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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#697 [trac] add mirror/backup repository for trac plugins Infrastructure new change P2
#1274 sharing in social networks always use english metadata Websites reopened juliandoucette defect P2
#1788 Setting up server in China for EasyList China Infrastructure new matze change P2
#2885 Chinese users fail to download the filters Infrastructure new defect P2
#3663 [meta] Update to the master bookmark after cloning/pulling Infrastructure new change P2
#3938 Configure the environment to automatically run abpcrawler. Infrastructure new change P2
#4040 Adjustments in redirects used by ABB for Android: Privacy, FAQ and support Infrastructure reopened matze change P2
#4535 Redirect old Acceptable Ads Application Form to the new one Infrastructure new change P2
#4733 Refactor nginx module Infrastructure new change P2
#392 Malware Domains updates don't make it to the repository Infrastructure new change P3
#542 [meta] Make it easier to deploy ABP in networks Unknown new change P3
#1194 Submit to be included in Chrome's HSTS preload list Infrastructure new change P3
#1455 Set up a server where Eyeo staff can host Shiny apps Infrastructure new change P3
#2300 Improve configuration Infrastructure new change P3
#2667 Install server-room UPS and setup monitoring software Office-IT new fred change P3
#4637 Remove proxying of Infrastructure new change P3
#4815 Make collected data from Acceptable Ads Committee application form accessible Infrastructure new change P3
#5644 upload.y doesn't upload binary diffs when used with a git repository Sitescripts reviewing kvas defect P3
#3006 Service spawn-fcgi reports inconsistent status codes Infrastructure new matze defect P4
#1354 Don't use SHA-1 in web server certificate chains Infrastructure new change Unknown
#1685 Doesn't work default setting Unknown new defect Unknown
#1691 [intraforum] Lessen/remove posting limitations for new users Infrastructure new change Unknown
#2252 Create a filter list repository for ABPindo Infrastructure new change Unknown
#2724 Reports about subscription fallback requests should be generated on the new server Unknown new defect Unknown
#2933 Upload favicon to Infrastructure new change Unknown
#3209 notification.json requests: broken chains triggered by synchronization_error Unknown new defect Unknown
#3273 Extend telemetry data by additional information Adblock-Plus-for-Firefox new change Unknown
#3275 Server for Data module Infrastructure new change Unknown
#3474 German - "Think Adblock Plus is worth sharing?" window's content is not localized. Infrastructure new defect Unknown
#3556 [hub] create project/process for marketing of mobile products Infrastructure new change Unknown
#3680 [codereview] "Invalid IPv6 URL [ValueError]" when publishing comments Infrastructure new defect Unknown
#4014 Publish python-abp on PyPI Sitescripts new change Unknown
#4061 Configure the hg hook that closes the issues fixed by pushed commits and sets milestones Infrastructure new change Unknown
#4116 Make infile and outfile parameters of flrender script from python-abp optional Sitescripts new change Unknown
#4421 Migrate to "formmail2" Infrastructure new change Unknown
#4423 Migrate and to use "formmail" Infrastructure new change Unknown
#4639 Remove easylist and easylistgermany repositories from our infrastructure Infrastructure reopened ferris change Unknown
#4640 Move Mercurial repository configuration to Puppet Infrastructure new change Unknown
#4689 Provide platform detection for Help Center website Sitescripts new change Unknown
#4869 Implement Acceptable Ads Video Unknown new change Unknown
#5335 Adding dependencies and build steps to websites Sitescripts new change Unknown Websites code sharing
#5658 Upgrade operating system on server16 Infrastructure new trev change Unknown
#5709 Add new documentation link redirects to Infrastructure reviewing wspee change Unknown
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