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#7070 AdBlock Plus Icon not appearing in Safari 12.0.1/Mojave beta Unknown
#7069 Update adblockplusui dependency to 42f8566f580e (release-2018-4.4) Platform
#7067 Allow $rewrite to internal resources Core
#7066 Homepage meta data is ignored from some subscriptions User-Interface
#7065 "Waiting for Extension Adblock Plus..." message displayed by Chrome Platform
#7064 [CMS] Add requirements.txt Sitescripts
#7063 ABP-logo and functionality vanishes on Chrome Platform
#7061 ManagedStorage additional_subscriptions Platform
#7060 ManagedStorage WhiteList Platform
#7059 Modify fldiff so it can handle multiple files Sitescripts
#7058 Write WebAssembly module loader Core
#7055 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] run "publish -- gecko" though CI Automation
#7054 Update the adblockpluscore dependency to 5cb695da5a40, adblockplusui to f86abf2efdfd Platform
#7053 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] Create meta files for Adblock Plus for Firefox development builds Automation
#7048 [CMS] Translations returned by get_string are distorted in non-default locales when the string is coming from the default locale Sitescripts
#7047 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:cd837fd7d60e Platform
#7044 Allow URLSearchParams global in eslint config Unknown
#7041 [CMS] Remove crowdin support. Sitescripts
#7033 Meta data in filter list header ignored Core
#7029 Remove subscriptions property of Filter object Core
#7028 Chromium tab crashes when loading on Linux Platform
#7024 ManifoldJS fails to package Adblock Plus for Edge Automation
#7021 Compress filter text in memory Core
#7020 [Gitlab CI] Sign Adblock Plus for Firefox development builds via a Node.js script Automation
#7019 [CMS] Refactor `` Sitescripts
#7016 Convert serialization functions into generators Core
#7015 Serialize subscriptions in a single loop Core
#7014 Update adblockplusui dependency to hg:42849c775697 (release-2018-4.3) Platform
#7012 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision hg:1c81010449da git:d9555ca Platform
#7004 build numbers differ between Mercurial / Git Automation
#7003 Implement alternative filter matching algorithm deprioritizing whitelist filters Core
#7002 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:686f179cd357 Platform
#7001 CombinedMatcher result cache keeps growing indefinitely Core
#6999 Always generate style sheets in the background page Platform
#6998 Remove usage of Shadow DOM v0 from the content script Platform
#6997 Use createStyleSheet implementation from core Platform
#6992 Remove keyword-by-filter map and associated dead code Core
#6987 Executing individual test files no longer works Automation
#6986 Running npm test fails on Windows for adblockpluscore Automation
#6985 Running npm test fails on Windows for adblockpluschrome Automation
#6979 Don't force the use of the Safari's native Content Blocking with Safari 12 Platform
#6977 Detect anti-circumvention filter list based on URL in subscriptions.json Core
#6976 [python-abp] Filters that contain square brackets in the first line of a filter list fragment break rendering Sitescripts
#6975 Check for specific anti-circumvention subscription URL Core
#6974 Snippet filters don't work if ABP anti-circumvention filter list is removed and readded Platform
#6970 Add commands section to manifest template and Unknown
#6969 Implement abort-on-property-read snippet Core
#6967 Hold on to only non-standard style sheets Platform
#6965 Adblock Plus would not subscribe to filter lists Adblock-Browser-for-iOS
#6962 Update adblockplusui dependency to hg:0da3ee4abcad (release-2018-4.2) Platform
#6961 Rule list compilation failed: too many rules in JSON array Unknown
#6960 Reopening the options page causes issues User-Interface
#6957 Combine element hiding selector matching with style sheet generation Core
#6956 Move the extension's style sheet generation logic into core Core
#6954 Domain-based whitelisting does not work for content filtering in subframes Platform
#6953 Domain-based whitelisting does not work in data URI frames Platform
#6950 [python-abp] Don't include headers and metadata from includes into output Sitescripts
#6949 Update adblockpluscore to c99ba575161f Platform
#6948 "block element" bug in ABP 3.3.2 (only chrome) Platform
#6945 Script to make filter list diffs Sitescripts
#6943 [python-abp] Use filter.type == x instead of isinstance(filter, X) in production code Sitescripts
#6941 [python-abp] Remove asserts from production code Sitescripts
#6939 No-TLD restriction for content filters does not work if there's at least one non-TLD Core
#6938 The hide-if-contains-and-matches-style snippet does not work on Firefox Core
#6937 Lowercase RegExpFilter domains on demand Core
#6936 Update adblockplusui dependency to 085509a03c94 (release-2018-5) Platform
#6933 Update adblockpluscore to dcda4859fcbd (and adblockplusui for compatibility) Platform
#6931 localhost isn't considered a domain by contentfilter validating code Core
#6930 Add support for Microsoft Edge to WebDriver-based test automation Automation
#6928 [CMS] Translation strings without default values Sitescripts
#6926 [CMS] Set "siteurl" to "localhost:5000" in testserver Sitescripts
#6923 Only parse metadata from special comments at the top of the file Core
#6922 Allows any kind of notification in the new Bubble UI User-Interface
#6920 [python-abp] Some comments are inaccurately recognized as metadata Sitescripts
#6918 Automate the test pages Automation
#6917 Iframe collapsing doesn't work on Firefox Platform
#6916 Avoid Set object for filters with only one subscription Core
#6915 Update contributors page Websites
#6914 Investigate exceptions reported by Microsoft Dashboard for Microsoft Edge Platform
#6913 Some test cases fail on Edge Platform
#6912 Firefox not closing properly; ABP loses all preferences and settings Platform
#6910 Update buildtools dependency to ff1b7ee78ebd / 5115e5a Platform
#6909 fails to install npm dependencies when subfolders aren't repositories Automation
#6908 Pass updated subscription's old filters as an event argument Core
#6906 Source archives contain wrong version number Automation
#6902 Our site mistakenly got into your filter Unknown
#6900 Update adblockplusui dependency to efea71d85b24 Platform
#6897 Remove the no-op implementation of Utils.generateChecksum() Platform
#6892 Update adblockplusui dependency to hg:7386698260f4 (release-2018-4) Platform
#6891 Properly distinguish objects from classes Core
#6890 [Gitlab CI] Add a job for testing Adblock Plus on Chromium with xvfb Platform
#6889 Update adblockpluscore to hg:9ebb3381fcde git:5168283 Platform
#6887 Run qunit tests in adblockpluschrome in chrome Platform
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