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#5844 [flake8-eyeo] Detect (more) redundant parentheses Automation
#5877 First run page is missing some text Automation
#5913 doesn't install Node.js dependencies on Windows Automation
#5915 adblockpluschrome won't build under Windows Automation
#5916 Locale strings are broken in adblockpluschrome when building from Windows Automation
#5939 Crowdin downloads suffixed translations to the wrong folder Automation
#5994 Release automation produces wrong commit Message Automation
#5996 Let release automation create Firefox builds Automation
#5997 Unit test files are included in the release build Automation
#6020 Unnecessary code being included in webpack bundles Automation
#6021 Refactor to use modern argparse Automation
#6037 Allow popup icons without popup Automation
#6383 Overwrite ID and updateURL for Adblock Plus for Firefox when creating a non-release build Automation
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