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#3907 Title of Acceptable Ads subscription isn't shown on options page User-Interface
#3908 Broken website links on option page if subscription homepage isn't given User-Interface
#3909 Move "Tweaks" below "Filter lists" on new options page User-Interface
#3910 Improve features message responder to include legacy Safari API support User-Interface
#3917 Properly handle special subscriptions in new options page User-Interface
#3951 Duplicate filters can sometimes be added via Block element User-Interface
#3968 Rename options.{html,css,js} to new-options.{html,css,js} User-Interface
#3971 Remove use of deprecated Object.observe from the new options page User-Interface
#4084 Do not use @@bidi_dir directly in adblockplusui User-Interface
#4119 Zero margin on "Add domain" button on Whitelisted domains Tab User-Interface
#4136 Adblock Plus for Chrome devtools pane uses wrong colours when the dark theme is enabled User-Interface
#4322 Counter increases without stopping User-Interface
#4476 Implement a tool to debug hiding filters including -abp-properties filters (and :has in the future) User-Interface
#4492 Refactor messageResponder to be less monolithic and more convenient to use User-Interface
#4649 Unable to filter by WEBSOCKET request type in Chrome devtools panel User-Interface
#4783 Switch message_responder.js to use the messaging API User-Interface
#4801 Use modern JavaScript syntax throughout adblockplusui User-Interface
#4871 Start using ESLint for adblockplusui repository User-Interface
#5019 Anti-adblock notification not added on first-run User-Interface
#5091 Add WebRTC request type to devtools interface User-Interface
#5093 Indicate whether request in devtools panel belongs to tab User-Interface
#5316 Don't hard-code resource types for the devtools panel User-Interface
#5555 [webextensions] Add a message for Firefox users on the options page User-Interface
#5574 Update to current jQuery and jQuery UI versions User-Interface
#5699 Tooltip for devtools panel option out of place User-Interface
#5700 Navigation and footer overlap on new options page User-Interface
#5701 Inconsistent forum link on new options page and missing DNT link User-Interface
#5748 No confirmation dialog shown in options page when using subscribe links User-Interface
#5750 Remove workarounds required for legacy Firefox support User-Interface
#5761 Use relative require paths in adblockplusui User-Interface
#5808 Easyprivacy URL is being shown instead of the title User-Interface
#5813 Make new options page compatible with edge User-Interface
#5835 Add "notifications.get" message handler for the popup User-Interface
#5836 Update buildtools dependency and adapt for locale changes User-Interface
#5842 Spanish and Vietnamese filter lists string assignment missing in the options page User-Interface
#5847 Add prefs.set message handler User-Interface
#5860 options page is broken in test enviroment User-Interface
#5874 Strings blocked by string freeze User-Interface
#5878 Filter list update times are not displaying correctly User-Interface
#5879 Acceptable Ads radio button selection jumps around User-Interface
#5898 First Run Page translation strings delay User-Interface
#5921 Update buildtools dependency in adblockplusui to resolve a npm related regression User-Interface
#5972 [webextension] ABP Options page is titled "Settings" User-Interface
#5973 [webextension] New options page icons display as blue squares in Firefox 50-52 User-Interface
#5975 [webextension] Report link does nothing in Firefox issue reporter User-Interface
#5978 [webextension] Block element is displayed in mobile popup but not usuable User-Interface
#5983 Update Acceptable Ads section description User-Interface
#6035 [webextension] Clicking items in the devtools pane doesn't work User-Interface
#6091 "Hide targeted messages?" notification shown for websites which don't use targeted messaging User-Interface
#6102 Update buildtool dependencies in the adblockplusui to f92050874f05 User-Interface
#6103 No attribute error when running build script User-Interface
#6110 New options page does not display correctly in Chrome 49-51 User-Interface
#6116 Entering invalid filters displays error dialog containing "line 1" User-Interface
#6163 Fix incorrect source strings in Options page project User-Interface
#6164 Do not compose strings from parts User-Interface
#6171 Allow to import and export translations to a csv file User-Interface
#6173 Import Options page title translations User-Interface
#6179 Import existing adblockplusui translations from Crowdin User-Interface
#6201 "Hide targeted messages?" notification not triggering User-Interface
#6310 Start using JavaScript modularization tool in adblockplusui User-Interface
#6321 Move popup.html and related files to adblockplusui User-Interface
#6323 Move composer.html related files to adblockplusui User-Interface
#6336 Import existing adblockplusui translations from Crowdin User-Interface
#6386 Add Requests and Filters data to the Report data [Issue reporter] User-Interface
#6431 Remove old options page from adblockpluschrome User-Interface
#6451 Adjust devtools panel to support $csp filters User-Interface
#6510 Configure notification opens Options page incorrectly User-Interface
#6512 Add notifications.clicked message listener User-Interface
#6519 Inconsistency in naming the options page User-Interface
#6530 Filter list toggle still line breaks in Greek User-Interface
#6532 Remove subscription title input field when adding filterlists by url User-Interface
#6542 Blocked / whitelisted URLs are not coloured red / green in devtools panel User-Interface
#6569 Updates page requires at least 961px width for main content to be visible User-Interface
#6587 adblockplusui builds on Windows are broken User-Interface
#6633 Move translatable strings from adblockpluschrome to adblockplusui User-Interface
#6641 Copyright year in about dialog is out of date User-Interface
#6666 Ad Block Plus doesnt work with other (Bulgarian) languages. User-Interface
#6670 Log URL rewrites in DevTools User-Interface
#6700 Count in ABP icon is incorrect when a high number of ads are blocked User-Interface
#6751 Issue reporter: Screenshot feature User-Interface
#6838 Sometimes all subscriptions are listed as additional subscriptions User-Interface
#6922 Allows any kind of notification in the new Bubble UI User-Interface
#6960 Reopening the options page causes issues User-Interface
#7066 Homepage meta data is ignored from some subscriptions User-Interface
#7113 First run page links are indistinguishable from normal text User-Interface
#7127 Use npm script instead of checktranslations command User-Interface
#7173 Popup UI issues when viewing local files in Edge User-Interface
#7175 Issue reporter is broken on Edge User-Interface
#7176 Settings page checkboxes can get stuck User-Interface
#7193 Remove cross-promotion for Adblock Browser from first run page on Microsoft Edge User-Interface
#7197 Options page displays General tab when submitting whitelist entry in Edge User-Interface
#7222 Copyright notice missing from first run page on Edge User-Interface
#7246 Whitelisting of domain downgraded after enabling and then disabling extension on domain User-Interface
#7278 Whitelist entries cannot be added from the Settings page User-Interface
#7327 Update options.showOptions calls to use Promises User-Interface
#7350 Remove Page.prototype.sendMessage from stub code User-Interface
#7408 Remove window.confirm question notification fallback User-Interface
#7417 Adapt code to work with removed third-party parameter in filter matcher User-Interface
#7423 Stop using the filterValidation module User-Interface
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