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#6754 Allow new subscription type: circumvention Sitescripts
#7322 Allow more comprehensive $document blocking Platform
#2711 Allow manipulation of list items in derived metadata files Automation
#5044 Allow to use templates that are not located within sitescripts root directory Sitescripts
#6733 Allow empty values in filter options Core
#5078 Allow convert_js to combine files which have already been processed Automation
#5530 Allow canonical link override in page front-matter Sitescripts
#5336 Allow additional include, page, and template paths using CMS Sitescripts
#7044 Allow URLSearchParams global in eslint config Unknown
#7067 Allow $rewrite to internal resources Core
#1325 After you canceled blocking an element there are still color marks of it Platform
#4303 Advertising that is not removed. Unknown
#5513 Advanced url path for domain restrictions $domain option Core
#6098 Ads on Unknown
#1258 Ads in YouTube's HTML5 player aren't blocked Platform
#439 Ads aren't blocked in Opera's speed dial thumbnails Platform
#4560 Ads are blocked on whitelisted sites Unknown
#433 Adjust to $sitekey-related changes of the Matcher API (Platform) Platform
#6451 Adjust devtools panel to support $csp filters User-Interface
#7149 Adjust adblockpluschrome to handle FilterStorage.subscriptions changes Platform
#7271 Adjust Chrome API calls to use Promises where possible Platform
#7326 Adding whitelist entry in Edge transitions settings page to General tab Unknown
#1655 Adding the "short_name" to our Chrome manifest Automation
#5335 Adding dependencies and build steps to websites Sitescripts
#5264 Adding a filter subscription on the options page does not work Platform
#5086 Add webrtc connection type Core
#3403 Add web redirection for the new uninstallation page Infrastructure
#6008 Add trigger to open Updates page Platform
#3800 Add tooltips to the options in the Tweaks section User-Interface
#2571 Add the Adblock Browser devbuild update handler from servercontent to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2797 Add the "Update From Gallery" key to the Safari extension update manifest (updates.plist) Sitescripts
#4045 Add tests to the CMS Sitescripts
#3894 Add tests for the update_issues hook Sitescripts
#5383 Add tests for the Chrome and Firefox packagers Automation
#7086 Add tests for handling unknown special comments, and comments mixed with special comments Core
#5456 Add support to specify urlFilters in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5457 Add support to specify the number of ads a user has blocked in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5458 Add support to specify the locale of a user in the notification repository Sitescripts
#5459 Add support to show a notification based on the number of ads blocked Core
#5460 Add support to show a notification based on the locale of the user Core
#5113 Add support to buildtools/ for json files in top level directory Automation
#4443 Add support for the spread operator to jshydra Automation
#6552 Add support for the 'externally_connectable' property for Chrome builds Automation
#6034 Add support for regular expressions in :-abp-contains() Core
#2822 Add support for new subscription types to sitescripts Sitescripts
#5512 Add support for multiple notifications in lib/notificationHelper.js Platform
#6833 Add support for incremental filter list updates Core
#4748 Add support for dark page inspector theme in Google Chrome Unknown
#6605 Add support for bookmark specific expected outputs to CMS tests. Sitescripts
#4697 Add support for WebExtension-based Firefox development builds Sitescripts
#6930 Add support for Microsoft Edge to WebDriver-based test automation Automation
#5315 Add support for Microsoft Edge Platform
#4028 Add support for Edge extensions to buildtools Automation
#6329 Add support for $csp filter option to core Core
#3681 Add suport for "Fixes XXXX - ..." commit messages Sitescripts
#3122 Add sitescripts.testpages.web.sitekey_frame URL handler Sitescripts
#4762 Add relentless notification type Core
#4764 Add relentless notification type Platform
#4827 Add relentless notification to notification parser Sitescripts
#1630 Add redirects for PAD files on Infrastructure
#1834 Add public domain suffix import to buildtools Automation
#5847 Add prefs.set message handler User-Interface
#3796 Add preference to remove developer tools panel Platform
#3801 Add pre-configurable/hidden preference to add additional subscriptions Platform
#1488 Add pre-configurable preference to suppress the first run page in Chrome Platform
#3546 Add port and hostname options to CMS testing server Sitescripts
#3143 Add polyfill for `:has()` CSS4 pseudo-selector to element hiding filters Core
#6582 Add pollyfill for tabs.remove Platform
#3404 Add platform directory to devenv path Automation
#6044 Add option to store request logs regardless of whether DevTools panel is open Platform
#6512 Add notifications.clicked message listener User-Interface
#2195 Add notification opt-out to Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#3024 Add notification opt-out to Chrome notifications Platform
#7084 Add no-use-before-define rule to our eslint config Infrastructure
#7180 Add new style sheet only if it differs from old style sheet Platform
#3022 Add new notification type for normal messages Platform
#3615 Add module prefixes to navigation in generated source code documentation Automation
#3799 Add malware domains list mirrors to sitescripts configuration Infrastructure
#7378 Add logic to automation to skip test cases completely Automation
#7201 Add links to CMS documentation to make navigation easier Sitescripts
#2025 Add link to show which URLs were blocked on this page Platform
#5648 Add lib/popupBlocker.js to Firefox version with a dynamic check for webNavigation.onCreatedNavigationTarget support Platform
#7225 Add jsdoc script to package.json in adblockpluscore Core
#4 Add high-DPI versions of Chrome/Safari icons Platform
#5331 Add has_string to CMS Sitescripts
#7179 Add function to return all matching filters Core
#1627 Add filter pop-up doesnot appear for blocking in case of dynamic content Unknown
#6592 Add filter option to rewrite URL Core
#3176 Add filter list meta data to content blocker lists Sitescripts
#2466 Add filter dialog stops responding after repeatedly blocking twitter profile images Platform
#2116 Add filter dialog does not show up when 'Block element' is chosen. Unknown
#2207 Add filter dialog does not appear and contains incorrect filter Platform
#7473 Add fallback CSS colours to the test pages Websites
#3816 Add experimental support for the new options page in Adblock Plus for Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform
#3687 Add experimental support for content blockers on Safari 9 Platform
#6547 Add documentation for the $csp filter option Websites
#7103 Add docs npm script to adblockpluschrome Platform
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