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#3469 Blocking one modal box blocks the entire website and shows in dull colors Platform
#1828 Blocking one image blocks the other images also in the webpage Platform
#1396 Blocker Count increasing non-stop Platform
#1348 Blocked search box element reappears on page refresh Unknown
#7132 Blocked requests counter increases when tab gets closed Unknown
#1592 Blocked frames aren't collapsed on Safari Platform
#1323 Blocked elements counter increases without stopping Unknown
#349 Blocked ads numbers not shared with google plus User-Interface
#3466 Blocked Video still shows for a second Unknown
#226 Blocked Flash ad leaves blank placeholder in Chrome Platform
#6542 Blocked / whitelisted URLs are not coloured red / green in devtools panel User-Interface
#1259 Block while checking whether ABP is disabled on YouTube Platform
#6176 Block upgrade to 3.0 in versions that do not support it (Fx <54) Platform
#3544 Block functionality doesn't work on webarchive page Unknown
#1291 Block element(Right click menu item) does not function on chrome webstore page Platform
#7174 Block element window is recreated if open when Edge is force closed Platform
#4330 Block element tool slow for images with data URI Platform
#4603 Block element tool highlighting is broken by certain element hiding filters Platform
#7078 Block element sometimes causes console errors Platform
#2742 Block element should not block logo for websites like facebook and yahoo. Unknown
#4233 Block element red highlighting doesn't move when page is scrolled Platform
#1431 Block element preview does not accurately demonstrate the effects of the suggested filter Platform
#7161 Block element popup in Edge is sometimes the wrong size Platform
#2653 Block element option doesn't work on page which appears after clicking Back browser button Platform
#1344 Block element option does not behave consistently on all elements Platform
#1349 Block element highlighting during selection is sometimes inconsistent Unknown
#3522 Block element functionality doesn't work on website Unknown
#2638 Block element doesn't function when page is refreshed with popup UI open Platform
#1395 Block element does not work well yahoo mail sigin Platform
#5979 Block element does not suggest a filter Unknown
#4158 Block element dialog sometimes too narrow for suggested filter Platform
#1427 Block element dialog should suggest more specific filters to reduce false positives Platform
#709 Block element dialog removes clicked instead matching element Platform
#1443 Block element dialog is cut off if shown in a small frame Unknown
#2223 Block element dialog blocked on websites using Content Security Policy on Safari Platform
#6387 Block element context menu does not show for divs with background image Platform
#7299 Block element context menu disappears after first use on Edge Platform
#1792 Block element can not select elements inside srcdoc iframe Platform
#2632 Block element behaviour on <area> elements seems incorrect Unknown
#1432 Block element behavior is NOT proper on XML content page Unknown
#5826 Block element UI does not fit the popup in Edge Platform
#1345 Block Element highlights the entire page on Russian website Unknown
#3711 Block Element frame is to small by default / scrolling is necessary. Platform
#1492 Block Element created filter doesn't apply to frame Platform
#4274 Block Element context menu item not working Platform
#1261 Blank page on w/ EasyPrivacy Unknown
#4304 Bing's "new tab" page renders slowly in Chrome Platform
#4235 Better Anti-adblock switches options. Unknown
#5535 Begin using webpack for script bundling in the Chrome packager Automation
#5769 Bad performance on Firefox, ad counter causes frequent storage updates Platform
#1461 Backport icon popup (Bubble UI), from Firefox to Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform
#7463 Background page errors in Chromium 49.0 Platform
#4392 Background image on cannot be blocked in Safari Platform
#3475 BR-2 - Save and restore backup - TXT / Windows Windows 10 FFESR / 0028 / fail Platform
#6710 Avoid storing filter domains multiple times Core
#6446 Avoid injecting same style sheet twice Core
#7133 Avoid duplicating the filters inside the subscription Unknown
#6916 Avoid Set object for filters with only one subscription Core
#3093 Automatically update content blocking lists Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#6369 Automatically download latest Adblock Plus releases from the CWS Automation
#3963 Automatic style and correctness checking for Python code Sitescripts
#7166 Automated tests no longer just run on Windows Automation
#7167 Automated tests fail on Firefox Windows Automation
#2896 Automate uploading of Firefox development builds to AMO Sitescripts
#6918 Automate the test pages Automation
#520 Automate generation of PAD files Infrastructure
#5340 Automate fix tags Sitescripts
#4487 Auto-generation of translation string ids and comments in CMS Sitescripts
#2432 Auto-generate browser versions on requirements page Websites
#2580 Attempt to perform 2nd search for filter in ABP for Firefox doesn't select the previous one Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#1768 Asynchronous responses aren't dispatched on Chrome / "Block element" broken Platform
#3895 Artifacts in close icon on dialogs on the new options page User-Interface
#5649 AppxMainfest.xml includes truncated version umber Automation
#6193 Applying exceptions to advanced pseudo-selector rules Platform
#4993 Apply the operator-linebreak ESLint rule consistently for all operators Sitescripts
#6787 Apply rewrite filter even if the rewrite URL is blank Platform
#3772 Anti-adblock warning removal list isn't subscribed by default anymore Platform
#5707 Anti-adblock subscription is not restored Platform
#5019 Anti-adblock notification not added on first-run User-Interface
#1252 Anti adblock message not blocked in Chrome at Unknown
#6725 Another site where ABP element blocking is not working Platform
#6744 An exception thrown from the `inject.preload.js` Unknown
#3732 Always update repositories to the master bookmark Sitescripts
#6999 Always generate style sheets in the background page Platform
#1517 Always call parseInt() with a radix as second argument Platform
#6230 Alter resolve path of info module generated by buildtools Automation
#3877 Already open options page not updated Platform
#6922 Allows any kind of notification in the new Bubble UI User-Interface
#2026 Allow updating individual lists too User-Interface
#6171 Allow to import and export translations to a csv file User-Interface
#3124 Allow the new severity value "normal" Sitescripts
#4700 Allow specifying devbuilds update URL in manifest.json for WebExtensions builds Automation
#6411 Allow sparse arrays in eslint-config-eyeo Automation
#6471 Allow small tags in translation strings Sitescripts
#6037 Allow popup icons without popup Automation
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