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#5124 Update adblockpluscore dependency to 5086-webrtc Sitescripts
#5061 Update adblockpluscore dependency to 3bdddf0e8343 Platform
#4477 Update adblockpluscore dependency and getSelectorsForDomain usage Platform
#3771 Update adblockpluscore dependency and adapt filter validation Platform
#5584 Update adblockpluscore dependency 217eff0504a5 Platform
#4716 Update adblockpluscore and adblockplusui dependency to TBA Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#6784 Update adblockpluscore and adblockplusui dependencies for snippet filters, and the anti-circumvention filter list Platform
#5464 Update adblockpluschrome's safari bookmark dependencies to include WebRTC support, content blocker rule merging, and other recent changes to abp2blocklist Platform
#3455 Update adblockplus/adblockplustests dependencies for $ping filter option Platform
#3255 Update adblockplus repository dependency to revision c4ffcee891c3 Platform
#3332 Update adblockplus repository dependency to revision 4f4db95e3e35 Platform
#1997 Update adblockplus dependeny to 110e5dcd0be6 Platform
#1328 Update adblockplus dependency to revision 026649336216 Platform
#2758 Update adblockplus dependency to ffb0d87cd545 Platform
#3085 Update adblockplus dependency to bdd5cd8bca3a Platform
#1722 Update adblockplus dependency to 816bc28239cd Platform
#2639 Update adblockplus dependency to 816bc28239cd Platform
#1616 Update adblockplus dependency to 2a362748b050 Platform
#2203 Update adblockplus dependency to 24a1d79fec93 Platform
#2651 Update adblockplus dependency to 0f8feec93b61 Platform
#1384 Update adblockplus dependency in adblockpluschrome repository to revision 7313f49c65e3 Platform
#4076 Update abp2blocklist dependency to revision 6576f594f0b9 Platform
#2047 Update QUnit to version 1.17.1 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#4353 Update Js Shell version, replace non-standard "for each" syntax Automation
#4429 Update Js Shell and related dependencies Platform
#4468 Update Js Hydra dependency for hex string fix Automation
#4367 Update Eyeo address in sitescripts templates Sitescripts
#6640 Update Edge builds to use the latest changes Platform
#1208 Update Acceptable Ads text Platform
#5983 Update Acceptable Ads section description User-Interface
#3 Unused icon sizes being packaged for Chrome/Safari builds Platform
#7318 Unsupport $match-case filter option Core
#6020 Unnecessary code being included in webpack bundles Automation
#5624 Universal Wildcard allows requests to be blocked on new tabs Platform
#5997 Unit test files are included in the release build Automation
#2067 Unify logic retrieving the UI locale User-Interface
#2267 Unify form handling by reusing the form_handler decorator and encode_email_address() Sitescripts
#2169 Unify development and production implementation of multiplexer Sitescripts
#3985 Unified test runner for sitescripts Sitescripts
#3610 UnicodeDecodeError during generation of static content with non ASCII filename Sitescripts
#6384 Undefined response object causing errors Platform
#657 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'require' of null Unknown
#2536 Unblocked advertisements open a new tab that immediately closes upon clicking them. Unknown
#4298 Unblockable ad box on Platform
#2272 Unable to save image via "save image as..." in Google Chrome Platform
#5245 Unable to load site in Fx with ABP enabled Platform
#4649 Unable to filter by WEBSOCKET request type in Chrome devtools panel User-Interface
#3467 Unable to clock an Image at first shot Platform
#4083 Unable to block ws:// $other in Firefox. Platform
#3470 Unable to block single tab for a specific ad Platform
#4775 Unable to add custom filter list by using subscription hyperlink Platform
#2634 URLs in "srcset" attribute aren't considered for element collapsing Platform
#6523 URL to "latest" devbuild for Adblock Plus for Firefox points to outdated version Automation
#7430 UI not getting notified of change when toggling preference Platform
#4313 TypeError: expected string or buffer using hg review Sitescripts
#3588 TypeError when trying to add filter list on Chrome <47 Platform
#3616 Turn popupBlocker.js into a module Platform
#569 Truncated elemhide filters in report colored as blocked resources Sitescripts
#54 Transpiling of for-of leads to problems if array is modified within the loop Automation
#3918 Translation synchronization script only updates exisiting files Sitescripts
#3507 Translation sync script for generates separate json files for each platform for homepage instead of index.json Sitescripts
#6690 Trailing periods are not treated consistently between filter types Core
#2062 Trailing "?" is ignored when matching URLs Platform
#5699 Tooltip for devtools panel option out of place User-Interface
#4066 Too many subscriptions with content blocking enabled causes Safari to crash Platform
#3907 Title of Acceptable Ads subscription isn't shown on options page User-Interface
#3986 Thunderbird warining and exception during static website generation Websites
#2681 Thunderbird versions on requirements page listed twice if beta and stable channel are on the same version Websites
#7257 Throttle badge updates Platform
#4599 Third party filters blocking first party requests Unknown
#7297 The number of blocked items is not displayed in older versions of Chrome/Opera Platform
#7277 The number of blocked items is not displayed Platform
#4021 The logic that checks for Edge is incorrect in adblockplusedge Unknown
#6734 The latest Safari development build doesn't work Unknown
#6938 The hide-if-contains-and-matches-style snippet does not work on Firefox Core
#5904 The code in include.preload.js is being run twice Platform
#6715 The adblockpluschrome unit tests are failing Platform
#7114 The Edge development build does not install (due to resources for az and uz locales) Automation
#445 The Download Master program doesn't intercept the link to downloading Platform
#4184 The Block Element Window is displayed twice and requires two inputs to close Platform
#5217 The Adblock Warning Removal List did not work for me Unknown
#4187 The ABP UI does not show until the webpage has finished loading Platform
#4980 The "eschew the extraneous else" policy of flake8-eyeo considered too strict Automation
#703 The "Block element" dialog is sometimes covered by other elements Platform
#2280 The "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" option automatically re-enables itself after some time. Platform
#2008 Texts are missing in the UI if language code doesn't have a region Platform
#4698 Text not shown in popup window on Edge Platform
#3476 Test case: CF-4 testsuite 04 failed. Platform
#1322 Telugu translation is breaking devbuild uploaded to Chrome Web Store Platform
#4579 Target promise-based browserext API Platform
#5763 Target languages supported by Firefox Automation
#7447 Tab loading indicator shown indefinitely when Adblock Plus is installed and enabled Platform
#1352 TIFF images does not get blocked by block element Unknown
#1975 System requirements page - which Opera browsers are supported? Websites
#6478 Synchronize test data among different projects Core
#1933 Synchronize deriving of the parent URL among platforms for the content of the anonymous frames Unknown
#661 Synchronize Chrome Preferences Platform
#5090 Switch to chrome.tabs.insertCSS() on Firefox Platform
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