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#926 chrome: wrong filter kills access to ABP options Platform
#756 Implement inline styles for hiding filters Unknown
#748 Implement blocking of inline JavaScript Platform
#747 ABP needs serious optimization Unknown
#731 Don't wrap filter in "Block element" dialog on Chrome/Opera/Safari User-Interface
#730 Youtube videos embedded in facebook show ads - Safari Platform
#719 ABP - Lastpass conflict Unknown
#709 Block element dialog removes clicked instead matching element Platform
#705 "Block Element" generates request blocking filters for non-HTTP URLs Platform
#704 Generate protocol-agnostic filters by "Block element" on Chrome Platform
#703 The "Block element" dialog is sometimes covered by other elements Platform
#700 block element doesn't work for elements that don't have a "src", "id" or "class" attribute Platform
#684 ABP doesn't load / crashes in Opera Developer (currently 24.0.1534.0) Platform
#678 ABP extension hangs in Chrome Platform
#673 Use of xmlns attribute in XSLT template causes Chrome to display a blank page. Platform
#672 Adblock Plus breaks functionality Unknown
#668 adblock for safari ads spam to the email in outlook Core
#663 AdBlock is blocking images on our corporate website that are not ads. Unknown
#662 [] Job links shouldn't use anchors Websites
#661 Synchronize Chrome Preferences Platform
#659 XML page not loaded, ABP 1.8.3, chrome 35 Platform
#657 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of null Unknown
#656 Replace __proto__ with Object.create Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#654 Store pages in their tabs to improve performance on Safari Platform
#650 CMS does not accept slash in title of job ad Infrastructure
#649 Some websites are broken on Safari due to dispatching "error" event synchronusly Platform
#636 ABP should remove Chrome's error message in some blocked iframes Platform
#619 duplicate 618 Unknown
#618 functionality blocked by easylist / social list Platform
#581 Element hiding and collapsing doesn't work within inline frames on Chrome Platform
#573 Relative URLs aren't blocked in Safari Platform
#569 Truncated elemhide filters in report colored as blocked resources Sitescripts
#538 [stats] Count second downloads Sitescripts
#527 [stats] Only count requests from Adblock Plus extensions Infrastructure
#520 Automate generation of PAD files Infrastructure
#508 Adblock suddenly stopped working Unknown
#501 PDFs generated by POST requests broken in Chrome Platform
#500 cannot load any web pages due to adblock Unknown
#498 ABP 1.8.1 + chrome 33 - tab key crashes some pages Platform
#496 ABP causes Youtube stalls on Chrome-HTML5 Unknown
#495 [meta] Filter Hit Statistics Tool Unknown
#494 Validate custom filters in Element Hiding Helper Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#493 Validate custom filters in Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#492 Implement content blockers to block popups and XMLHttpRequests on Safari Platform
#491 Element hiding breaks if user adds a custom filter with invalid CSS selector User-Interface
#488 Replace filtering engine with httpSwitchboard's Platform
#486 safari does not block youtube preroll ads in video fullscreen mode Platform
#482 Chrome: POST-form returning a PDF makes an additional GET request Platform
#481 ABP Chrome version 1.8.1 doesn't work on Liebao browser Unknown
#480 AdBlock Plus 1.8 momentarily and regularly freezes Chrome Platform
#477 ABP in Chrome issue in a site. Platform
#471 YouTube video ads aren't blocked on Safari again. Platform
#465 fixated adblock Platform
#464 chrome: List removing Platform
#457 Pop-up PDF not displaying Unknown
#453 [Chrome] Persistent loading icon when viewing pdf Platform
#452 Adblock Plus for Chrome adding shadow dom breaks CSS transitions Platform
#451 ABP blocking ads on New Tab page and there is no option to whitelist the page/domain Platform
#450 chrome: print a spreadsheet crashes the page Platform
#445 The Download Master program doesn't intercept the link to downloading Platform
#442 ABP 1.8 wrong number of hits on youtube Platform
#440 safari disarranges slide show images at Unknown
#439 Ads aren't blocked in Opera's speed dial thumbnails Platform
#438 safari: ABP does not block YT ads Platform
#437 Chrome, ABP 1.8, right click "block element" broken Platform
#433 Adjust to $sitekey-related changes of the Matcher API (Platform) Platform
#420 Add a way to specify default subscriptions in corporate environment Unknown
#419 Safari: ABP blocks almost all the sites Core
#417 Re-initializing removed filterlists in Chrome Platform
#414 Specify update URL for Safari releases Platform
#413 YouTube in-video annotations are blocked on Safari Platform
#412 Make sure release automation creates Safari builds Automation
#399 Generate update manifests for Safari releases Infrastructure
#396 [abp-backend] Add a filter hit statistics backend server Infrastructure
#395 Filter hit statistics backend Sitescripts
#394 Collect filter hit statistics Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#382 Remove support for "experimental" Chrome builds Automation
#380 Safari bubble ui - translated text overlaps dropdown icon User-Interface
#377 Remove update_url from Chrome devbuilds Automation
#375 toggling "Enabled/Disabled on this site" function sometimes leads to two "Block element" context menu entries Platform
#370 element blocking is previewed even if filter URL is removed completely Platform
#369 Adblock adds a huge load of CSS to Office365 Outlook mails Platform
#367 ABP options page cannot be opened correctly by browsers' "last opened pages" function Unknown
#364 Publish the devbuild on the Chrome Web Store Automation
#361 chrome: settings lost if browser crashes Platform
#356 Implement Chrome Web Store API in order to update the devbuild Automation
#350 "Block element" dialog isn’t completely visible when selecting elements inside small frames Platform
#349 Blocked ads numbers not shared with google plus User-Interface
#348 [Safari] Status of 'Show number in icon' check box is not getting updated until we again click 'ABP' icon from 'Tool Bar' Unknown
#345 [Chrome, Opera, Safari?] Replace blocked images and documents with minimal valid content. Platform
#343 [Chrome 35*] element hiding breaks with error in event handler Platform
#342 Speed up options page with many user filters on Safari Platform
#339 Filter classes unit tests fail in Chrome Platform
#338 Adblock Plus isn't compatible with Chrome 19 anymore Platform
#337 Race condition preventing initialization on first run Platform
#331 Remove localStorage to FileSystem migration code Platform
#318 [chrome] "Block element" functionality broken in build Platform
#315 Add a way to disable custom filters in browsers besides Firefox User-Interface
#309 [chrome] Even with no filters, breaks styling of multiple disabled style sheets Platform
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