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#1481 [FEATURE] - Add option to make ads obvious instead of hiding them Platform
#5647 [ESLint] Allow labeled statements Unknown
#133 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the sitescripts repository Sitescripts
#131 [Document projects consistently] Add a to the adblockpluschrome repository Platform
#453 [Chrome] Persistent loading icon when viewing pdf Platform
#345 [Chrome, Opera, Safari?] Replace blocked images and documents with minimal valid content. Platform
#343 [Chrome 35*] element hiding breaks with error in event handler Platform
#1447 [CRASH]ABP options page crashes on enabling/disabling ABP multiple times Platform
#6545 [CMS] get_pages_metadata should not ignore pages with no explicit metadata Sitescripts
#3056 [CMS] cms.bin.test_server intermittently pauses for several seconds when serving static files Sitescripts
#7048 [CMS] Translations returned by get_string are distorted in non-default locales when the string is coming from the default locale Sitescripts
#6928 [CMS] Translation strings without default values Sitescripts
#3092 [CMS] Support use of the {% extends ... %} tag in Jinja2 pages Unknown
#2111 [CMS] Support links with target="_blank" in strings Sitescripts
#2112 [CMS] Support inserting fixed text into strings Sitescripts
#3246 [CMS] Strip empty locale files from Crowdin export archive Sitescripts
#6926 [CMS] Set "siteurl" to "localhost:5000" in testserver Sitescripts
#3349 [CMS] Replace the markdown package with a CommonMark compliant one Sitescripts
#7041 [CMS] Remove crowdin support. Sitescripts
#7019 [CMS] Refactor `` Sitescripts
#3076 [CMS] Map locale names to match what Crowdin expects during synchronisation Sitescripts
#7461 [CMS] Include source page into warning text for unresolved links Sitescripts
#3402 [CMS] Fix inline tag nesting for translatable strings Sitescripts
#3354 [CMS] Enable markdown.extensions.extra extension Sitescripts
#6546 [CMS] Default template in the test suite should not be empty Sitescripts
#2992 [CMS] Animation XML files not generated for non English languages Sitescripts
#3112 [CMS] Allow testing of sitescripts URL handlers along with a static CMS site Sitescripts
#5828 [CMS] Additional paths require `settings.ini` Sitescripts
#6231 [CMS] Add tests for translation string substitution Sitescripts
#7064 [CMS] Add requirements.txt Sitescripts
#2119 [CMS] Add a way to retrieve contents of a different page Sitescripts
#4990 [CMS] Add Pytest Coverage Report To Tox Unknown
#2740 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] Blocked element is not highlighted when selected. Platform
#2743 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog not triggered when blocking an embedded ad Platform
#3137 [ABP for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog does not show up when 'Block element' is chosen. Unknown
#6332 [ABP dev] TypeError: Cannot read property 'sheet' of undefined Platform
#4119 Zero margin on "Add domain" button on Whitelisted domains Tab User-Interface
#730 Youtube videos embedded in facebook show ads - Safari Platform
#471 YouTube video ads aren't blocked on Safari again. Platform
#3794 YouTube showing "An error occurred, please try again later" message instead of blocking video ad Unknown
#1873 YouTube playlists don't play the next video without manually switching to the playlist tab Platform
#413 YouTube in-video annotations are blocked on Safari Platform
#6333 YouTube TV video freezes after 14 seconds on Chrome/Win10 Unknown
#1254 YouTube - whitelist channels / authors Platform
#659 XML page not loaded, ABP 1.8.3, chrome 35 Platform
#2694 Wrong order of parameters `source, target` in logging message Automation
#2049 Wrong logo being displayed in Options and Block Element dialog User-Interface
#7131 Wrong filter for regex in ABP testcase subscription filter list Unknown
#3924 Wrong domain entered into whitelist after using back button Platform
#5353 Writing filters documentation does not include latest filter changes. Websites
#3002 Write and use getDevEnvPath function for determining the devenv build path Automation
#7058 Write WebAssembly module loader Core
#4331 Wrapped WebSocket has wrong constructor signature Platform
#5321 Workaround Edge not supporting webRequest.ResourceType Platform
#5582 Workaround Edge bug in tabs.query Platform
#6775 Work around filter data stored in IndexedDB getting lost on Microsoft Edge Platform
#7080 Windows Store doesn't except builds due to unregistered product name translations Automation
#1983 Whitelisting the current page and reloading it has no effect Platform
#7246 Whitelisting of domain downgraded after enabling and then disabling extension on domain User-Interface
#7446 Whitelisted site loads infinitely Unknown
#3052 Whitelisted search ads on not displayed with Adblock Plus for Safari iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#7336 Whitelisted ads on a new tab page from an extension are sometimes blocked Platform
#4279 Whitelisted ad on main page gets a broken link with ABP for Safari iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3050 Whitelisted ad on gets broken link with ABP for Safari iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#7278 Whitelist entries cannot be added from the Settings page User-Interface
#6298 White pages displayed in current version of Chrome Canary with Adblock Plus enabled Platform
#1504 When the filter subscription is deleted and added, "Failed, download failure" is displayed Unknown
#2696 When filter subscription is added, "Failed, download failure" is displayed. Unknown
#1710 When Adblock Plus is enabled YouTube's Flash player doesn't work on Safari Platform
#7204 Websockets are not blocked in Edge Platform
#4561 Website is rendered improperly when Adblock Plus for Safari is installed Platform
#3062 Webserver resource ownership broken Infrastructure
#4563 WebSocket wrapper breaking code that extends the WebSocket object Platform
#4590 WebSocket wrapper breaking code that extends the WebSocket object Platform
#1727 WebSocket connections can't be blocked Platform
#7329 WebRTC connections are not blocked on Edge Platform
#4455 WebRTC circumvention Platform
#1273 WebKit misoptimizations strike again: Overridden getters are called on Safari 8 Platform
#1446 Web page's "click" event handler interferes with "Block Element" Platform
#1725 Warnings and errors occur on several pages since PHP update Infrastructure
#7258 Video on won't play when Adblock Plus is enabled Platform
#4141 Video ads on YouTube not blocked Platform
#4351 Video ads on YouTube are not blocked using Safari 6 (Flash) Platform
#5668 Version number in AppxMainfest.xml must include build number Automation
#5666 Version number in AppxMainfest.xml must end with ".0" Automation
#3189 Verificaition emails "%" sign escape problem Sitescripts
#5076 Ver.1.13.2 crashes/autodisables with Opera 36.0 Platform
#2730 Value of notification key "inactive" is ignored Sitescripts
#493 Validate custom filters in Firefox Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#494 Validate custom filters in Element Hiding Helper Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus
#188 Utils.yield is undefined Platform
#2813 Using runserver cms returns 500 status code for /subscriptions Websites
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