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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#104 Update locale validation Automation new change P3
#5262 Loosen ESLint indentation rule Automation new change P3
#5483 Complete test-coverage for Build-and-Release-Tools Automation new change P3
#5484 Ensure python3 compatibility of the Build-and-Release-Tools Automation new change P3
#6167 Release automation fails on Windows Automation new defect P3
#6339 Make it possible to release Adblock Plus for Chrome without a build signing key Automation new tlucas change P3
#2539 Move VCS abstraction part of ensure_dependencies into a separate module Automation reopened change P4
#4503 fails for git submodule Automation reviewing asmirnov defect P4
#3543 Extension Update build information doesn't show up Automation new defect Unknown
#4729 Packager Edge tests fail on Windows due to differing mime types Automation new defect Unknown
#5937 Tests in buildtools on Windows Automation new defect Unknown
#6230 Alter resolve path of info module generated by buildtools Automation reopened change Unknown
#6369 Automatically download latest Adblock Plus releases from the CWS Automation new change Unknown
#6651 Introduce CI for Adblock Plus (devbuilds) Automation new change Unknown
#6682 [Gitlab CI] Move uploading logic from abpssembly to the buildtools Automation new change Unknown
#6757 Static assets automation in Automation new change Unknown
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