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Issue Summary Assignee Type Priority Module Resolution
#6692 $document doesn't whitelist everything inside iframes kzar defect P1 Platform fixed
#6704 Ignore $rewrite filters for requests loading code to be executed sebastian change P1 Core fixed
#6708 Update adblockplusui dependencies to f6cbede1b008 saroyanm change P1 Platform fixed
#6713 $generichide filter option is broken kzar defect P1 Platform fixed
#6715 The adblockpluschrome unit tests are failing hfiguiere defect P1 Platform fixed
#6744 An exception thrown from the `inject.preload.js` sebastian defect P1 Unknown fixed
#6746 Element hiding filter applied although it shouldn't kzar defect P1 Platform fixed
#6402 Split out request / hit logging from devtools code into separate API kzar change P2 Platform fixed
#6622 Implement the $rewrite filter option hfiguiere change P2 Platform fixed
#6645 Collapse elements through user style sheets if possible sebastian change P2 Platform fixed
#6675 info module placeholder file included in AdBlock bundle by WebPack kzar defect P2 Platform fixed
#6679 Number shown in icon regardless of user setting kzar defect P2 Platform fixed
#5987 Remove from adblockpluschrome jsonesen change P3 Platform fixed
#6595 Page/Frame structure isn't updated when navigating to document served by Service Worker sebastian defect P3 Platform fixed
#6647 Stop converting domains from punycode to unicode sebastian change P3 Platform fixed
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