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#7079 Update buildtools dependency to 29aa8a195b8e Platform
#7087 Update buildtools dependency to f5c7b0b57d3b Platform
#7093 Don't animate icon for notifications with URL filters Platform
#7103 Add docs npm script to adblockpluschrome Platform
#7104 Element collapsing stylesheets can linger after frame is destroyed Platform
#7107 Update adblockplusui dependency to 2c0512a95dbb (release-2018-4.5) Platform
#7135 Update adblockplusui dependency to TBD (release-2018-5.-8) Platform
#7138 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:12fe269290b3 Platform
#7147 Update adblockpluscore dependency to c1f377857d7f Platform
#7149 Adjust adblockpluschrome to handle FilterStorage.subscriptions changes Platform
#7153 setUninstallURL: String must not be more than 255 characters long. Platform
#7159 Filter composer not being initialized on certain pages Platform
#7161 Block element popup in Edge is sometimes the wrong size Platform
#7169 ABP extension error message "Event pages are not currently supported" Platform
#7170 bug: ABP does not unhide nodes no longer matching :-abp-has(...) procedural cosmetic filters Platform
#7174 Block element window is recreated if open when Edge is force closed Platform
#7177 Some element hiding emulation filters fail on Edge Platform
#7180 Add new style sheet only if it differs from old style sheet Platform
#7182 First run page is not displayed in Edge after all filter lists have been removed Platform
#7188 Crash/recovery page showing up on Firefox for Android with the Adblock Plus extension Platform
#7191 Remove unused qunit/common.js file Platform
#7203 Objects are not actually hidden in Edge Platform
#7204 Websockets are not blocked in Edge Platform
#7206 Notifications crash Edge Platform
#7210 Skip redundant round-trips to the background page when collapsing elements targeted by the same selector Platform
#7212 Ensure migration path from builds for Microsoft Edge to builds for Chromium Platform
#7216 Options page can be opened multiple times Platform
#7217 Extension requests send incorrect applicationVersion on Edge Platform
#7219 Update dependency adblockplusui to 8a52e194420f and buildtools to 6ba53f591579 Platform
#7223 First run page with data corruption message shows each time Edge starts Platform
#7224 Generic filter text logged if specific filter with same selector matches Platform
#7226 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:eadcd5fff827 Platform
#7233 Update adblockplusui dependency to 9d5bf3fd8ea9 (release-2018-4.8) Platform
#7243 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:91cd83c4c272 Platform
#7249 Update adblockplusui dependency to 841a20f6f3ae (release-2018-5.-7) Platform
#7253 Pre-render icons for badge on Chromium Platform
#7256 Stop using 19x19 and 38x38 icons Platform
#7257 Throttle badge updates Platform
#7258 Video on won't play when Adblock Plus is enabled Platform
#7266 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:19d65e3e0d1a Platform
#7269 Do not rewrite preflight OPTIONS requests Platform
#7271 Adjust Chrome API calls to use Promises where possible Platform
#7274 ABP not able to block or hide anything on in Opera Platform
#7275 Cannot filter list in DevTools by $document Platform
#7277 The number of blocked items is not displayed Platform
#7279 Update adblockplusui dependency to 78fd3c96c712 (release-2018-5.-6) Platform
#7297 The number of blocked items is not displayed in older versions of Chrome/Opera Platform
#7298 On some websites most elements are not selectable by block element Platform
#7299 Block element context menu disappears after first use on Edge Platform
#7302 Pass subscription status to uninstall page Platform
#7305 Requests blocked in whitelisted frame Platform
#7308 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:728da87ae4b0 Platform
#7309 Adblock Plus for Chrome is not blocking adverts Platform
#7310 Acceptable Ads state sometimes not applied correctly? Platform
#7313 ReferenceError: browser is not defined Platform
#7322 Allow more comprehensive $document blocking Platform
#7329 WebRTC connections are not blocked on Edge Platform
#7334 Remove ability to pass callback function into wrapped browser.* APIs Platform
#7335 Subscription links sometimes do not work in Edge Platform
#7336 Whitelisted ads on a new tab page from an extension are sometimes blocked Platform
#7338 Don't use any DOM APIs in the background page Platform
#7340 Notification animations do not work Platform
#7342 Remove the code handling the data migration from ioIndexedDB Platform
#7343 Update adblockplusui dependency to f24c0b314ac8 (release-2018-5.-5) Platform
#7354 Devtools panel doesn't respond when first custom filter is added Platform
#7384 Polyfill browser.webRequest.ResourceType for Edge Platform
#7388 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:0176a2d007e1 git:ba878ce Platform
#7418 Subframe request blocked in whitelisted frame Platform
#7430 UI not getting notified of change when toggling preference Platform
#7431 Update adblockplusui dependency to TBD (compat-next-2019-1) Platform
#7447 Tab loading indicator shown indefinitely when Adblock Plus is installed and enabled Platform
#7456 ABP stops working on Firefox Platform
#7457 "Property-wise modification" prefs qunit test failing on Firefox 66 Platform
#7463 Background page errors in Chromium 49.0 Platform
#3401 Provide push access to saroyanm for cms repository Office-IT
#3798 Access to python-abp repository for Dave Office-IT
#4262 Create a repository for Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge Office-IT
#5274 Grant push access for Manish and Jon Office-IT
#51 Set up Rietveld on our own infrastructure Infrastructure
#396 [abp-backend] Add a filter hit statistics backend server Infrastructure
#399 Generate update manifests for Safari releases Infrastructure
#520 Automate generation of PAD files Infrastructure
#527 [stats] Only count requests from Adblock Plus extensions Infrastructure
#650 CMS does not accept slash in title of job ad Infrastructure
#1275 Issues imported from passbrains are truncated when not probably formatted Infrastructure
#1573 Adblock Plus for Safari devbuilds are signed with expired certificate Infrastructure
#1629 Add PAD file generation to the update server Infrastructure
#1630 Add redirects for PAD files on Infrastructure
#1692 Dev builds can't be updated/installed Infrastructure
#1725 Warnings and errors occur on several pages since PHP update Infrastructure
#2032 [trac issues 1] rename resolution "invalid" by "incomplete" Infrastructure
#2131 Non existing job redirection on [] Infrastructure
#2248 Set up a minimal web presence under Infrastructure
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