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#1473 Ebay Kleinanzeigen Thumbnail-Hovering broken Unknown
#5808 Easyprivacy URL is being shown instead of the title User-Interface
#3698 Easylist with Safari ABP is blocking things which are not blocked with Firefox or Chrome Platform
#4547 Easylist is beeing added again on Microsoft Edge Platform
#1123 EasyList site links to an inaccessible version of ChinaList Unknown
#6832 EasyList is not reinstalled if removed Platform
#5429 ESLint v4.0.0 breaks eslint-config-eyeo Sitescripts
#4042 ELEMHIDE matches not reported in devtools panel Platform
#3951 Duplicate filters can sometimes be added via Block element User-Interface
#5942 Drop support for updateManifest generation for gecko Sitescripts
#5795 Drop support for Chrome versions < 51 Platform
#4364 Drop support for Chrome 29-40 and remove legacy code Platform
#4552 Drop dependency on JSHydra Automation
#5265 Donwgrade/upgrade Chrome Extension Fails installation Platform
#731 Don't wrap filter in "Block element" dialog on Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#7338 Don't use any DOM APIs in the background page Platform
#7381 Don't use XMLHttpRequest from the background page Core
#4337 Don't use -k command line switch when creating Firefox builds Sitescripts
#4091 Don't test $~media in "Result cache checks" test, unsupported in Chrome Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#6357 Don't suggest element hiding filters if we can't hide elements on the page Platform
#2982 Don't send a final notification to users that were in the test Sitescripts
#2722 Don't report persistent errors with external APIs more often than once a day Websites
#3705 Don't rely on info.platform when checking for availability of the chrome.* API Platform
#2528 Don't parse CSS selectors that have no comma Platform
#3454 Don't mark font requests as indistinguishable on Safari Platform
#172 Don't make our icons web accessible Platform
#6840 Don't lowercase query string parameters for edge uninstallations Platform
#5316 Don't hard-code resource types for the devtools panel User-Interface
#2340 Don't generate pages if less than 30% have been translated Sitescripts
#6979 Don't force the use of the Safari's native Content Blocking with Safari 12 Platform
#3210 Don't fall back to our downloads for Firefox extensions Sitescripts
#2072 Don't duplicate 128x128 icon in Chrome builds (adblockplusui) User-Interface
#2194 Don't drag "Block Element" dialog when clicking into the text field User-Interface
#7126 Don't download filter lists while chrome.idle state is "locked" Core
#1704 Don't configure content scripts with "match_about_blank" on Chrome Automation
#3761 Don't clear user input when filter validation failed on the new options page User-Interface
#7129 Don't check every hour for something to download Core
#2537 Don't assume "Chrome/" to be given in the user agent string Platform
#7093 Don't animate icon for notifications with URL filters Platform
#1660 Domains with ...(incomplete) Unknown
#6953 Domain-based whitelisting does not work in data URI frames Platform
#6954 Domain-based whitelisting does not work for content filtering in subframes Platform
#1661 Domain with rules mentioned in Whitelisted options should not be removed on enabling the ABP for the site where the rule is applicable Unknown
#6140 Documentation generation script on the server is failing Sitescripts
#4970 Document the library API of python-abp Sitescripts
#2676 Document notification.json and the notifications repository Sitescripts
#4386 Document domain determined incorrectly after a redirect Platform
#4084 Do not use @@bidi_dir directly in adblockplusui User-Interface
#7269 Do not rewrite preflight OPTIONS requests Platform
#6861 Do not escape opening brackets in middle of filter text while serializing Core
#6164 Do not compose strings from parts User-Interface
#7393 Do error handling for fallback URL Core
#5300 Distinguish OBJECT and OBJECT_SUBREQUEST requests on Firefox Platform
#6786 Display Safari app extension migration page Platform
#3889 Dispatch subscription downloading event instead of downloadStatus when transfer begins Core
#4396 Dismissing block element dialog in Edge doesn't dismiss element highlighting Unknown
#6068 Disabling extensions.adblockplus.subscriptions_autoupdate does not work anymore Platform
#3885 Disable the checkbox to toggle the Acceptable Ads list on the new options page User-Interface
#3892 Disable button if input is invalid when adding subscriptions or filters User-Interface
#7462 Different results based on filter order Core
#7354 Devtools panel doesn't respond when first custom filter is added Platform
#4608 Development build for Safari created from master bookmark Sitescripts
#4605 Development build "Recent changes" log is broken Sitescripts
#6560 Dev builds of ABP for Firefox aren't being updated to the latest version Automation
#1692 Dev builds can't be updated/installed Infrastructure
#6599 Detect data corruption of storage.local Platform
#3415 Detect application based on UA for Chromium-based browsers Automation
#6977 Detect anti-circumvention filter list based on URL in subscriptions.json Core
#4770 Deprecated child-src content security policy used Platform
#2268 Deprecate setupStderr() Sitescripts
#6434 Define helpers for non-array iterables Core
#3729 Default size of Add filter popup window hides buttons / requires scrollbars Unknown
#178 Deal with missing frame URL gracefully Platform
#7181 Custom filters sometimes persist after they have been removed Core
#4987 Custom filters list has no horizontal scrollbar in Safari or FF WebEx Platform
#4978 Custom filters edit as raw text sometimes duplicates entered filters Platform
#1263 Custom filter don't work anymore after ABP update Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3058 Crowdin locales mapping for the translation synchronization script Sitescripts
#5939 Crowdin downloads suffixed translations to the wrong folder Automation
#7077 Critical notification animation does not stop when dismissed Platform
#3257 Create uninstallation page in Websites
#7117 Create test pages for first set of snippets Unknown
#7301 Create test page for object-subrequest Websites
#7163 Create test page for basic generic hide and block filters Websites
#7437 Create test page for $other filter option Websites
#7351 Create test cases for Generic Block and Generic Hide Websites
#7352 Create test case for object subrequest filter option Websites
#3692 Create sharable ESLint configuration defining our (modern) JavaScript coding practices Sitescripts
#2335 Create landing page for successful email verification Websites
#2213 Create landing page for mobile beta launch Websites
#5343 Create global get_canonical_url function in CMS Sitescripts
#4155 Create global csscomb config Sitescripts
#3967 Create directories for mapped files if they don't already exist Automation
#5323 Create a tool/script to pickup revolving adservers Sitescripts
#4262 Create a repository for Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge Office-IT
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