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#6675 info module placeholder file included in AdBlock bundle by WebPack Platform
#6670 Log URL rewrites in DevTools User-Interface
#6666 Ad Block Plus doesnt work with other (Bulgarian) languages. User-Interface
#6663 AdblockPlus cause safari to crash (when loading page) Platform
#6660 $genericblock filter applies to domain specific filter Platform
#6655 "setUninstallURL: String must not be more than 255 characters long." exception Platform
#6651 Introduce CI for Adblock Plus (devbuilds) Automation
#6650 Update buildtools dependency to 168dac24ad9e Platform
#6648 Support Unicode-aware regular expressions Core
#6647 Stop converting domains from punycode to unicode Platform
#6646 "block element" tool shouldn't interact with the page Platform
#6645 Collapse elements through user style sheets if possible Platform
#6644 [abp2blocklist] Domain-specific element hiding filters are removed if there's an unrelated domain-specific exception Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#6641 Copyright year in about dialog is out of date User-Interface
#6640 Update Edge builds to use the latest changes Platform
#6633 Move translatable strings from adblockpluschrome to adblockplusui User-Interface
#6625 Enable module switching in webpack, parametrized by metadata.* Automation
#6622 Implement the $rewrite filter option Platform
#6621 Use IndexedDB (directly) to store filter data on Microsoft Edge Platform
#6620 Update extension description Platform
#6613 Page-specific items hidden in icon popup on certain web pages Platform
#6612 First-run page opened each time extension loads Platform
#6611 createNightlies overwrites adblockplusfirefox.xpi Automation
#6607 Update adblockpluscore dependency to hg:d7d51d29aa34 Platform
#6606 " release" fails with "Detected incoming changesets in ..." when unimportant bookmarks are outdated Automation
#6605 Add support for bookmark specific expected outputs to CMS tests. Sitescripts
#6604 Updates page shown on Firefox Platform
#6599 Detect data corruption of storage.local Platform
#6598 Element hiding filters covering iframes with display: block !important style hide too much Platform
#6595 Page/Frame structure isn't updated when navigating to document served by Service Worker Platform
#6592 Add filter option to rewrite URL Core
#6587 adblockplusui builds on Windows are broken User-Interface
#6586 Cannot read property '_dispatch' of undefined exceptions in background console Platform
#6582 Add pollyfill for tabs.remove Platform
#6581 [meta] Clarify the rules for using const vs let in JavaScript code Unknown
#6580 spam Unknown
#6571 "Manifest file is invalid." message shown when installing from Unknown
#6569 Updates page requires at least 961px width for main content to be visible User-Interface
#6567 Update buildtools dependency to 47429f8d9b6a / bd1a0d2 Platform
#6565 Cannot destructure property `protocol` of 'undefined' exceptions in background console Platform
#6564 Replace desc and extend in lib/coreUtils.js with __proto__ Core
#6563 addonVersion in development builds doesn't contain build number anymore Automation
#6560 Dev builds of ABP for Firefox aren't being updated to the latest version Automation
#6552 Add support for the 'externally_connectable' property for Chrome builds Automation
#6547 Add documentation for the $csp filter option Websites
#6546 [CMS] Default template in the test suite should not be empty Sitescripts
#6545 [CMS] get_pages_metadata should not ignore pages with no explicit metadata Sitescripts
#6544 Requests sent by Chrome or Adblock Plus get (potentially) blocked Platform
#6543 Match requests without tabId/frameId in their originating context Platform
#6542 Blocked / whitelisted URLs are not coloured red / green in devtools panel User-Interface
#6532 Remove subscription title input field when adding filterlists by url User-Interface
#6530 Filter list toggle still line breaks in Greek User-Interface
#6528 Response is undefined messages in background console Platform
#6523 URL to "latest" devbuild for Adblock Plus for Firefox points to outdated version Automation
#6519 Inconsistency in naming the options page User-Interface
#6515 Options page is broken in Edge Platform
#6512 Add notifications.clicked message listener User-Interface
#6511 Actions inside popup ui notifications do not properly remove notification Platform
#6510 Configure notification opens Options page incorrectly User-Interface
#6507 Inject style sheet proactively from background page Platform
#6504 Implement ElemHideEmulation.useInlineStyles property Core
#6503 Fix builds on Windows Automation
#6498 [webextension] response is undefined after extension install Platform
#6496 Account for browsers that don't support notifications with buttons Platform
#6495 Filter composer should allow more control over which elements are hidden/blocked Platform
#6493 "Block element" context menu item doesn't work on first usage on Firefox Platform
#6491 Require Windows build 16299 for Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge Platform
#6490 "browserAction.setIcon: No tab with id" error after using block element in Chrome Platform
#6482 [meta] Use the class keyword in JavaScript code Unknown
#6478 Synchronize test data among different projects Core
#6476 Update adblockplusui dependencies to ead38c2013b5 Platform
#6474 Enable pre-configured preferences through managed storage on Firefox Platform
#6473 Remove WebSocket wrapper Platform
#6471 Allow small tags in translation strings Sitescripts
#6465 Maintain separate long-term cache in CombinedMatcher Core
#6458 Element hiding emulation breaks when a new style sheet is loaded Core
#6457 Adblock Plus trigger the "slow script" warning on Firefox Nightly Platform
#6456 Spotify freezes when it tries to play a blocked ad Platform
#6455 Use tabs.removeCSS on Chromium Platform
#6451 Adjust devtools panel to support $csp filters User-Interface
#6449 Switch to Harmony modules in adblockpluschrome Platform
#6447 Switch to Harmony modules Core
#6446 Avoid injecting same style sheet twice Core
#6445 [meta] Make use of default function parameters Unknown
#6441 Enabled dom.webcomponents & ABP results in blank Firefox screens Platform
#6434 Define helpers for non-array iterables Core
#6433 Use generators to return lists of things Platform
#6431 Remove old options page from adblockpluschrome User-Interface
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