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#6411 Allow sparse arrays in eslint-config-eyeo Automation
#6503 Fix builds on Windows Automation
#6523 URL to "latest" devbuild for Adblock Plus for Firefox points to outdated version Automation
#6552 Add support for the 'externally_connectable' property for Chrome builds Automation
#6560 Dev builds of ABP for Firefox aren't being updated to the latest version Automation
#6563 addonVersion in development builds doesn't contain build number anymore Automation
#6606 " release" fails with "Detected incoming changesets in ..." when unimportant bookmarks are outdated Automation
#6611 createNightlies overwrites adblockplusfirefox.xpi Automation
#6625 Enable module switching in webpack, parametrized by metadata.* Automation
#6651 Introduce CI for Adblock Plus (devbuilds) Automation
#6681 [Gitlab CI] Add linting for a .gitlab-ci.yml Automation
#6682 [Gitlab CI] Automate (unsigned) development build creation of Adblock Plus Automation
#6706 Make " updatepsl" encode domains as Punycode Automation
#6757 Static assets automation in Automation
#6874 Cannot configure SSH URL for building from repos Automation
#6906 Source archives contain wrong version number Automation
#6909 fails to install npm dependencies when subfolders aren't repositories Automation
#6918 Automate the test pages Automation
#6930 Add support for Microsoft Edge to WebDriver-based test automation Automation
#6985 Running npm test fails on Windows for adblockpluschrome Automation
#6986 Running npm test fails on Windows for adblockpluscore Automation
#6987 Executing individual test files no longer works Automation
#7004 build numbers differ between Mercurial / Git Automation
#7020 [Gitlab CI] Sign Adblock Plus for Firefox development builds via a Node.js script Automation
#7024 ManifoldJS fails to package Adblock Plus for Edge Automation
#7053 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] Create meta files for Adblock Plus for Firefox development builds Automation
#7055 [Gitlab CI] [Firefox] run "publish -- gecko" though CI Automation
#7080 Windows Store doesn't except builds due to unregistered product name translations Automation
#7082 Use guard-for-in eslint rule Automation
#7083 Release automation fails due to translations being moved to adblockplusui Automation
#7101 Replace metadata.* files with plain .json files. Automation
#7105 Convert updatepsl command from script to an npm script Automation
#7114 The Edge development build does not install (due to resources for az and uz locales) Automation
#7116 Run browser test in Microsoft Edge Automation
#7120 Reimplement "" as a NodeJS script, use Git instead of Mercurial Automation
#7121 Reimplement " updatepsl" as a NodeJS script Automation
#7145 Change manifest name for release builds Automation
#7166 Automated tests no longer just run on Windows Automation
#7167 Automated tests fail on Firefox Windows Automation
#7186 Failure on missing .git/info folder Automation
#7192 Remove hardcoded qunit/common.js from webpack qunit/tests.js bundle Automation
#7194 tox is failing for buildtools, reporting flake8 errors Automation
#7196 Update tox.ini files to ignore W503 and W504 Automation
#7240 Provide script to rebuild resources.json Automation
#7262 npm test fail with more that one test for browser in adblockpluscore Automation
#7263 Gitlab runners timing out on adblockpluscore tests Automation
#7282 Skip online-only testcases when running locally Automation
#7371 Generate subscriptions.json in adblockpluscore Automation
#7378 Add logic to automation to skip test cases completely Automation
#7425 Remove specialization attribute from subscriptions.json Automation
#7469 eslint: disallow more than one empty line Automation
#235 Performance of ElemHide.getSelectorsByDomain() needs to be improved Core
#419 Safari: ABP blocks almost all the sites Core
#668 adblock for safari ads spam to the email in outlook Core
#756 Implement inline styles for hiding filters Core
#1487 Enable pre-configurable properties Core
#1583 Implement validation of CSS selectors in element hiding filters Core
#1711 Move the logic determining whether the nested frame should be whitelisted into js core Core
#1756 || should not require to have a schema in the URL Core
#1951 new notification trigger mechanism based on ad counter Core
#1995 Add $recursive filter option to allow filter to apply for all child frames Core
#2095 Prevent background redirects Core
#2174 non typical CSS freezes chrome and firefox Core
#2177 Optimize filter matching performance by performing regexp match last Core
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core
#2386 Make it possible to register a notification download listener Core
#2395 Create a content script to implement CSS property filters functionality Core
#2503 Inconsistent behavior: $document flag implied for exception rules with protocol included Core
#2541 Opera regression: storage.get: "managed" is not available Core
#2582 ElemHide.getSelectorsForDomain() cannot be optimized by V8 Core
#2592 Regression: URL-specific notifications are broken Core
#2641 Filter behavior change introduces regression breaking notifications Core
#2738 Make RegExpFilter.matches() take a bit mask rather than string for type Core
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization Core
#3081 Enable threading for the flask web-server in the adblockpluscore script Core
#3143 Add polyfill for `:has()` CSS4 pseudo-selector to element hiding filters Core
#3618 Generate JSDoc documentation for adblockpluscore Core
#3659 Remove locale dependency from filter classes Core
#3660 Remove locale dependency from subscription classes Core
#3672 Move antiadblockInit.js from adblockpluscore to adblockplusui Core
#3862 Implement FilterNotifier.on(action, callback) and, callback) Core
#3873 Replace more occurrences of __proto__ with Object.create(null) Core
#3889 Dispatch subscription downloading event instead of downloadStatus when transfer begins Core
#3998 cssProperties.js content script shouldn't assume that messaging will automatically know the context Core
#4054 Element hiding rules continue to be matched after being removed Core
#4057 Further improve ElemHide.getSelectorsByDomain() performance Core
#4204 Make $genericblock work better Core
#4302 ^ doesn't match URL with a dot after domain name Core
#4450 Prevent ElemHide filters from being created with an empty domain restriction Core
#4465 Move rsa.js into adblockpluscore Core
#4762 Add relentless notification type Core
#4833 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockpluscore, migrate strings Core
#4919 Make getBackupFiles in lib/filterStorage.js asynchronous Core
#5079 Export ElemHideEmulation and splitSelector Core
#5086 Add webrtc connection type Core
#5257 `npm test` should run the linter Core
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