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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#6872 $genericblock filter applies to domain specific $csp filter Unknown new defect Unknown
#1928 'Download failed' lists are given valid last update times when browser is closed and reopened. Unknown new defect P2
#3861 ABP IE11 jQuery 1.7.2 Impact Unknown new defect P5
#7237 ABP Not working for IE11 Windows 7 64 bits Unknown new defect Unknown
#1922 ABP can't be disabled universally through the Maxthon UI anymore Unknown reopened defect P3
#6355 ABP for Firefox memory usage Unknown new defect Unknown
#5669 ABP for Safari on macOS blocks its own settings page with *adblock* filter Unknown new defect P4
#6656 ABP not working in Internet Explorer 10 Unknown new defect Unknown
#1912 Ad counters in icon menu and icon are inconsistent in Maxthon Unknown reopened defect P3
#7070 AdBlock Plus Icon not appearing in Safari 12.0.1/Mojave beta Unknown new defect Unknown
#4415 Adblock Plus for Edge breaks Tumblr videos with easyprivacy enabled. Unknown new defect Unknown
#3120 Adblock Plus is localized in a non-localized browser Unknown new defect Unknown
#4885 Adblock Plus issue reports e-mails - Missing some legend info Unknown new defect Unknown
#1804 Add "Block Element" to Adblock Plus for Maxthon Unknown reopened jobp defect P3
#7270 Add more snippet files Unknown new defect Unknown
#3187 Add tests for Acceptable Ads detection to testpages Unknown new change Unknown
#1833 Add the "Adblock Removal Warning List" to Maxthon Unknown new jobp change P3
#7030 Add tool to compose ABP version etc, report Unknown new defect Unknown
#6481 Add unit tests for XLIFF processing Unknown new dzhang change Unknown
#3387 Adding LMS to Unknown new change Unknown
#3384 Adding Smartology to Unknown new change Unknown
#3388 Adding Universem to Unknown new change Unknown
#5394 Ads from not blocked Unknown new defect Unknown
#5172 Allow fine-tuned filter list controls in AdBlock Plus for iOS Unknown new change Unknown
#2175 An ad at is not blocked. Unknown new defect P3
#6725 Another site where ABP element blocking is not working Unknown new defect Unknown
#4779 Application name wraps when displayed app drawer Unknown new change Unknown
#1924 CSS syntax of filter is not validated in like Chrome Unknown new defect P3
#4025 Can't login to Ebay. Unknown new defect Unknown
#5911 Cannot block elements without closing popup UI Unknown new defect Unknown
#4890 Change the text Liste AR supplement for EasyList to supplement for Liste FR + EL Unknown new change Unknown
#5190 Changing picture + bio of Peter Frey Unknown new change Unknown
#7355 Clean up after changes for issue 7000 Unknown new change Unknown
#1244 Cleanup of sitescript module dependencies Unknown reviewing matze change Unknown
#7442 Commit package-lock.json file (?) Unknown new change Unknown
#5323 Create a tool/script to pickup revolving adservers Unknown new defect Unknown
#7117 Create test pages for first set of snippets Unknown reviewing Ross change P2
#2228 Different site behaviour on Unknown new defect Unknown
#4730 Document the variable naming pattern for website project Unknown new change Unknown
#6979 Don't force the use of the Safari's native Content Blocking with Safari 12 Unknown new change Unknown
#3947 Excessive block counting on long YouTube videos Unknown new defect Unknown
#3394 Factor out status bar into a separate class Unknown new change Unknown
#5505 Filter lists slow down Safari startup Unknown new defect Unknown
#1899 Filter rule blocks more images on Maxthon compared to chrome Browser Unknown new defect P3
#1926 Filter subscription downloading is hanging with text 'Downloading...' lot of times. But When browser is closed and opened, it is showing time. Unknown new defect P4
#6894 Finish issue reporter styles Unknown new change Unknown
#2851 Fix introduced test page problems and incorrect test text Unknown new Ross defect P5
#1409 Fix some errors in adblockplustest Unknown new tschuster defect P3
#3773 Fix warning during static page generation Unknown new change Unknown
#5533 Forbes Detects ABP, even when extension is disabled, it's completely unusable. Unknown new defect Unknown
#5032 Generate feed XML for blog Unknown new change Unknown
#1747 GetElementHidingSelectors should return an empty list if the website is whitelisted by any option Unknown new change Unknown
#7263 Gitlab runners timing out on adblockpluscore tests Unknown new jsonesen defect Unknown
#6629 How to use libadblockplus? Unknown new defect Unknown
#4971 Hub UI > Incorrect display / layout of navigation elements Unknown new defect Unknown
#4972 Hub UI > Unnecessary "Home" page Unknown new defect Unknown
#6716 Ignore resource: protocol in Firefox Unknown new tschuster change Unknown
#1879 Image blocking is not clean and cause overlap Unknown new defect P3
#4869 Implement Acceptable Ads Video Unknown new change Unknown
#6990 Implement IOFilterTable with IOFilterSearch and IOFilterList Unknown new change Unknown
#4476 Implement a tool to debug hiding filters including -abp-properties filters (and :has in the future) Unknown new change Unknown
#756 Implement inline styles for hiding filters Unknown new change Unknown
#6762 Implement support for cookie-related filters Unknown new defect Unknown
#6773 Implement support for domain wildcards Unknown new change Unknown
#4287 In-line ads are not blocked on with ABP iOS Unknown new defect Unknown
#3513 Incorrect localisation in the settings section of the Russian version of Maxthon Unknown new defect Unknown
#3501 Invalid Message shown when checking for Updates and internet connection is lost Unknown new defect Unknown Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer-Next
#3252 Issues with url=file:// in IE only Unknown new defect Unknown
#5225 Limit length of team member descriptions on team page Unknown new change Unknown
#4204 Make $genericblock work better Unknown new change Unknown
#4793 Make toolbar icon state colors more distinct for color blind users Unknown new change Unknown
#1624 Migration of Acceptable Ads Proposal forum board to Discourse Unknown new change P3
#5491 Mobile - Youtube ad show on Home Unknown new defect Unknown
#2728 Move ADP icon from bottom to upper in IE Unknown new change Unknown
#2811 New Feature Request: Temporarily "Disable on this Site" Unknown new change Unknown
#7172 blank unless adblock is turned off Unknown new defect Unknown
#1978 Not able to whitelist domains using wildchar Unknown new defect P3
#5746 Notification not shown in Edge Unknown new defect Unknown
#7203 Objects are not actually hidden in Edge Unknown new defect Unknown
#4761 Optimize Adblock Plus for Edge listing on Windows Store for better discoverability Unknown new change Unknown
#7000 Performance and memory usage tradeoffs to give the best experience to most users most of the time Unknown new change Unknown
#3249 Popup blocking is applied to pages opened by the user in a new tab Unknown new defect P3
#2095 Prevent background redirects Unknown new change Unknown
#7512 Previously invalid rule is now valid Unknown new defect Unknown
#7185 Problem selecting areas with issues in step 2 of issue-reporter.html Unknown new defect Unknown
#4024 Problem urls - Unknown new defect Unknown
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