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#2567 Number of total blocked ads is reset when reloading Adblock Plus Platform
#2563 [cms] Cache filters and globals during page generation Sitescripts
#2559 [cms] Detect conflicting pages in the development server Sitescripts
#2541 Opera regression: storage.get: "managed" is not available Core
#2539 Move VCS abstraction part of ensure_dependencies into a separate module Automation
#2538 Register onHeadersReceived event listener only for main_frame/sub_frame Platform
#2537 Don't assume "Chrome/" to be given in the user agent string Platform
#2536 Unblocked advertisements open a new tab that immediately closes upon clicking them. Unknown
#2530 Selecting Korean language causes all pages to 404 Sitescripts
#2528 Don't parse CSS selectors that have no comma Platform
#2514 [issue tracker issues1] Allow owner, reporter and CC to view confidential issues Infrastructure
#2508 ABP not running inside Webview HTML tag ? Unknown
#2505 Check for notifications and dispatch filter.hitCount event asynchronously Platform
#2504 about:performance reports lots of CPOW Platform
#2503 Inconsistent behavior: $document flag implied for exception rules with protocol included Core
#2467 CSS selectors aren't split up correctly after inner quotes Platform
#2466 Add filter dialog stops responding after repeatedly blocking twitter profile images Platform
#2460 [cms] Support <span> tags inside translatable strings Sitescripts
#2457 [cms] Translatable attributes are escaped twice Sitescripts
#2456 [cms] Use logging module Sitescripts
#2452 [cms] \n in a translatable string is being converted into an actual line break Sitescripts
#2450 [cms] Extra semicolons being added to translatable strings Sitescripts
#2443 should honour SKIP_DEPENDENCY_UPDATES env variable Automation
#2440 [cms] Add support for cache files Sitescripts
#2434 [cms] Custom filters and global functions can not be instance methods Sitescripts
#2432 Auto-generate browser versions on requirements page Websites
#2428 [cms] Allow <code> in translated strings Sitescripts
#2426 Open "block element" dialog as popup window Platform
#2408 Make checkboxes on new options page more accessible User-Interface
#2397 Integrate CSS property rule handling in Chrome/Opera/Safari Platform
#2396 Add code for CSS property filters to message responder User-Interface
#2395 Create a content script to implement CSS property filters functionality Core
#2386 Make it possible to register a notification download listener Core
#2375 Implement "Blocking lists" section in new options page User-Interface
#2374 Implement "Tweaks" section in new options page User-Interface
#2368 [Move notification display logic to Core] Update adblockplus dependency to revision feb391127fe4 Platform
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core
#2359 Finish design of General tab of new options page User-Interface
#2344 [cms] <em> in translatable strings is being turned into <em > Sitescripts
#2340 Don't generate pages if less than 30% have been translated Sitescripts
#2335 Create landing page for successful email verification Websites
#2323 Links aren't being processed properly on the home page Sitescripts
#2316 Not able to block Feedback button Unknown
#2311 should fetch and track remote Git branches when required Automation
#2310 should allow both formats of Git SSH URLs Automation
#2309 Reorder Known Issue Sentences in FF Issue Reporter Sitescripts
#2298 "Block element" from context menu doesn't reset previous state Unknown
#2297 Call chrome.webRequst.behaviorChanged() only for request filter changes Platform
#2296 Get rid of Sitescripts
#2280 The "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" option automatically re-enables itself after some time. Platform
#2279 Multiple dialogs shown when using "Block element" from context menu Platform
#2276 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Handle groups in notification.json requests Sitescripts
#2275 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Parse notification groups Sitescripts
#2274 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Move notification parsing into a module Sitescripts
#2273 Generate documentation for the Chrome extension Sitescripts
#2272 Unable to save image via "save image as..." in Google Chrome Platform
#2271 Enable documentation for Chrome extensions Automation
#2268 Deprecate setupStderr() Sitescripts
#2267 Unify form handling by reusing the form_handler decorator and encode_email_address() Sitescripts
#2265 Remove deprecated logic from Utils.runAsync() on Chrome/Opera/Safari Platform
#2264 Remove deprecated logic from Utils.runAsync() on Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2260 Icon doesn't change when disabling ABP Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2259 Remove non-standard JS usage from Element Hiding Helper Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#2257 Replace non-standard function expressions with ES6 arrow functions Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2255 IO.writeToFile() doesn't support ES6 generators Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2254 " docs --quiet" generates warnings Automation
#2253 Adapt nightlies for JsDoc 3 Sitescripts
#2251 Update buildtools dependency to 335c8a7ab8e8 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2250 Update jshydra dependency to 8c4ee25543eb Automation
#2249 Support UDP sockets in multiplexer.fcgi Sitescripts
#2248 Set up a minimal web presence under Infrastructure
#2239 Prevent children from zombiefication Sitescripts
#2238 Placeholders show up. Issue #2084 not working. Platform
#2236 Adapt inline type annotations for JsDoc 3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2235 [JSHydra] Update jsshell to ESR31 to support new generator syntax Automation
#2234 Collect emails from a form field on a landing page Sitescripts
#2233 Adapt array type annotations for JsDoc 3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2232 Get rid of conditional catch clauses Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2231 Update to JsDoc 3.3.0 Automation
#2223 Block element dialog blocked on websites using Content Security Policy on Safari Platform
#2221 Update buildtools dependency to c4590ad32b6e Platform
#2219 Ad counter - position in Safari is bouncing Unknown
#2217 Adapt for content scripts running in about:blank frames Platform
#2216 Run content scripts again in about:blank frames Automation
#2215 "Block element" freezes page when highlighting too many elements Platform
#2213 Create landing page for mobile beta launch Websites
#2212 Intercept clicks on links to on Chrome/Opera/Safari Platform
#2210 Page become unresponsive when selecting Google play element for blocking Unknown
#2209 Fixed positioned elements aren't highlighted correctly Platform
#2207 Add filter dialog does not appear and contains incorrect filter Platform
#2204 Restore compatibility with legacy job links Websites
#2203 Update adblockplus dependency to 24a1d79fec93 Platform
#2202 Change label for share buttons in the icon popup on Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#2197 [cms] Update PyInstaller configuration Sitescripts
#2196 [cms] Drop depencency on Flask for test server Sitescripts
#2195 Add notification opt-out to Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#2194 Don't drag "Block Element" dialog when clicking into the text field User-Interface
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