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#581 Element hiding and collapsing doesn't work within inline frames on Chrome Platform
#618 functionality blocked by easylist / social list Platform
#619 duplicate 618 Unknown
#636 ABP should remove Chrome's error message in some blocked iframes Platform
#649 Some websites are broken on Safari due to dispatching "error" event synchronusly Platform
#650 CMS does not accept slash in title of job ad Infrastructure
#654 Store pages in their tabs to improve performance on Safari Platform
#656 Replace __proto__ with Object.create Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#657 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of null Unknown
#659 XML page not loaded, ABP 1.8.3, chrome 35 Platform
#661 Synchronize Chrome Preferences Platform
#662 [] Job links shouldn't use anchors Websites
#663 AdBlock is blocking images on our corporate website that are not ads. Unknown
#668 adblock for safari ads spam to the email in outlook Core
#672 Adblock Plus breaks functionality Unknown
#673 Use of xmlns attribute in XSLT template causes Chrome to display a blank page. Platform
#678 ABP extension hangs in Chrome Platform
#684 ABP doesn't load / crashes in Opera Developer (currently 24.0.1534.0) Platform
#700 block element doesn't work for elements that don't have a "src", "id" or "class" attribute Platform
#703 The "Block element" dialog is sometimes covered by other elements Platform
#704 Generate protocol-agnostic filters by "Block element" on Chrome Platform
#705 "Block Element" generates request blocking filters for non-HTTP URLs Platform
#709 Block element dialog removes clicked instead matching element Platform
#719 ABP - Lastpass conflict Unknown
#730 Youtube videos embedded in facebook show ads - Safari Platform
#731 Don't wrap filter in "Block element" dialog on Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#747 ABP needs serious optimization Unknown
#748 Implement blocking of inline JavaScript Platform
#756 Implement inline styles for hiding filters Core
#926 chrome: wrong filter kills access to ABP options Platform
#993 fwef Unknown
#994 fwef Unknown
#995 greg Unknown
#996 fwef Unknown
#997 fwef Unknown
#998 fwef Unknown
#1009 fwef Unknown
#1010 fwef Unknown
#1011 fwef Unknown
#1012 greg Unknown
#1013 fwef Unknown
#1082 Use Element.getBoundingClientRect to position overlay in "block element" feature Platform
#1110 Save daily stats data in addition to monthly files Sitescripts
#1119 Show 'Block Element' right-click menu item option not working Unknown
#1120 Add Filters window always displays empty when click blocking element on the page Unknown
#1122 ABP stops element selection after cancel button was clicked in the 'Add Filer(s)?' popup Platform
#1123 EasyList site links to an inaccessible version of ChinaList Unknown
#1124 'Block element' overlays are shown in unexpected places Platform
#1125 One more 'Think Adblock Plus...' page opens in duplicate window when click Cancel button on Twitter login page Platform
#1142 Generate one update manifest for each gecko extension Sitescripts
#1154 Adblock Plus removes History.prototype.pushState on YouTube Platform
#1174 afc ads at aren't displayed with ABP while they are with ABP stable 1.8.3 Platform
#1198 If you share your statistics via facebook, you get a german headline and an english description Websites
#1208 Update Acceptable Ads text Platform
#1225 Please add a MetaInfo file for software centers Automation
#1244 Cleanup of sitescript module dependencies Sitescripts
#1252 Anti adblock message not blocked in Chrome at Unknown
#1253 ABP Firefox is able to block ads on but not Chrome ABP Platform
#1254 YouTube - whitelist channels / authors Platform
#1258 Ads in YouTube's HTML5 player aren't blocked Platform
#1259 Block while checking whether ABP is disabled on YouTube Platform
#1260 Share custom filter lists between browsers Platform
#1261 Blank page on w/ EasyPrivacy Unknown
#1263 Custom filter don't work anymore after ABP update Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#1268 Options page isn't opened correctly when using incognito window Platform
#1272 Request blocking is active on options and first run page leading to JavaScript errors Platform
#1273 WebKit misoptimizations strike again: Overridden getters are called on Safari 8 Platform
#1274 sharing in social networks always use english metadata Websites
#1275 Issues imported from passbrains are truncated when not probably formatted Infrastructure
#1282 "Block element" creates filter for whitelisted elements Platform
#1287 Use window.location instead document.location Platform
#1290 Stylesheets aren't injected with Shadow DOM anymore Platform
#1291 Block element(Right click menu item) does not function on chrome webstore page Platform
#1299 Generate docs outside the devbuild build process Sitescripts
#1321 Build tools should truncate extension name for Chrome extensions to 45 characters Automation
#1322 Telugu translation is breaking devbuild uploaded to Chrome Web Store Platform
#1323 Blocked elements counter increases without stopping Unknown
#1325 After you canceled blocking an element there are still color marks of it Platform
#1326 Update buildtools dependency to revision 016d16f7137b Platform
#1328 Update adblockplus dependency to revision 026649336216 Platform
#1343 "Block Element" suggests wrong URL for Cookery site logo image and thus it does not get blocked Unknown
#1344 Block element option does not behave consistently on all elements Platform
#1345 Block Element highlights the entire page on Russian website Unknown
#1346 svg bitmap images blocking does not work properly Unknown
#1348 Blocked search box element reappears on page refresh Unknown
#1349 Block element highlighting during selection is sometimes inconsistent Unknown
#1350 Lots of "got unexpected message:" errors in console for options page Platform
#1351 Google 1 icon reappears on reload after blocking Unknown
#1352 TIFF images does not get blocked by block element Unknown
#1370 ABP 1.8.5, chrome 38 (64-bit), postload.js error Platform
#1372 ABP for Chrome 38 beta doesn't let ESPN videos play Platform
#1373 Extra click is require to add filter for block element on redbus site Platform
#1382 [sitescripts] Use the correct buildtools revision when creating nightlies Sitescripts
#1384 Update adblockplus dependency in adblockpluschrome repository to revision 7313f49c65e3 Platform
#1385 Update buildtools dependency in adblockpluschrome repository to revision 361852d2ae36 Platform
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