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#2739 [Send notifications to a subset of the user base] Test notification handler with caching enabled Sitescripts
#2740 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] Blocked element is not highlighted when selected. Platform
#2742 Block element should not block logo for websites like facebook and yahoo. Unknown
#2743 [Adblock Plus for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog not triggered when blocking an embedded ad Platform
#2753 "block element" does not work on Platform
#2754 chrome dev (45.0.2438.3): hiding filters don't work, "block element" missing on Platform
#2757 Notification data are reset when pages load during extension intitilization Core
#2758 Update adblockplus dependency to ffb0d87cd545 Platform
#2764 Update buildtools dependency to 41f4621a29dd Platform
#2784 Update adblockplustests dependency to ae6c7a2cc723 Platform
#2796 Add DeveloperIdentifier to the generated Safari extension manifest (Info.plist) Automation
#2797 Add the "Update From Gallery" key to the Safari extension update manifest (updates.plist) Sitescripts
#2798 Update buildtools dependency to 3a314c32bde7 Platform
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" User-Interface
#2813 Using runserver cms returns 500 status code for /subscriptions Websites
#2818 site layout broken using ABP for chrome (shadow DOM ? ) Platform
#2822 Add support for new subscription types to sitescripts Sitescripts
#2824 Ignore non-ads subscriptions in Utils.chooseFilterSubscription Platform
#2834 Enable CrowdIn translations for adblockplusui Automation
#2846 Service for processing Microsoft Edge announcement subscription Sitescripts
#2868 Pull processes piling up after deploying the new notification handler Sitescripts
#2875 ModPagespeed defer_javascript issue with active ABP Platform
#2896 Automate uploading of Firefox development builds to AMO Sitescripts
#2898 Stop updating our update manifest for Firefox development builds Sitescripts
#2902 conflict with tabgroups menu extension Platform
#2935 [cms] Give get_string global template function sensible default for page paramter Sitescripts
#2936 [cms] Support syntax for translatable strings with existing default value Sitescripts
#2949 Fix adblockpluschrome Git sync Infrastructure
#2968 Implement multi inheritance for metadata files Automation
#2969 Notification locales should be interpreted as Mozilla l10n locales Platform
#2972 doesn't add Git ignore paths relative to the project root Automation
#2982 Don't send a final notification to users that were in the test Sitescripts
#2983 Stats processing fails to interprete lastVersion parameter Sitescripts
#2992 [CMS] Animation XML files not generated for non English languages Sitescripts
#2994 Fanboy's Lists missing from subscription selection dialog Sitescripts
#3002 Write and use getDevEnvPath function for determining the devenv build path Automation
#3008 Safari anomaly @1.9 launch: too many active users Unknown
#3013 [] Replace /en/adblock-browser with a redirect to Websites
#3014 Make base path used in icons module configurable Platform
#3015 Remove legacy code for Adblock Browser iOS email notifcation Sitescripts
#3017 Improve file mapping precedence with inherited metadata files Automation
#3020 Notify users that Adblock Browser for iOS has been released Sitescripts
#3022 Add new notification type for normal messages Platform
#3023 Returning to the homepage resets the language on Websites
#3024 Add notification opt-out to Chrome notifications Platform
#3031 Add Adblock Browser section to First Run Page User-Interface
#3034 Google AdSense for Search ads not showing up with Acceptable Ads enabled Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3039 Generate qunit/index.html using a template and list of scripts in metadata Automation
#3048 Clients don't stay in test group if notification is inactive Sitescripts
#3049 Canonical URLs don't fallback to some browser languages on Websites
#3050 Whitelisted ad on gets broken link with ABP for Safari iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3052 Whitelisted search ads on not displayed with Adblock Plus for Safari iOS Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3054 Speed up interval between icon animations Platform
#3055 Fix inconsistencies with critical notifications Platform
#3056 [CMS] cms.bin.test_server intermittently pauses for several seconds when serving static files Sitescripts
#3058 Crowdin locales mapping for the translation synchronization script Sitescripts
#3060 Notification popup should be closed explicitly Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3062 Webserver resource ownership broken Infrastructure
#3073 Adblock Browser doesn't display acceptable ads on (mobile version) and Adblock-Browser-for-iOS
#3076 [CMS] Map locale names to match what Crowdin expects during synchronisation Sitescripts
#3080 Fix adblockplus Git sync Infrastructure
#3081 Enable threading for the flask web-server in the adblockpluscore script Core
#3084 [cms] Show full tracebacks for exceptions passing template code Sitescripts
#3085 Update adblockplus dependency to bdd5cd8bca3a Platform
#3086 Update adblockplusui dependency to 4a68f2a456d6 Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox
#3087 Update adblockplusui dependency to 4a68f2a456d6 Platform
#3089 Misplaced borders of share and donate section on first run page with smaller viewport sizes User-Interface
#3092 [CMS] Support use of the {% extends ... %} tag in Jinja2 pages Unknown
#3093 Automatically update content blocking lists Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
#3096 Notification icon animation is not stopped after desktop notification is dismissed Platform
#3112 [CMS] Allow testing of sitescripts URL handlers along with a static CMS site Sitescripts
#3117 Restrict "prefixes" attribute in recommendations.xml to subscriptions that specify languages Sitescripts
#3122 Add sitescripts.testpages.web.sitekey_frame URL handler Sitescripts
#3124 Allow the new severity value "normal" Sitescripts
#3125 Improve the second Adblock Browser notification test Sitescripts
#3132 Remove unused subscriptionList.html from sitescripts Sitescripts
#3137 [ABP for Chrome] "Add filter" dialog does not show up when 'Block element' is chosen. Unknown
#3138 Improve behaviour of context menu "block element" button for frames which have lost our click event listeners Platform
#3143 Add polyfill for `:has()` CSS4 pseudo-selector to element hiding filters Core
#3153 Remove duplicated handling of add-subscription in Platform Platform
#3163 Adapt "Block element" functionality for a change in Chrome dealing with "\0" in CSS selectors Platform
#3168 Add a script for generating new content blocker lists Sitescripts
#3170 Sitekey exception rules do not apply recursively in adblockpluschrome Platform
#3176 Add filter list meta data to content blocker lists Sitescripts
#3183 Fallback to defaultlocale if translation for the page doesn't exist Infrastructure
#3185 Element hiding unapplied when anonymous iFrame content added via document.write Platform
#3189 Verificaition emails "%" sign escape problem Sitescripts
#3194 Support multiple sources for dependencies using a new syntax Automation
#3200 Element hiding not applied to page preloaded by Safari when typing URL Platform
#3210 Don't fall back to our downloads for Firefox extensions Sitescripts
#3212 Management of pattern file for large scale deployment for Chrome is outdated Platform
#3216 StopIteration Exception raised in notification FCGI handler Sitescripts
#3238 Adblock Warning List opt in message should not be triggered by frames (Chrome) Platform
#3241 Make filter list URL configurable in devbuilds Adblock-Plus-for-iOS/macOS
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