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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#4073 Improve Nginx integration with Puppet service resource Infrastructure reviewing matze change P1
#394 Collect filter hit statistics Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox reviewing saroyanm change P2
#1281 Set up a build server Infrastructure reviewing matze change P2
#1462 Create a development certificate authority Office-IT new matze change P2
#1608 Introduce SCM module in Puppet Infrastructure reviewing matze change P2
#1961 [meta] Divide et impera Office-IT new fred defect P2
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core new fhd change P2
#2683 Rietveld mails include in various headers Infrastructure reviewing matze defect P2
#3143 Add polyfill for `:has()` CSS4 pseudo-selector to element hiding filters Core reviewing hfiguiere change P2
#3145 Improve handling of Mercurial installation Infrastructure new paco change P2
#3175 Change app workflow Adblock-Plus-for-iOS reopened change P2 Adblock-Plus-for-iOS-next
#3561 Test FilterEngineTest, SetRemoveFilterChangeCallback in libadblockplus is failed Libadblockplus reopened defect P2
#3595 Get rid of detached threads Libadblockplus reviewing defect P2
#3726 Make AntiAdblock filter list a default Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser new change P2
#3938 Configure the environment to automatically run abpcrawler. Infrastructure new change P2
#3981 (Re-) Configure per-server traffic monitoring Infrastructure new matze change P2
#4053 Review arm configuration of compiling of v8 and libadblockplus for android Libadblockplus new change P2
#4062 v8 cannot be statically linked with libadblockplus for android Libadblockplus new sergz defect P2
#4229 Replace monitoring server hardware Infrastructure new matze change P2
#4907 Update v8 to 5.7.278 in libadblockplus Libadblockplus new sergz change P2
#5039 Add support of nullable values for non-objects in settings. Libadblockplus reviewing sergz change P2
#5066 Don't download subscription when connection parameters are inappropriate Libadblockplus new change P2
#5069 Add support of preloaded subscriptions Libadblockplus new change P2
#5118 Eliminate possible access violation from worker threads while destroying of JsEngine Libadblockplus new change P2
#5119 use own version of buildtools for ensure_deps instead of a version from adblockpluscore Libadblockplus new change P2
#5120 Make functions of WebRequest and FileSystem asynchrounous Libadblockplus new change P2
#5179 Implement asynchronous executor with a controllable lifetime. Libadblockplus new change P2
#5180 Make interface of WebRequest asynchronous Libadblockplus new change P2
#5182 Fix IsConnectionAllowed Libadblockplus new change P2
#5183 Make interface of FileSystem asynchronous Libadblockplus new defect P2
#5194 Remove Tracking Protection from Private Browsing Adblock-Browser-for-Android reviewing diegocarloslima change P2
#5198 Race condition in destroying of JsEngine Libadblockplus new defect P2
#391 Automate Crowdin upload/download for Android Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3
#568 Add monitoring for SSL connection failures Infrastructure new change P3
#1087 Switch from Visual Studio 2012 to Visual Studio 2015 Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3
#1194 Submit to be included in Chrome's HSTS preload list Infrastructure new change P3
#1197 change local copy of v8 (to 4.3.15) to work with Visual Studio 2013 Libadblockplus new sergz change P3
#1582 DefaultFileSystem should implement atomic write operations Libadblockplus new Mailkov change P3
#2163 [meta] Provide Mobile Monitoring Access Infrastructure new matze change P3
#2164 Switch Monitoring To HTTP Digest Authentication Infrastructure new defect P3
#2182 [meta] Establish Rietveld Instance Infrastructure new matze defect P3
#2242 Allow external commands for Nagios Infrastructure new change P3
#2666 Fix missing pe_version fact reported during Puppet run Infrastructure new defect P3
#2713 Move Nginx setup from module 'rietveld' to module 'codereview' Infrastructure reviewing matze defect P3
#2767 Log the size of the response body Infrastructure new matze change P3
#2974 Integrate class web::server with Hiera Infrastructure reviewing matze change P3
#2979 Integrate subscription list repo with Puppet module sitescripts Infrastructure new matze defect P3
#3096 Notification icon animation is not stopped after desktop notification is dismissed Platform new defect P3
#3593 Fix v8::Isolate management Libadblockplus reviewing change P3
#3855 Links in are invalid Libadblockplus new defect P3
#3982 Upgrade filter-master hardware Infrastructure reviewing matze change P3
#4082 Establish convention for denoting Puppet resource relationships Infrastructure new matze change P3
#4135 Failed to build libadblockplus for android on macos Libadblockplus new defect P3
#4195 CNN vids will not play Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new sergz defect P3
#4416 Libadblockplus-android tests duplicate libadblockplus tests Libadblockplus-Android new change P3
#4432 FilterEngine is created for too long Libadblockplus-Android new asmirnov change P3
#4433 Getting element hiding selectors takes too long Libadblockplus-Android new asmirnov change P3
#4688 Get rid of long (forever) blocking operations in tests Libadblockplus reviewing change P3
#4692 Don't keep strong references to JsEngine in worker threads Libadblockplus reviewing eric@… change P3
#4711 Custom thread class leaks resources on Windows Libadblockplus reviewing eric@… defect P3
#4916 look into the way to accept compressed data in network requests Libadblockplus reviewing change P3
#5064 Start to use google mock in tests Libadblockplus new change P3
#5109 Create stylelintrc for websites and ui modules Websites reviewing change P3
#5205 Add Subscription.isDisabled() Libadblockplus-Android reviewing change P3
#5273 Automatically update bundled lists Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser new change P3
#246 Dropping support for API7 and ARMv5, enabling x86 Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P4
#1200 Create an APT mirror for internal and production use Infrastructure new matze change P4
#1263 Custom filter don't work anymore after ABP update Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new defect P4
#2165 Update Rietveld Account Data Office-IT new change P4
#2290 Support vagrant in both and Infrastructure new change P4
#2429 Widget on Android to toggle on/off the filter capability Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P4
#2955 Rietveld Resource Leak Infrastructure new defect P4
#4488 Support JSON page front matter Sitescripts new change P4
#4491 Prevent page front matter from breaking formatting and linting Sitescripts new jsonesen change P4
#4503 fails for git submodule Build-and-Release-Tools reviewing asmirnov defect P4
#4693 Race condition: methods of FilterEngine can be called by JsEngine after destroying of former Libadblockplus new change P4
#4946 Fix generation of documentation Libadblockplus new defect P4
#5231 Use Java 7 features Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser new diegocarloslima change P4 Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser-next
#5235 Refactoring on SharedPrefs Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser new diegocarloslima change P4
#5267 Add support of 64 bit android Libadblockplus new change P4
#127 Make checkbox descriptions in Android describe the action, not show the current status Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P5
#420 Add a way to specify default subscriptions in corporate environment Unknown new change P5
#688 Getting Started page needs to be updated Websites new defect P5
#1078 Report an issue page Websites reopened defect P5
#4207 Lower case of HTTP header names in compat.js rather than in each implementation module Libadblockplus new change P5
#4812 Use a string builder interface in `WebRequest::GET()` Libadblockplus new change P5
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