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#2428 [cms] Allow <code> in translated strings Sitescripts
#2091 [cms] Allow defining custom functions in the website repository Sitescripts
#2139 [cms] Allow nested translations for tag attributes Sitescripts
#2133 [cms] Allow to specify default translation inline in pages rather than in a separate file Sitescripts
#2178 [cms] Allow using {% do %} in Jinja2 templates Sitescripts
#2563 [cms] Cache filters and globals during page generation Sitescripts
#4687 [cms] Context function for retrieving pages metadata Sitescripts
#2434 [cms] Custom filters and global functions can not be instance methods Sitescripts
#2559 [cms] Detect conflicting pages in the development server Sitescripts
#2678 [cms] Development server considers global files and Windows registry for mimetypes Sitescripts
#2196 [cms] Drop depencency on Flask for test server Sitescripts
#2450 [cms] Extra semicolons being added to translatable strings Sitescripts
#2179 [cms] Give Jinja2 templates a way to set global parameters Sitescripts
#2935 [cms] Give get_string global template function sensible default for page paramter Sitescripts
#2126 [cms] Move CMS into a separate repository Sitescripts
#2127 [cms] Move from into cms repository Sitescripts
#2129 [cms] Remove CMS implementation from sitescripts repository Sitescripts
#2134 [cms] Rename .raw files into .html Sitescripts
#3084 [cms] Show full tracebacks for exceptions passing template code Sitescripts
#2145 [cms] Strings from random locales show up on "English" pages Sitescripts
#2460 [cms] Support <span> tags inside translatable strings Sitescripts
#2936 [cms] Support syntax for translatable strings with existing default value Sitescripts
#2181 [cms] Test server should accept default page for subdirectories as well Sitescripts
#2457 [cms] Translatable attributes are escaped twice Sitescripts
#2197 [cms] Update PyInstaller configuration Sitescripts
#2456 [cms] Use logging module Sitescripts
#2452 [cms] \n in a translatable string is being converted into an actual line break Sitescripts
#4479 [codingtools] Default editorconfig settings are not being applied Sitescripts
#5870 [emscripten] Implement the new ElemHideEmulation filter type Core
#662 [] Job links shouldn't use anchors Websites
#5844 [flake8-eyeo] Detect (more) redundant parentheses Automation
#4662 [hgreview] Add an option for suppressing the email after upload Sitescripts
#4388 [hgreview] Reviews should use Base URL field in order to indicate the repository Sitescripts
#2514 [issue tracker issues1] Allow owner, reporter and CC to view confidential issues Infrastructure
#3737 [logprocessor] Parse user agent strings from MS Edge Sitescripts
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core
#6581 [meta] Clarify the rules for using const vs let in JavaScript code Unknown
#495 [meta] Filter Hit Statistics Tool Unknown
#6425 [meta] Further modernise our JavaScript coding style rules, ESLint config and code bases Unknown
#6445 [meta] Make use of default function parameters Unknown
#4551 [meta] Remove Safari support from master Platform
#50 [meta] Safari port Platform
#2162 [meta] Send notifications to a subset of the user base Unknown
#6482 [meta] Use the class keyword in JavaScript code Unknown
#6882 [npm test] Firefox zombies remain when qunit tests fail Platform
#7325 [python-abp] Allow the parser to handle filters than begin and end with '%' Sitescripts
#7205 [python-abp] Change classes that use ALL_CAPS naming to be CamelCase as recommended by PEP8 Sitescripts
#6950 [python-abp] Don't include headers and metadata from includes into output Sitescripts
#6976 [python-abp] Filters that contain square brackets in the first line of a filter list fragment break rendering Sitescripts
#7391 [python-abp] Let RPy recursively parse filter options to dicts Sitescripts
#7317 [python-abp] Make abp a namespace package Sitescripts
#7471 [python-abp] Parsing filter blocks Sitescripts
#6941 [python-abp] Remove asserts from production code Sitescripts
#6850 [python-abp] Remove generation of checksums Sitescripts
#6920 [python-abp] Some comments are inaccurately recognized as metadata Sitescripts
#6943 [python-abp] Use filter.type == x instead of isinstance(filter, X) in production code Sitescripts
#1696 [sitescripts] Make it possible to add URL handlers not in sitescripts Sitescripts
#1382 [sitescripts] Use the correct buildtools revision when creating nightlies Sitescripts
#538 [stats] Count second downloads Sitescripts
#527 [stats] Only count requests from Adblock Plus extensions Infrastructure
#2032 [trac issues 1] rename resolution "invalid" by "incomplete" Infrastructure
#5938 [webextension] "Block element" does not appear in menu for some websites Platform
#5589 [webextension] "Block element" isn't working Platform
#5817 [webextension] "block element" produces only an empty window Platform
#6385 [webextension] "response is undefined" exceptions being thrown Platform
#5956 [webextension] :-abp-has() fail in Firefox Core
#5972 [webextension] ABP Options page is titled "Settings" User-Interface
#6374 [webextension] Adblock Plus devtools panel is blank on some sites in Firefox Platform
#5977 [webextension] Adblock Plus menu item opens bubble UI instead of mobile options page Platform
#5978 [webextension] Block element is displayed in mobile popup but not usuable User-Interface
#6051 [webextension] Blocked iframes are not collapsed (hidden) Platform
#6053 [webextension] Buttons in "block element" dialog do not work in Windows Platform
#6035 [webextension] Clicking items in the devtools pane doesn't work User-Interface
#5663 [webextension] Could not establish connection error after fresh install Platform
#5590 [webextension] Custom filters in the options page aren't updated Platform
#5988 [webextension] Devtools resource type dropdown doesn't work Platform
#5974 [webextension] Element hiding emulation filters do not appear to work in Firefox Core
#5599 [webextension] Error in include.postload.js Platform
#6113 [webextension] Error when using block element in Firefox 51 Platform
#5398 [webextension] Errors thrown when installing extension in Firefox Mobile Platform
#6370 [webextension] Errors while using Block element in Firefox 51-58 Unknown
#6240 [webextension] Filter subscriptions not updated Platform
#6067 [webextension] Firefox displays "Adblock Plus is causing Firefox to slow down." warning Platform
#6050 [webextension] Frequent large disk writes since 3.0 Platform
#5588 [webextension] Icon badge not reset when navigating to a new page Platform
#6046 [webextension] Mobile options page is zoomed out Platform
#5973 [webextension] New options page icons display as blue squares in Firefox 50-52 User-Interface
#5971 [webextension] New options page is broken for Firefox 50 Platform
#6039 [webextension] Pinterest feed opens blank pages Platform
#5975 [webextension] Report link does nothing in Firefox issue reporter User-Interface
#5337 [webextension] Still lags for 20 to 30 seconds once every hour Platform
#6036 [webextension] The ABP icon by our devtools pane is blurry Platform
#6119 [webextension] Use frameAncestors for whitelisting Platform
#5408 [webextension] Websites hidden in Firefox Developer Edition Platform
#5593 [webextension] options page doesn't open in a Firefox private browsing window Platform
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