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#2440 [cms] Add support for cache files Sitescripts
#2450 [cms] Extra semicolons being added to translatable strings Sitescripts
#2452 [cms] \n in a translatable string is being converted into an actual line break Sitescripts
#2456 [cms] Use logging module Sitescripts
#2457 [cms] Translatable attributes are escaped twice Sitescripts
#2460 [cms] Support <span> tags inside translatable strings Sitescripts
#2530 Selecting Korean language causes all pages to 404 Sitescripts
#2559 [cms] Detect conflicting pages in the development server Sitescripts
#2563 [cms] Cache filters and globals during page generation Sitescripts
#2571 Add the Adblock Browser devbuild update handler from servercontent to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2578 runserver.exe error: no module named dom Sitescripts
#2610 [Log notification version] Return notification version in a response header Sitescripts
#2625 [cms] Add Crowdin synchronisation script Sitescripts
#2676 Document notification.json and the notifications repository Sitescripts
#2678 [cms] Development server considers global files and Windows registry for mimetypes Sitescripts
#2705 Improve notification generation error reporting Sitescripts
#2707 Notification start / end keys do not work Sitescripts
#2719 Malware Domains list contains punycode Sitescripts
#2730 Value of notification key "inactive" is ignored Sitescripts
#2739 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Test notification handler with caching enabled Sitescripts
#2797 Add the "Update From Gallery" key to the Safari extension update manifest (updates.plist) Sitescripts
#2822 Add support for new subscription types to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2846 Service for processing Microsoft Edge announcement subscription Sitescripts
#2868 Pull processes piling up after deploying the new notification handler Sitescripts
#2896 Automate uploading of Firefox development builds to AMO Sitescripts
#2898 Stop updating our update manifest for Firefox development builds Sitescripts
#2935 [cms] Give get_string global template function sensible default for page paramter Sitescripts
#2936 [cms] Support syntax for translatable strings with existing default value Sitescripts
#2982 Don't send a final notification to users that were in the test Sitescripts
#2983 Stats processing fails to interprete lastVersion parameter Sitescripts
#2992 [CMS] Animation XML files not generated for non English languages Sitescripts
#2994 Fanboy's Lists missing from subscription selection dialog Sitescripts
#3015 Remove legacy code for Adblock Browser iOS email notifcation Sitescripts
#3020 Notify users that Adblock Browser for iOS has been released Sitescripts
#3048 Clients don't stay in test group if notification is inactive Sitescripts
#3056 [CMS] cms.bin.test_server intermittently pauses for several seconds when serving static files Sitescripts
#3058 Crowdin locales mapping for the translation synchronization script Sitescripts
#3076 [CMS] Map locale names to match what Crowdin expects during synchronisation Sitescripts
#3084 [cms] Show full tracebacks for exceptions passing template code Sitescripts
#3112 [CMS] Allow testing of sitescripts URL handlers along with a static CMS site Sitescripts
#3117 Restrict "prefixes" attribute in recommendations.xml to subscriptions that specify languages Sitescripts
#3122 Add sitescripts.testpages.web.sitekey_frame URL handler Sitescripts
#3124 Allow the new severity value "normal" Sitescripts
#3125 Improve the second Adblock Browser notification test Sitescripts
#3132 Remove unused subscriptionList.html from sitescripts Sitescripts
#3168 Add a script for generating new content blocker lists Sitescripts
#3176 Add filter list meta data to content blocker lists Sitescripts
#3189 Verificaition emails "%" sign escape problem Sitescripts
#3210 Don't fall back to our downloads for Firefox extensions Sitescripts
#3216 StopIteration Exception raised in notification FCGI handler Sitescripts
#3246 [CMS] Strip empty locale files from Crowdin export archive Sitescripts
#3312 Serve release update manifests for Adblock Browser Sitescripts
#3349 [CMS] Replace the markdown package with a CommonMark compliant one Sitescripts
#3354 [CMS] Enable markdown.extensions.extra extension Sitescripts
#3400 Have better solution instead of linkify Sitescripts
#3402 [CMS] Fix inline tag nesting for translatable strings Sitescripts
#3507 Translation sync script for generates separate json files for each platform for homepage instead of index.json Sitescripts
#3521 Malware Domains List breaks YouTube Sitescripts
#3537 Remove obsolete workaround for Malware Domains List breaking YouTube Sitescripts
#3546 Add port and hostname options to CMS testing server Sitescripts
#3610 UnicodeDecodeError during generation of static content with non ASCII filename Sitescripts
#3619 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts
#3674 Add a hg hook that references commits in issues Sitescripts
#3679 Reject commit messages that aren't in the right format Sitescripts
#3681 Add suport for "Fixes XXXX - ..." commit messages Sitescripts
#3692 Create sharable ESLint configuration defining our (modern) JavaScript coding practices Sitescripts
#3703 Add "coin flip" feature to the IRC bot Sitescripts
#3732 Always update repositories to the master bookmark Sitescripts
#3737 [logprocessor] Parse user agent strings from MS Edge Sitescripts
#3754 Initial setup of the python-abp repo Sitescripts
#3755 Python filter list parsing API Sitescripts
#3756 Filterlist rendering in python-abp Sitescripts
#3758 Get rid of Opera specific devbuilds Sitescripts
#3759 Get rid of PAD generation Sitescripts
#3774 Support multiple mirrors for the Malware Domains List Sitescripts
#3805 update_issues hook does not update issues marked as sensitive Sitescripts
#3810 Remove hardcoded default mirror list from Malware Domains List conversion script Sitescripts
#3849 Filter list rendering script Sitescripts
#3894 Add tests for the update_issues hook Sitescripts
#3918 Translation synchronization script only updates exisiting files Sitescripts
#3920 Static pages generation doesn't generate content for some translations Sitescripts
#3937 make a script to create a list of URLs for a subscription Sitescripts
#3939 make a script to compare obtained filters (output of abpcrawler) and the current subscription filters Sitescripts
#3963 Automatic style and correctness checking for Python code Sitescripts
#3985 Unified test runner for sitescripts Sitescripts
#4014 Publish python-abp on PyPI Sitescripts
#4044 flake8-abp doesn't recognize "from __future__ import unicode_literals" Sitescripts
#4045 Add tests to the CMS Sitescripts
#4070 Mercurial commit hook produces broken markup if the commit message is more than one line long Sitescripts
#4098 Get rid of special build setup for development builds Sitescripts
#4116 Make infile and outfile parameters of flrender script from python-abp optional Sitescripts
#4155 Create global csscomb config Sitescripts
#4217 CMS Static Page Generation Fails With Mercurial Version 3.3+ Sitescripts
#4313 TypeError: expected string or buffer using hg review Sitescripts
#4319 Got error status from ['hg', 'status', '--rev', '0^:0', '-u', '.']: Sitescripts
#4337 Don't use -k command line switch when creating Firefox builds Sitescripts
#4341 Make flake8-abp compatible with flake8 3.0 Sitescripts
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