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#6571 "Manifest file is invalid." message shown when installing from Unknown
#3622 "Learn More..." is plain text and not a URL link in Adblock Plus for Firefox Mobile Platform
#6091 "Hide targeted messages?" notification shown for websites which don't use targeted messaging User-Interface
#6201 "Hide targeted messages?" notification not triggering User-Interface
#6048 "Block element" tool fails to suggest some blockable elements Platform
#1609 "Block element" throws errors when generating filters for elements without selectors Platform
#1755 "Block element" still injects overlays with wrong z-index Platform
#1610 "Block element" removes overlays while dialog still shows Platform
#1612 "Block element" removes overlay instead actual element Platform
#2081 "Block element" is available from the popup even if adblocking is disabled on the current page User-Interface
#1607 "Block element" injects overlays with wrong z-index Platform
#1606 "Block element" injects overlays for hidden elements Platform
#6677 "Block element" highlighting divs can be hidden by element hiding filters Platform
#1587 "Block element" generates blocking instead elemhide filters when the selector contains curly brackets Platform
#2298 "Block element" from context menu doesn't reset previous state Unknown
#2215 "Block element" freezes page when highlighting too many elements Platform
#1864 "Block element" doesn't highlight matching elements (in red) sometimes Platform
#1751 "Block element" doesn't highlight (whole area of) elements if the background isn't (fully) visible Platform
#3620 "Block element" doesn't consider $genericblock when generating filters Platform
#1870 "Block element" doesn't block <frame> elements Platform
#1603 "Block element" does not work when page cancels click event Platform
#1601 "Block element" does not generate blocking filters for elements with multiple URLs Platform
#3872 "Block element" does not finish when popup window is closed Platform
#4308 "Block element" does not appear as an option in the menu. Platform
#2076 "Block element" dialog should only suggest element hiding filters if there are no blocking filters Platform
#2100 "Block element" dialog moves out of visible area when attempt to drag it User-Interface
#1843 "Block element" dialog keeps showing when extension is disabled/uninstalled/reloaded Platform
#350 "Block element" dialog isn’t completely visible when selecting elements inside small frames Platform
#2173 "Block element" dialog isn't moved to correct position when dragging User-Interface
#3636 "Block element" dialog hides element even if added filters don't apply due to $genricblock Platform
#1741 "Block element" dialog doesn't work while first run page is open Platform
#1867 "Block element" dialog doesn't show if top level frame is a frameset Platform
#1282 "Block element" creates filter for whitelisted elements Platform
#4714 "Block element" context menu item fails to open window Platform
#6493 "Block element" context menu item doesn't work on first usage on Firefox Platform
#1868 "Block element" cannot handle <area> elements Platform
#1856 "Block element" behaves unexpected with SVG elements Platform
#1658 "Block element" adds semicolon to style attributes Platform
#4840 "Block Element" tool fails to remove some grey overlay elements Platform
#1343 "Block Element" suggests wrong URL for Cookery site logo image and thus it does not get blocked Unknown
#705 "Block Element" generates request blocking filters for non-HTTP URLs Platform
#1428 "Block Element" doesn't work for XML documents Platform
#6191 "Block Element" button shown for Chrome webstore Platform
#3500 "Add filters" dialog box length is too long for a website. Platform
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