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#496 ABP causes Youtube stalls on Chrome-HTML5 Unknown
#4835 ABP crashing in chrome canary Version 58.0.2990.0 Platform
#684 ABP doesn't load / crashes in Opera Developer (currently 24.0.1534.0) Platform
#7169 ABP extension error message "Event pages are not currently supported" Platform
#678 ABP extension hangs in Chrome Platform
#1372 ABP for Chrome 38 beta doesn't let ESPN videos play Platform
#5680 ABP for Chrome bug observed when viewing Google Account Settings Unknown
#3422 ABP for Chrome doesn't block ads in a frame on a page created by another extension Platform
#1865 ABP for Chrome messes up the page on high DPI Platform
#6778 ABP for Edge fails on some test cases on Platform
#4910 ABP for Edge messes up the ad controls on YouTube Platform
#6355 ABP for Firefox memory usage Platform
#6196 ABP for Microsoft Edge blocks video playback on Platform
#5669 ABP for Safari on macOS blocks its own settings page with *adblock* filter Unknown
#230 ABP for opera does not block ads in speed dial Platform
#5767 ABP icon in Edge not changed when disabling on website Platform
#4151 ABP icon looks squashed in Chrome 53 Canary Platform
#477 ABP in Chrome issue in a site. Platform
#747 ABP needs serious optimization Unknown
#7274 ABP not able to block or hide anything on in Opera Platform
#2508 ABP not running inside Webview HTML tag ? Unknown
#367 ABP options page cannot be opened correctly by browsers' "last opened pages" function Unknown
#5962 ABP plus via uBlock Origin Platform
#5771 ABP prevents loading of Edge about:flags page Platform
#636 ABP should remove Chrome's error message in some blocked iframes Platform
#4530 ABP slows down page load, even if it's disabled for the current domain Unknown
#1122 ABP stops element selection after cancel button was clicked in the 'Add Filer(s)?' popup Platform
#1464 ABP stops working on ChromeOS / works fine again for some time after re-install Unknown
#7456 ABP stops working on Firefox Platform
#5965 ABP subscribe links do not function in Firefox Platform
#1820 ABP switching to a different tab leaves the original tab highlighted Platform
#7063 ABP-logo and functionality vanishes on Chrome Platform
#6002 About:Blank does not clear page Platform
#5879 Acceptable Ads radio button selection jumps around User-Interface
#7310 Acceptable Ads state sometimes not applied correctly? Platform
#4282 Acceptable ads not displayed in search results on with ABP iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3798 Access to python-abp repository for Dave Office-IT
#6496 Account for browsers that don't support notifications with buttons Platform
#6511 Actions inside popup ui notifications do not properly remove notification Platform
#4493 Activate update_as_unapproved flag for translation script (CMS) Sitescripts
#1717 Ad Block Plus does not block ads on CNN videos Unknown
#6666 Ad Block Plus doesnt work with other (Bulgarian) languages. User-Interface
#2219 Ad counter - position in Safari is bouncing Unknown
#480 AdBlock Plus 1.8 momentarily and regularly freezes Chrome Platform
#7070 AdBlock Plus Icon not appearing in Safari 12.0.1/Mojave beta Unknown
#1705 AdBlock Plus blocks elements in Chrome new tab extensions Platform
#2601 AdBlock Plus unresponsive when starting chrome Unknown
#4015 AdBlock blocks Youtube annotations on Chrome Unknown
#663 AdBlock is blocking images on our corporate website that are not ads. Unknown
#3163 Adapt "Block element" functionality for a change in Chrome dealing with "\0" in CSS selectors Platform
#2233 Adapt array type annotations for JsDoc 3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#7417 Adapt code to work with removed third-party parameter in filter matcher User-Interface
#3839 Adapt for Prefs event changes User-Interface
#2217 Adapt for content scripts running in about:blank frames Platform
#3453 Adapt in-/distinguishable request types for changes in Chrome 49 Platform
#2236 Adapt inline type annotations for JsDoc 3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#2253 Adapt nightlies for JsDoc 3 Sitescripts
#4548 Adapt release automation for Safari and Edge Automation
#4059 Adapt the manifest for Edge Unknown
#4092 Adapt unit tests for changes to InvalidFilter.reason Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#4093 Adapt unit tests for changes to Subscription.title Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#3073 Adblock Browser doesn't display acceptable ads on (mobile version) and Adblock-Browser-for-iOS
#4265 Adblock Plus hangs Unknown
#4325 Adblock Plus Breaks YouTube Filters in Edge Unknown
#4101 Adblock Plus >= 1.12 is causing some websites to hang with older versions of Chrome Platform
#2014 Adblock Plus Options should show version numbers of lists User-Interface
#4316 Adblock Plus blocks video from rendering on Unknown
#3844 Adblock Plus breaks CSSStyleSheet.deleteRule() Platform
#672 Adblock Plus breaks functionality Unknown
#4787 Adblock Plus can be installed on outdated/unsupported Opera versions Platform
#6776 Adblock Plus does not fully initialize Platform
#3580 Adblock Plus fails to initialize (hence doesn't block anything) on Chrome <38 Platform
#452 Adblock Plus for Chrome adding shadow dom breaks CSS transitions Platform
#4060 Adblock Plus for Chrome adds 50ms to DOMContentLoaded Platform
#4136 Adblock Plus for Chrome devtools pane uses wrong colours when the dark theme is enabled User-Interface
#7309 Adblock Plus for Chrome is not blocking adverts Platform
#4415 Adblock Plus for Edge breaks Tumblr videos with easyprivacy enabled. Unknown
#4668 Adblock Plus for Edge not updating filter lists automatically Unknown
#4276 Adblock Plus for Safari causing elements to be positioned incorrectly Platform
#1573 Adblock Plus for Safari devbuilds are signed with expired certificate Infrastructure
#6295 Adblock Plus for Safari is causing large amount of disk writes Platform
#1553 Adblock Plus for Yandex Browser Websites
#338 Adblock Plus isn't compatible with Chrome 19 anymore Platform
#4885 Adblock Plus issue reports e-mails - Missing some legend info Sitescripts
#6011 Adblock Plus messes up "Inbox by Gmail" reply functions Unknown
#4196 Adblock Plus no longer blocks ads on YouTube Unknown
#1154 Adblock Plus removes History.prototype.pushState on YouTube Platform
#6457 Adblock Plus trigger the "slow script" warning on Firefox Nightly Platform
#6965 Adblock Plus would not subscribe to filter lists Adblock-Browser-for-iOS
#3238 Adblock Warning List opt in message should not be triggered by frames (Chrome) Platform
#5351 Adblock Warning Removal List: Failed, download failure Platform
#369 Adblock adds a huge load of CSS to Office365 Outlook mails Platform
#508 Adblock suddenly stopped working Unknown
#6165 AdblockPlus Facebook Annoyances Blockers no longer work? Platform
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