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#1593 Some Flash videos broken again with Chrome 40 Platform
#1594 Error in global page when bringing up contextmenu for blocked frame on Safari Platform
#1601 "Block element" does not generate blocking filters for elements with multiple URLs Platform
#1603 "Block element" does not work when page cancels click event Platform
#1606 "Block element" injects overlays for hidden elements Platform
#1607 "Block element" injects overlays with wrong z-index Platform
#1609 "Block element" throws errors when generating filters for elements without selectors Platform
#1610 "Block element" removes overlays while dialog still shows Platform
#1611 Inconsistent behavior with "Block element" context menu item Platform
#1612 "Block element" removes overlay instead actual element Platform
#1613 Elements loaded from non-HTTP URLs are collapsed Platform
#1616 Update adblockplus dependency to 2a362748b050 Platform
#1617 Update adblockplustests dependency to 98723b040ad2 Platform
#1618 Update buildtools dependeny to 5dd147a93316 Platform
#1623 Get rid of unused translation Platform
#1625 Improve descriptions of translated strings Platform
#1626 Placeholder image appears only after refresh Platform
#1643 Optimize short description for the Chrome Web Store (and possibly other websites) Platform
#1644 <input type=image> elements are recognized with the wrong type on Safari Platform
#1658 "Block element" adds semicolon to style attributes Platform
#1665 Mouse events handled by the page interferes with "Block element" functionality Platform
#1666 On Safari "es" translation is used instead "es-419" if UI language is a Latin American dialect of Spanish Platform
#1671 Remove "Hide placeholders" option from the UI on Chrome/Opera/Safari Platform
#1674 Use String.trim() to strip leading/trailing whitespaces Platform
#1678 Add bidi support for Safari Platform
#1687 Use signatures.js from adblockplustests in adblockpluschrome Platform
#1694 Popup menu doesn't work when opening multiple tabs simultaneously on Safari Platform
#1703 Element collapsing doesn't work for frames with javascript: URL Platform
#1705 AdBlock Plus blocks elements in Chrome new tab extensions Platform
#1708 Integrate first-run page changes in Chrome/Opera/Safari Platform
#1710 When Adblock Plus is enabled YouTube's Flash player doesn't work on Safari Platform
#1718 Limit workaround for Chrome bug breaking Flash videos to Chrome 38-40 Platform
#1719 Update buildtools dependency to 6524d2ff188d Platform
#1722 Update adblockplus dependency to 816bc28239cd Platform
#1723 Update adblockplustests dependency to 30c3c8f9f80c Platform
#1724 Messaging on Safari is prone to memory leaks Platform
#1727 WebSocket connections can't be blocked Platform
#1739 Respect MessageSender.frameId on Chrome 41+ Platform
#1741 "Block element" dialog doesn't work while first run page is open Platform
#1742 Use "highlighted" property instead deprecated "selected" property when calling chrome.tabs.update() Platform
#1750 Some headers don't load entirely Platform
#1751 "Block element" doesn't highlight (whole area of) elements if the background isn't (fully) visible Platform
#1755 "Block element" still injects overlays with wrong z-index Platform
#1757 Integrate with the adblockpluschrome repository Platform
#1768 Asynchronous responses aren't dispatched on Chrome / "Block element" broken Platform
#1770 Can not print Google Drive spreadsheets Platform
#1774 adblock plus block my rest client extension Platform
#1792 Block element can not select elements inside srcdoc iframe Platform
#1801 Internationalized domains (IDN) aren't handled correctly Platform
#1802 Only first selector in multi-selector hiding rule works in Chrome Platform
#1819 Update dependency on adblockplusui in adblockpluschrome and remove unnecessary code Platform
#1820 ABP switching to a different tab leaves the original tab highlighted Platform
#1824 Remove unused method Page.activate() Platform
#1828 Blocking one image blocks the other images also in the webpage Platform
#1832 Update public suffixes list in adblockpluschrome to account for the newly available ".uk" domains Platform
#1840 "forward" messages cause memory leaks Platform
#1841 Get rid of the URI class in favor of URL objects Platform
#1843 "Block element" dialog keeps showing when extension is disabled/uninstalled/reloaded Platform
#1844 Element hiding filters don't match if they reference root node Platform
#1847 devenv/ directory not ignored when cloning using Git Platform
#1852 Safari fails to parse empty URLs Platform
#1853 Move filter generation into the background page utilizing URL utils available there Platform
#1856 "Block element" behaves unexpected with SVG elements Platform
#1857 Overlays are sometimes covered by elements with same z-index Platform
#1864 "Block element" doesn't highlight matching elements (in red) sometimes Platform
#1865 ABP for Chrome messes up the page on high DPI Platform
#1866 ABP 1.8.10 'Block Element' right-click menu not working on facebook Platform
#1867 "Block element" dialog doesn't show if top level frame is a frameset Platform
#1868 "Block element" cannot handle <area> elements Platform
#1870 "Block element" doesn't block <frame> elements Platform
#1873 YouTube playlists don't play the next video without manually switching to the playlist tab Platform
#1891 Update buildtools dependeny to 8f3710a66f0e Platform
#1965 Refactor icon animation code Platform
#1976 Prerendered tabs aren't handled on Chrome Platform
#1977 SecurityError when encountering anonymous frames with third-party content Platform
#1983 Whitelisting the current page and reloading it has no effect Platform
#1985 Replace __proto__ with Object.create() and Object.getPrototypeOf() Platform
#1996 Update buildtools dependeny to ffac8445f588 Platform
#1997 Update adblockplus dependeny to 110e5dcd0be6 Platform
#1998 Update adblockplustests dependeny to 939b2e6e883f Platform
#2008 Texts are missing in the UI if language code doesn't have a region Platform
#2021 Replace FileSystem API with Platform
#2025 Add link to show which URLs were blocked on this page Platform
#2040 Replace localStorage with Platform
#2057 High resolution icon for Chrome extension management page is missing Platform
#2059 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision d1335219a5ac Platform
#2062 Trailing "?" is ignored when matching URLs Platform
#2063 Make ext.webRequest use ABP instead Chrome request types Platform
#2064 Configure indistinguishable request types in the abstraction layer Platform
#2066 Get rid of non-standard __defineGetter__, __defineSetter__, and __lookupGetter__ Platform
#2071 Can't send messages from popup to background page Platform
#2076 "Block element" dialog should only suggest element hiding filters if there are no blocking filters Platform
#2077 Overlay highlighting selected element is covered by descendant with higher z-index Platform
#2080 Remove duplicated code from clickHide_deactivate Platform
#2082 Popup doesn't know pages loaded before extension was loaded on Safari Platform
#2084 Placeholders show up in dynamically created frames Platform
#2086 Update adblockplusui dependency to revision 457cd7815a8a Platform
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