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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#1205 Improve Acceptable Ads text on the first run page User-Interface new change P2
#1274 sharing in social networks always use english metadata Websites new juliandoucette defect P2
#2360 [meta] Add ability to hide elements by their child elements Core new hfiguiere change P2
#2412 Download button and browser icons overlap text in Firefox in Arabic Websites new defect P2
#2706 [meta] Finalize new options page implementation User-Interface new change P2
#3200 Element hiding not applied to page preloaded by Safari when typing URL Platform reviewing mjethani defect P2
#3726 Make AntiAdblock filter list a default Adblock-Plus-for-Samsung-Browser new change P2
#3816 Add experimental support for the new options page in Adblock Plus for Chrome, Opera and Safari Platform reviewing change P2
#5015 Element hiding completely breaks if there are any syntax errors in element hiding filters Platform reviewing defect P2
#5109 Create stylelintrc for websites and ui modules Websites reviewing change P2
#5158 Implement the new Options Page User-Interface new change P2
#5326 Implement "General" tab for new options page Unknown reviewing saroyanm defect P2
#5374 Implement Add filter list popup User-Interface reviewing saroyanm change P2
#5391 Remove General tab from new options page User-Interface new change P2
#5396 Implement "About" dialog for new options page User-Interface new change P2
#5465 Uninstall page: Add an additional response Websites new change P2
#5477 Buildtool doesn't import localization string placeholders on build Build-and-Release-Tools reviewing tlucas defect P2
#5482 Implement Sidebar styles and about ABP dialog User-Interface new saroyanm change P2
#5538 Implement "Help" tab for new options page User-Interface new saroyanm change P2
#5539 Implement "Acceptable Ads notification" of new options page User-Interface new change P2
#5540 Implement user notifications and "Whitelist added" notification for new options page User-Interface new change P2
#222 Show the first run page when reinstalling Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new change P3
#257 Add custom filter (subscription) support Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P3
#416 Show blocked resources Adblock-Plus-for-Android new hexene change P3
#1198 If you share your statistics via facebook, you get a german headline and an english description User-Interface new defect P3
#1382 [sitescripts] Use the correct buildtools revision when creating nightlies Sitescripts new change P3
#1455 Set up a server where Eyeo staff can host Shiny apps Infrastructure new change P3
#1624 Migration of Acceptable Ads Proposal forum board to Discourse Unknown new change P3
#1735 Element Hiding Helper selection not working when all elements are positioned absolutely Extensions-for-Adblock-Plus new defect P3
#2057 High resolution icon for Chrome extension management page is missing User-Interface new defect P3
#2097 Update first run page in IE Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3
#2106 Updates/improvements to press page Websites new change P3
#2288 Sharing ad count on Google+ does not contain any mentions of ads or Adblock Plus Maxthon new defect P3
#2565 Add "share filters" option to the "Add Filter(s)?" dialog box in ABP for Chrome User-Interface new change P3
#2708 Implement lazy loading for custom filters in new options page User-Interface new change P3
#2848 Show date of last successful filter list download when it failed User-Interface new change P3
#2926 Support notification opt-out in Internet Explorer Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P3
#3096 Notification icon animation is not stopped after desktop notification is dismissed Platform new defect P3
#3249 Popup blocking is applied to pages opened by the user in a new tab Unknown new defect P3
#3535 All JS links on "Adblock Plus has been installed" page stop function if click Contributor Credits link and then click Back browser button User-Interface new defect P3
#3951 Duplicate filters can sometimes be added via Block element User-Interface new defect P3
#4233 Block element red highlighting doesn't move when page is scrolled Platform new defect P3
#4579 Target promise-based browserext API Platform new change P3
#4632 Store sitekeys by frame ID instead of frame URL Unknown new change P3
#4749 Header covers content when printed Websites new defect P3
#4792 Add character set to devtools-panel.html User-Interface new change P3
