroll ads prevents content from playing in a video element Unknown
#4405 Hiding filters doesn't work on Platform
#3478 Hide genericblock and generichide types in the composer Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#5094 Hide elements with :has() filter in adblockpluschrome Platform
#3269 Have the uninstallation page open in a new tab when Adblock Plus for Chrome/Opera/Safari is uninstalled Platform
#6380 Have hg commit hook check Noissue commits have linked review URL Sitescripts
#6428 Have generateStyleSheetForDomain provide exception filters if requested Core
#5559 Have install (production) Node.js dependencies when updating a dependency Unknown
#3400 Have better solution instead of linkify Sitescripts
#5042 Handle requests that aren't associated with a browser tab Platform
#6693 HTMLCollection permission denied exceptions Platform
#4974 HTMLCollection iterator workaround for old Chrome versions missing from popup window Platform
#1731 Gujarati translation is imported with wrong locale code from CrowdIn Automation
#1430 Guardian videos are blocked on Safari with EasyList Platform
#3441 Grey out the Adblock Plus icon for pages where blocking isn't possible (e.g. non http/https) Platform
#4596 Grant push rights to adblockpluschrome for Ollie Infrastructure
#5274 Grant push access for Manish and Jon Office-IT
#4319 Got error status from ['hg', 'status', '--rev', '0^:0', '-u', '.']: Sitescripts
#3845 Google Docs documents throw error messages with ABP enabled Platform
#3034 Google AdSense for Search ads not showing up with Acceptable Ads enabled Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#1351 Google 1 icon reappears on reload after blocking Unknown
#7263 Gitlab runners timing out on adblockpluscore tests Automation
#1623 Get rid of unused translation Platform
#2658 Get rid of try..catch for filter validation Platform
#1841 Get rid of the URI class in favor of URL objects Platform
#5083 Get rid of the "chrome" subdirectory and "metadata.common" Platform
#4098 Get rid of special build setup for development builds Sitescripts
#3763 Get rid of redundant "add-filters" message type Platform
#2066 Get rid of non-standard __defineGetter__, __defineSetter__, and __lookupGetter__ Platform
#1518 Get rid of deprecated code using webkitNotifications Platform
#2701 Get rid of dead code in "info" module Automation
#2232 Get rid of conditional catch clauses Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2296 Get rid of Sitescripts
#3759 Get rid of PAD generation Sitescripts
#3758 Get rid of Opera specific devbuilds Sitescripts
#7224 Generic filter text logged if specific filter with same selector matches Platform
#1527 Generated CSS selectors aren't always correctly escaped Platform
#4992 Generate website from the master bookmark [CMS] Sitescripts
#399 Generate update manifests for Safari releases Infrastructure
#7371 Generate subscriptions.json in adblockpluscore Automation
#3039 Generate qunit/index.html using a template and list of scripts in metadata Automation
#704 Generate protocol-agnostic filters by "Block element" on Chrome Platform
#1142 Generate one update manifest for each gecko extension Sitescripts
#3532 Generate notification icon animations on the fly Platform
#2273 Generate documentation for the Chrome extension Sitescripts
#1299 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts
#3619 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts
#3618 Generate JSDoc documentation for adblockpluscore Core
#2109 Generalize translations and allow translating app-independent repositories Automation
#4057 Further improve ElemHide.getSelectorsByDomain() performance Core
#5533 Forbes Detects ABP, even when extension is disabled, it's completely unusable. Unknown
#2209 Fixed positioned elements aren't highlighted correctly Platform
#3952 Fix whitespaces in Python code for compliance with PEP-8 Unknown
#3773 Fix warning during static page generation Infrastructure
#1409 Fix some errors in adblockplustest Platform
#2603 Fix outdated update URL for Safari Platform
#6163 Fix incorrect source strings in Options page project User-Interface
#3055 Fix inconsistencies with critical notifications Platform
#3890 Fix downloading indication for subscriptions on new options page User-Interface
#6503 Fix builds on Windows Automation
#2949 Fix adblockpluschrome Git sync Infrastructure
#3080 Fix adblockplus Git sync Infrastructure
#5642 Fix Windows Store devbuild upload routine Sitescripts
#6291 Fix Windows Store devbuild upload routine Automation
#4023 Fix "Subscriptions storage full" message - move storage of subscription lists to IndexedDB Platform
#6612 First-run page opened each time extension loads Platform
#4026 First-run page and warning not shown after reinitializing filter subscriptions Platform
#7223 First run page with data corruption message shows each time Edge starts Platform
#4050 First run page subscription toggles are commented out Unknown
#7113 First run page links are indistinguishable from normal text User-Interface
#7182 First run page is not displayed in Edge after all filter lists have been removed Platform
#5877 First run page is missing some text Automation
#3427 First Run actions are not performed Unknown
#5898 First Run Page translation strings delay User-Interface
#6912 Firefox not closing properly; ABP loses all preferences and settings Platform
#3489 Firefox "restore last session" buttons missing Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2359 Finish design of General tab of new options page User-Interface
#3830 Filters saved through "Block element" override existing filters User-Interface
#3353 Filterlists load only when preferences are opened Platform
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