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#348 [Safari] Status of 'Show number in icon' check box is not getting updated until we again click 'ABP' icon from 'Tool Bar' Unknown
#367 ABP options page cannot be opened correctly by browsers' "last opened pages" function Unknown
#420 Add a way to specify default subscriptions in corporate environment Unknown
#440 safari disarranges slide show images at Unknown
#457 Pop-up PDF not displaying Unknown
#481 ABP Chrome version 1.8.1 doesn't work on Liebao browser Unknown
#495 [meta] Filter Hit Statistics Tool Unknown
#496 ABP causes Youtube stalls on Chrome-HTML5 Unknown
#500 cannot load any web pages due to adblock Unknown
#508 Adblock suddenly stopped working Unknown
#619 duplicate 618 Unknown
#657 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of null Unknown
#663 AdBlock is blocking images on our corporate website that are not ads. Unknown
#672 Adblock Plus breaks functionality Unknown
#719 ABP - Lastpass conflict Unknown
#747 ABP needs serious optimization Unknown
#993 fwef Unknown
#994 fwef Unknown
#995 greg Unknown
#996 fwef Unknown
#997 fwef Unknown
#998 fwef Unknown
#1009 fwef Unknown
#1010 fwef Unknown
#1011 fwef Unknown
#1012 greg Unknown
#1013 fwef Unknown
#1119 Show 'Block Element' right-click menu item option not working Unknown
#1120 Add Filters window always displays empty when click blocking element on the page Unknown
#1123 EasyList site links to an inaccessible version of ChinaList Unknown
#1252 Anti adblock message not blocked in Chrome at Unknown
#1261 Blank page on w/ EasyPrivacy Unknown
#1323 Blocked elements counter increases without stopping Unknown
#1343 "Block Element" suggests wrong URL for Cookery site logo image and thus it does not get blocked Unknown
#1345 Block Element highlights the entire page on Russian website Unknown
#1346 svg bitmap images blocking does not work properly Unknown
#1348 Blocked search box element reappears on page refresh Unknown
#1349 Block element highlighting during selection is sometimes inconsistent Unknown
#1351 Google 1 icon reappears on reload after blocking Unknown
#1352 TIFF images does not get blocked by block element Unknown
#1394 Not able to block element on ebay website Unknown
#1432 Block element behavior is NOT proper on XML content page Unknown
#1433 ABP + chrome 38 ==> share on google drive broken Unknown
#1443 Block element dialog is cut off if shown in a small frame Unknown
#1464 ABP stops working on ChromeOS / works fine again for some time after re-install Unknown
#1473 Ebay Kleinanzeigen Thumbnail-Hovering broken Unknown
#1504 When the filter subscription is deleted and added, "Failed, download failure" is displayed Unknown
#1627 Add filter pop-up doesnot appear for blocking in case of dynamic content Unknown
#1633 Both Adblock & Adblock plus randomly crashes. Unknown
#1636 Button blocking behavior is improper Unknown
#1660 Domains with ...(incomplete) Unknown
#1661 Domain with rules mentioned in Whitelisted options should not be removed on enabling the ABP for the site where the rule is applicable Unknown
#1717 Ad Block Plus does not block ads on CNN videos Unknown
#1822 / Unknown
#1831 test Unknown
#1838 No suggested filters when trying to block dynamically modified element Unknown
#1896 Only one number is shared but there is "Share these numbers" Unknown
#1933 Synchronize deriving of the parent URL among platforms for the content of the anonymous frames Unknown
#2079 Opera doesn't switch to options tab Unknown
#2116 Add filter dialog does not show up when 'Block element' is chosen. Unknown
#2162 [meta] Send notifications to a subset of the user base Unknown
#2210 Page become unresponsive when selecting Google play element for blocking Unknown
#2219 Ad counter - position in Safari is bouncing Unknown
#2298 "Block element" from context menu doesn't reset previous state Unknown
#2316 Not able to block Feedback button Unknown
#2508 ABP not running inside Webview HTML tag ? Unknown
#2536 Unblocked advertisements open a new tab that immediately closes upon clicking them. Unknown
#2573 ABP broken if -user-agent is set as a startup parameter Unknown
#2579 loads forever Unknown
#2601 AdBlock Plus unresponsive when starting chrome Unknown
#2632 Block element behaviour on <area> elements seems incorrect Unknown
#2695 Problems loading page content when ABP is enabled Unknown
#2696 When filter subscription is added, "Failed, download failure" is displayed. Unknown
#2733 ABP Chrome does not display received notifications Unknown
#2742 Block element should not block logo for websites like facebook and yahoo. Unknown
#3008 Safari anomaly @1.9 launch: too many active users Unknown
#3092 [CMS] Support use of the {% extends ... %} tag in Jinja2 pages Unknown
#3137 [ABP for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog does not show up when 'Block element' is chosen. Unknown
#3249 Popup blocking is applied to pages opened by the user in a new tab Unknown
#3427 First Run actions are not performed Unknown
#3466 Blocked Video still shows for a second Unknown
#3520 Last installed version number of ABP is shown on newer installed version in Safari Unknown
#3522 Block element functionality doesn't work on website Unknown
#3544 Block functionality doesn't work on webarchive page Unknown
#3684 Link to disable Acceptable Ads in first-run page is broken Unknown
#3720 Installing ABP to Chrome on OS X kicks user back to OS X login screen Unknown
#3729 Default size of Add filter popup window hides buttons / requires scrollbars Unknown
#3757 Facebook "LIKE" button on someone elses comments does not show up Unknown
#3794 YouTube showing "An error occurred, please try again later" message instead of blocking video ad Unknown
#3826 Filter preference change events Unknown
#3952 Fix whitespaces in Python code for compliance with PEP-8 Unknown
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