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#3020 Notify users that Adblock Browser for iOS has been released Sitescripts
#3017 Improve file mapping precedence with inherited metadata files Automation
#3015 Remove legacy code for Adblock Browser iOS email notifcation Sitescripts
#3014 Make base path used in icons module configurable Platform
#3013 [] Replace /en/adblock-browser with a redirect to Websites
#3008 Safari anomaly @1.9 launch: too many active users Unknown
#3002 Write and use getDevEnvPath function for determining the devenv build path Automation
#2994 Fanboy's Lists missing from subscription selection dialog Sitescripts
#2992 [CMS] Animation XML files not generated for non English languages Sitescripts
#2983 Stats processing fails to interprete lastVersion parameter Sitescripts
#2982 Don't send a final notification to users that were in the test Sitescripts
#2972 doesn't add Git ignore paths relative to the project root Automation
#2969 Notification locales should be interpreted as Mozilla l10n locales Platform
#2968 Implement multi inheritance for metadata files Automation
#2949 Fix adblockpluschrome Git sync Infrastructure
#2936 [cms] Support syntax for translatable strings with existing default value Sitescripts
#2935 [cms] Give get_string global template function sensible default for page paramter Sitescripts
#2902 conflict with tabgroups menu extension Platform
#2898 Stop updating our update manifest for Firefox development builds Sitescripts
#2896 Automate uploading of Firefox development builds to AMO Sitescripts
#2875 ModPagespeed defer_javascript issue with active ABP Platform
#2868 Pull processes piling up after deploying the new notification handler Sitescripts
#2846 Service for processing Microsoft Edge announcement subscription Sitescripts
#2834 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockplusui Automation
#2824 Ignore non-ads subscriptions in Utils.chooseFilterSubscription Platform
#2822 Add support for new subscription types to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2818 site layout broken using ABP for chrome (shadow DOM ? ) Platform
#2813 Using runserver cms returns 500 status code for /subscriptions Websites
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" User-Interface
#2798 Update buildtools dependency to 3a314c32bde7 Platform
#2797 Add the "Update From Gallery" key to the Safari extension update manifest (updates.plist) Sitescripts
#2796 Add DeveloperIdentifier to the generated Safari extension manifest (Info.plist) Automation
#2784 Update adblockplustests dependency to ae6c7a2cc723 Platform
#2764 Update buildtools dependency to 41f4621a29dd Platform
#2758 Update adblockplus dependency to ffb0d87cd545 Platform
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization Core
#2754 chrome dev (45.0.2438.3): hiding filters don't work, "block element" missing on Platform
#2753 "block element" does not work on Platform
#2743 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog not triggered when blocking an embedded ad Platform
#2742 Block element should not block logo for websites like facebook and yahoo. Unknown
#2740 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] Blocked element is not highlighted when selected. Platform
#2739 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Test notification handler with caching enabled Sitescripts
#2738 Make RegExpFilter.matches() take a bit mask rather than string for type Core
#2733 ABP Chrome does not display received notifications Unknown
#2730 Value of notification key "inactive" is ignored Sitescripts
#2726 Reuse texts from Firefox version for Platform notification opt-out Platform
#2723 Raise a more detailed exception when there is no update for Mozilla products Websites
#2722 Don't report persistent errors with external APIs more often than once a day Websites
#2719 Malware Domains list contains punycode Sitescripts
#2711 Allow manipulation of list items in derived metadata files Automation
#2709 Remove legacy failsafe code form Utils.getString Platform
#2707 Notification start / end keys do not work Sitescripts
#2705 Improve notification generation error reporting Sitescripts
#2702 does not work with python 2.6 Automation
#2701 Get rid of dead code in "info" module Automation
#2700 ensure_dependencies does not work with python 2.6 Automation
#2699 strange counter behaviour Platform
#2696 When filter subscription is added, "Failed, download failure" is displayed. Unknown
#2695 Problems loading page content when ABP is enabled Unknown
#2694 Wrong order of parameters `source, target` in logging message Automation
#2689 Logic problem in BrowserAction._addChange Platform
#2687 Shadow DOM breaks layout when using "report a problem" dialog on Platform
#2681 Thunderbird versions on requirements page listed twice if beta and stable channel are on the same version Websites
#2679 Update buildtools dependency to 81669d8d6bd5 Platform
#2678 [cms] Development server considers global files and Windows registry for mimetypes Sitescripts
#2676 Document notification.json and the notifications repository Sitescripts
#2665 Spanish translations aren't used in Opera builds Automation
#2664 Remove ignoreHeaders argument from parseFilter(s) and move the logic to the UI Platform
#2658 Get rid of try..catch for filter validation Platform
#2656 Regression: Notification not shown in icon popup Platform
#2653 Block element option doesn't work on page which appears after clicking Back browser button Platform
#2651 Update adblockplus dependency to 0f8feec93b61 Platform
#2649 Update buildtools dependency to bdd544d595f2 Platform
#2643 Update adblockplustests dependeny to a1945f1d0d0f Platform
#2642 Move notifications code to separate module Platform
#2641 Filter behavior change introduces regression breaking notifications Core
#2640 Missing preference for notification opt-out is causing error Platform
#2639 Update adblockplus dependency to 816bc28239cd Platform
#2638 Block element doesn't function when page is refreshed with popup UI open Platform
#2634 URLs in "srcset" attribute aren't considered for element collapsing Platform
#2632 Block element behaviour on <area> elements seems incorrect Unknown
#2628 Showing wrong stable version for Yandex.Browser on requirements page Websites
#2625 [cms] Add Crowdin synchronisation script Sitescripts
#2610 [Log notification version] Return notification version in a response header Sitescripts
#2603 Fix outdated update URL for Safari Platform
#2602 Shadow DOM breaks layout when using feedback dialog on Google's websites Platform
#2601 AdBlock Plus unresponsive when starting chrome Unknown
#2597 [Move core logic into adblockpluscore repository] Change adblockplus dependency to adblockpluscore in adblockpluschrome Platform
#2592 Regression: URL-specific notifications are broken Core
#2582 ElemHide.getSelectorsForDomain() cannot be optimized by V8 Core
#2580 Attempt to perform 2nd search for filter in ABP for Firefox doesn't select the previous one Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2579 loads forever Unknown
#2578 runserver.exe error: no module named dom Sitescripts
#2576 runserver.exe error: no module named urllib2 Websites
#2573 ABP broken if -user-agent is set as a startup parameter Unknown
#2571 Add the Adblock Browser devbuild update handler from servercontent to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2570 Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile is detected as Android Infrastructure
#2569 Leave errors in chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest listener unhandled Platform
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