#4856 Reimplement getDocLink assignment in adblockplusUI User-Interface new change P3
#4923 Create a dropdown component for Help Center Websites new change P3 1.0.0
#4934 Add 'Requirements for Adblock Plus recommended filter lists' page to Websites reviewing ire change P3
#4959 Show Instagram photos on Websites new change P3
#4969 Filter parsing in python-abp Sitescripts reviewing kvas change P3
#5070 Create basic SEO training doc Websites new change P3 website-docs 1.0.0
#5071 Create basic Accessibility training doc Websites new change P3 website-docs 1.0.0
#5251 Use form and type submit for the control elements User-Interface new change P3
#5316 Don't hard-code resource types for the devtools panel User-Interface new jsonesen change P3
#5317 Add support for <table> to the collection User-Interface new change P3
#5354 Anti-adblock notification does not work in Opera Platform new defect P3
#5462 Create browserlist for websites Websites new change P3
#5515 Adblock Plus Frontend Developer Job Description to upload on our Website Websites new change P3
#5531 Refactor canonical link generation on Websites new change P3
#108 Support sitekey-based whitelisting Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P4
#315 Add a way to disable custom filters in browsers besides Firefox User-Interface new change P4
#1105 Support sitekey-based whitelisting Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new change P4
#1254 YouTube - whitelist channels / authors Platform reopened change P4
#1347 Inconsistent padding on "Whitelisted domains" options tab User-Interface new dreyguy defect P4
#1736 Move some subscriptions to Miscellaneous section Websites reopened change P4
#2054 [ Anwiki to CMS migration] Add translations for misc strings on interface pages Websites new change P4
#2429 Widget on Android to toggle on/off the filter capability Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P4
#3519 After extending Edit Filters list, Apply changes button overlaps filter's name User-Interface new defect P4
#3679 Reject commit messages that aren't in the right format Sitescripts new change P4
#4275 Remove the adblockplus dependency from adblockpluschrome Platform new change P4
#4277 Bug in the way the Issue Reporter deals with its parameters Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new defect P4
#4740 Add meta data tags to & Websites new change P4
#4780 "Add Domain" button is overlapping with the input field in the Whitelisted Domains tab User-Interface new defect P4
#4789 Migrate to the new Chrome options UI Platform new change P4
#5028 Use the browser extension API via the "browser" (instead of "chrome") namespace Platform new change P4
#420 Add a way to specify default subscriptions in corporate environment Unknown new change P5
#1626 Placeholder image appears only after refresh Platform new defect P5
#756 Implement inline styles for hiding filters Unknown new change Unknown
#1260 Share custom filter lists between browsers Unknown new change Unknown
#1453 Page-by-page element hiding Core new change Unknown
#1688 When a filter is added, it gets added to whitelisted domains without display. User-Interface new defect Unknown
#1711 Move the logic determining whether the nested frame should be whitelisted into js core Core new change Unknown
#1920 Named domain arrays for filter lists Core new change Unknown
#1933 Synchronize deriving of the parent URL among platforms for the content of the anonymous frames Unknown new change Unknown
#2031 Move the logic of disabling/enabling of ABP for the particular web site into ABP core. Core new change Unknown
#2095 Prevent background redirects Unknown new change Unknown
#2137 malicious addon adding custom filters in ABP Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new defect Unknown
#2278 Extract keywords from regular expression filters Core new change Unknown
#2349 Adblock compatibility with Pampa 2 Browser. Unknown new change Unknown
#2427 Adblock Plus crash Firefox on certain site Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new defect Unknown
#2447 Clicking on abp: links doesn't work in SeaMonkey Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new defect Unknown
#2504 about:performance reports lots of CPOW Unknown new defect Unknown
#2581 Adblock Plus Icon/Options Disappeared? Unknown new defect Unknown
#2685 [meta] Use toolbar icon to indicate that Acceptable Ads are present on current site Unknown new change Unknown
#2692 Mouseover tooltip on ABP logo shows incorrect number for custom filters. Unknown new defect Unknown
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