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#6051 [webextension] Blocked iframes are not collapsed (hidden) Platform
#6050 [webextension] Frequent large disk writes since 3.0 Platform
#6049 Show Adblock Plus Panel in developer tool not showing as an option in Firefox version 52 ESR Platform
#6048 "Block element" tool fails to suggest some blockable elements Platform
#6046 [webextension] Mobile options page is zoomed out Platform
#6044 Add option to store request logs regardless of whether DevTools panel is open Platform
#6043 Rename "Build-and-Release-Tools" module to "Automation" in Trac Infrastructure
#6042 Introduce ui_warn_tracking boolean preference and updated adbockplusui dependency to #bb9b1b67aedf9 Platform
#6039 [webextension] Pinterest feed opens blank pages Platform
#6038 Update adblockplusui dependency to d414ee80d886 Platform
#6037 Allow popup icons without popup Automation
#6036 [webextension] The ABP icon by our devtools pane is blurry Platform
#6035 [webextension] Clicking items in the devtools pane doesn't work User-Interface
#6034 Add support for regular expressions in :-abp-contains() Core
#6030 Exceptions thrown by content script if WebRTC is disabled in Firefox Platform
#6025 -abp-properties filter is unreliable and hard to use in conjunction with pretty much anything Platform
#6022 Update buildtools dependency to 014321e2dfa3 Platform
#6021 Refactor to use modern argparse Automation
#6020 Unnecessary code being included in webpack bundles Automation
#6016 Multiple "block element" windows are permitted (chrome / firefox) Platform
#6011 Adblock Plus messes up "Inbox by Gmail" reply functions Unknown
#6010 Filter list blocked by ABP 3 Platform
#6008 Add trigger to open Updates page Platform
#6006 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision eae92061c9a1 Platform
#6002 About:Blank does not clear page Platform
#5997 Unit test files are included in the release build Automation
#5996 Let release automation create Firefox builds Automation
#5994 Release automation produces wrong commit Message Automation
#5991 Update adblockplusui dependencies to 05462a8e94b3 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#5988 [webextension] Devtools resource type dropdown doesn't work Platform
#5987 Remove from adblockpluschrome Platform
#5986 Update adblockpluscore dependency to revision 000df4267bc8 Platform
#5985 "block element" shows up blank in Firefox nightlies on Linux Platform
#5983 Update Acceptable Ads section description User-Interface
#5982 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 17972505c6b4 Platform
#5979 Block element does not suggest a filter Unknown
#5978 [webextension] Block element is displayed in mobile popup but not usuable User-Interface
#5977 [webextension] Adblock Plus menu item opens bubble UI instead of mobile options page Platform
#5975 [webextension] Report link does nothing in Firefox issue reporter User-Interface
#5974 [webextension] Element hiding emulation filters do not appear to work in Firefox Core
#5973 [webextension] New options page icons display as blue squares in Firefox 50-52 User-Interface
#5972 [webextension] ABP Options page is titled "Settings" User-Interface
#5971 [webextension] New options page is broken for Firefox 50 Platform
#5970 Update dependencies in order to fix two broken link and wording Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#5967 Cannot send issue reports from older browsers Unknown
#5966 Filter error messages are not displayed Core
#5965 ABP subscribe links do not function in Firefox Platform
#5962 ABP plus via uBlock Origin Platform
#5957 adblockpluschrome unit tests are broken Platform
#5956 [webextension] :-abp-has() fail in Firefox Core
#5954 Read-only properties cannot be assigned in strict mode in Edge Platform
#5953 CSP in Firefox blocks our script injection Platform
#5948 Update buildtools dependency to hg:39a589de5c18 Platform
#5946 shouldWrapAPIs in polifills breaks ABP for Edge Platform
#5945 sudo is not required to run npm i -g Automation
#5944 Introduce sitescripts.reports.web.resolveReport handler Sitescripts
#5942 Drop support for updateManifest generation for gecko Sitescripts
#5939 Crowdin downloads suffixed translations to the wrong folder Automation
#5938 [webextension] "Block element" does not appear in menu for some websites Platform
#5934 CMS testing automation Sitescripts
#5927 is there ever a real need to block HTML or BODY element? Unknown
#5925 Update the adblockplusui dependency to 0cc24b2b5ded Platform
#5922 Update buildtools in adblockpluschrome to d9e351869c30 Platform
#5921 Update buildtools dependency in adblockplusui to resolve a npm related regression User-Interface
#5918 ABP blocks opening of downloaded files in Edge Platform
#5916 Locale strings are broken in adblockpluschrome when building from Windows Automation
#5915 adblockpluschrome won't build under Windows Automation
#5913 doesn't install Node.js dependencies on Windows Automation
#5911 Cannot block elements without closing popup UI Platform
#5904 The code in include.preload.js is being run twice Platform
#5901 Implement important / badfilter keywords Platform
#5898 First Run Page translation strings delay User-Interface
#5897 Update buildtools dependency to revision hg:ebdc3801dd98 Platform
#5895 Let npm not try to resolve optional dependencies Automation
#5890 Issue reporter: server response uses wrong font Sitescripts
#5889 Issue reporter: links displayed on successful submission should open in top frame Sitescripts
#5879 Acceptable Ads radio button selection jumps around User-Interface
#5878 Filter list update times are not displaying correctly User-Interface
#5877 First run page is missing some text Automation
#5874 Strings blocked by string freeze User-Interface
#5870 [emscripten] Implement the new ElemHideEmulation filter type Core
#5864 Maintain at most one style sheet for element hiding emulation Platform
#5862 CMS unexpected page conflicts caused by additional-paths Sitescripts
#5860 options page is broken in test enviroment User-Interface
#5857 does not resolve Node.js dependencies if a previous installation failed Automation
#5856 Remove the package-lock.json file from buildtools Automation
#5847 Add prefs.set message handler User-Interface
#5845 Rename "gecko-webext" build target to "gecko" Automation
#5844 [flake8-eyeo] Detect (more) redundant parentheses Automation
#5842 Spanish and Vietnamese filter lists string assignment missing in the options page User-Interface
#5837 Update buildtools and adblockplusui dependencies for locale changes Platform
#5836 Update buildtools dependency and adapt for locale changes User-Interface
#5835 Add "notifications.get" message handler for the popup User-Interface
#5832 Exceptions being thrown in popup page Platform
#5830 Provide access to globals from filters Sitescripts
#5828 [CMS] Additional paths require `settings.ini` Sitescripts
#5827 notification.json is empty if lastVersion contains a variant group Sitescripts
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