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#5325 [abp2blocklist] Add proper support for separator characters Platform
#5331 Add has_string to CMS Sitescripts
#5332 [abp2blocklist] Enable support for non-ASCII CSS selectors Platform
#5333 CMS does not support relative URLs Sitescripts
#5334 Should CMS export HTML files with HTML extensions? Sitescripts
#5335 Adding dependencies and build steps to websites Sitescripts
#5336 Allow additional include, page, and template paths using CMS Sitescripts
#5337 [webextension] Still lags for 20 to 30 seconds once every hour Platform
#5339 Properly select element from pseudo-element Core
#5340 Automate fix tags Sitescripts
#5343 Create global get_canonical_url function in CMS Sitescripts
#5344 Support element hiding emulation exception rules Core
#5345 [abp2blocklist] $elemhide not working on Platform
#5346 Cannot map dependency resource to non-existent directory Automation
#5347 [Web Extension] Errors thrown when opening webpage in Firefox Mobile Platform
#5351 Adblock Warning Removal List: Failed, download failure Platform
#5352 generate_static_pages cannot deal with directories being turned into regular pages Sitescripts
#5353 Writing filters documentation does not include latest filter changes. Websites
#5354 Notifications with buttons are not supported in Opera Platform
#5357 storage.js is wrongly written Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#5381 CSS property filters error in old Chrome versions Core
#5383 Add tests for the Chrome and Firefox packagers Automation
#5386 Errors when using ABP WebExt build and devtools panel Platform
#5395 Scrolling through Facebook feed is very laggy Core
#5398 [webextension] Errors thrown when installing extension in Firefox Mobile Platform
#5403 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision 05da8be2ec23 Platform
#5405 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision 442aa536668a Platform
#5407 Fetch images from Instagram and provide them to websites Sitescripts
#5408 [webextension] Websites hidden in Firefox Developer Edition Platform
#5418 Add "http" to links starting with "www." Sitescripts
#5425 -abp-has does not work on a new tab (without refresh) Platform
#5429 ESLint v4.0.0 breaks eslint-config-eyeo Sitescripts
#5431 Prevent update_copyright test from being overwritten when the script is run Sitescripts
#5449 Clarify our JavaScript indentation rules Automation
#5452 Improve CMS API for local link generation Sitescripts
#5456 Add support to specify urlFilters in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5457 Add support to specify the number of ads a user has blocked in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5458 Add support to specify the locale of a user in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5459 Add support to show a notification based on the number of ads blocked Core
#5460 Add support to show a notification based on the locale of the user Core
#5461 Important Display Issues ! Unknown
#5464 Update adblockpluschrome's safari bookmark dependencies to include WebRTC support, content blocker rule merging, and other recent changes to abp2blocklist Platform
#5467 Element hiding and collapsing doesn't work Platform
#5474 Rename "cms" to "wake" Sitescripts
#5477 Buildtool doesn't import localization string placeholders on build Automation
#5483 Complete test-coverage for Build-and-Release-Tools Automation
#5484 Ensure python3 compatibility of the Build-and-Release-Tools Automation
#5496 Update the browser-version request-url for Chrome Websites
#5505 Filter lists slow down Safari startup Unknown
#5512 Add support for multiple notifications in lib/notificationHelper.js Platform
#5513 Advanced url path for domain restrictions $domain option Core
#5521 Restructure CMS documentation to make it easier to use and extend Sitescripts
#5524 Question mark icon used to indicate information in the toolbar button Platform
#5530 Allow canonical link override in page front-matter Sitescripts
#5533 Forbes Detects ABP, even when extension is disabled, it's completely unusable. Unknown
#5535 Begin using webpack for script bundling in the Chrome packager Automation
#5553 Update buildtools dependency to hg:9c8d2c9e4344 Platform
#5554 [webextensions] Adjust data to account for UI limitations Platform
#5555 [webextensions] Add a message for Firefox users on the options page User-Interface
#5557 Support link processing (especially localization) in <meta> tags [CMS] Sitescripts
#5559 Have install (production) Node.js dependencies when updating a dependency Unknown
#5560 Specify the jsdoc dependency, instead of expecting it to be installed globally Automation
#5562 Move Edge storage to IndexedDB Platform
#5571 [abp2blocklist] Safari Technology Preview throws an error if *-domain is mixed with *-top-url Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#5574 Update to current jQuery and jQuery UI versions User-Interface
#5577 let allow non-numerical build numbers for gecko-webext Automation
#5578 Update buildtools dependency to hg:0234926280f1 Platform
#5582 Workaround Edge bug in tabs.query Platform
#5584 Update adblockpluscore dependency 217eff0504a5 Platform
#5587 Use dedicated mobile options page in Firefox Mobile Platform
#5588 [webextension] Icon badge not reset when navigating to a new page Platform
#5589 [webextension] "Block element" isn't working Platform
#5590 [webextension] Custom filters in the options page aren't updated Platform
#5593 [webextension] options page doesn't open in a Firefox private browsing window Platform
#5596 Update the buildtools dependency to ba4805b5eda4 Platform
#5599 [webextension] Error in include.postload.js Platform
#5600 CMS Should extract translations from crowdin even if locale dir does not exist Sitescripts
#5601 CMS takes too long to generate Sitescripts
#5616 Pass runAt="document_start" to tabs.insertCSS Platform
#5618 Localized image paths should fall back to unlocalized paths using CMS test server Sitescripts
#5623 Change the version format of devbuilds of ABP for Microsoft Edge Platform
#5624 Universal Wildcard allows requests to be blocked on new tabs Platform
#5625 ABP Safari not blocking and/or unblocking detection pixels Platform
#5641 Misplaced content on Websites
#5642 Fix Windows Store devbuild upload routine Sitescripts
#5644 upload.y doesn't upload binary diffs when used with a git repository Sitescripts
#5645 Requests still blocked with white-listing filter applied Platform
#5647 [ESLint] Allow labeled statements Unknown
#5648 Add lib/popupBlocker.js to Firefox version with a dynamic check for webNavigation.onCreatedNavigationTarget support Platform
#5649 AppxMainfest.xml includes truncated version umber Automation
#5653 Provide CMS hooks feature Sitescripts
#5654 Migrate existing hooks/filters to website-defaults Sitescripts
#5660 [webextensions] First run page not opened in Firefox 50 Automation
#5663 [webextension] Could not establish connection error after fresh install Platform
#5665 Combine element hiding rules with the same selector Core
#5666 Version number in AppxMainfest.xml must end with ".0" Automation
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