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Issue Summary Module
#6697 Use common_notification_hide intead options_notification_hide and issueReporter_notification_hide User-Interface
#6658 Update tooltip for privacy feature in options page User-Interface
#6705 Stop creating email field on validation [issue reporter] User-Interface
#6532 Remove subscription title input field when adding filterlists by url User-Interface
#6670 Log URL rewrites in DevTools User-Interface
#6661 Localize date in the Filter Lists section of options page User-Interface
#6696 Import translations for the release-2018-2 User-Interface
#6703 Import remaining translations from the Crowdin User-Interface
#6702 Import priority translations from the Crowdin User-Interface
#6514 IOToggle Custom Element User-Interface
#6662 Add `locale` format in the messaging API documentation User-Interface
#6386 Add Requests and Filters data to the Report data [Issue reporter] User-Interface
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