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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#6407 Languages not supporting Source Sans Pro User-Interface new change Unknown
#6411 Allow sparse arrays in eslint-config-eyeo Sitescripts new change Unknown
#6413 Make texts in DevTools panel translatable User-Interface new change Unknown
#6415 macOS browser notification buttons do not appear. Platform new defect Unknown
#6416 Duplicate social filter list shown in General tab User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6425 [meta] Further modernise our JavaScript coding style rules, ESLint config and code bases Unknown new change Unknown
#6429 [emscripten] merge the changes to the content script. Core new change Unknown
#6433 Use generators to return lists of things Platform new change Unknown
#6434 Define helpers for non-array iterables Core new change Unknown
#6449 Switch to Harmony modules in adblockpluschrome Platform new change Unknown
#6450 [meta] Optimize options page for large amounts of filters User-Interface new change Unknown
#6456 Spotify freezes when it tries to play a blocked ad Platform new defect Unknown
#6457 Adblock Plus trigger the "slow script" warning on Firefox Nightly Platform new defect Unknown
#6461 Make Kitt Core be a framework manageable by Carthage Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new dzhang change Unknown
#6465 Maintain separate long-term cache in CombinedMatcher Core new change Unknown
#6471 Allow small tags in translation strings Sitescripts new change Unknown
#6472 Allow downloading/using different version of the browser for the test Core new change Unknown
#6478 Synchronize test data among different projects Core new change Unknown
#6481 Add unit tests for XLIFF processing Unknown new dzhang change Unknown
#6482 [meta] Use the class keyword in JavaScript code Unknown new change Unknown
#6495 ABP should suggest more specific hiding filters User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6505 Make use of default function parameters in Core module Core new change Unknown
#6507 Inject style sheet proactively from background page Platform new mjethani change Unknown
#6513 Updates page padding/alignment does not match spec User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6537 Ошибка.windows 2008 r2 .IE 11.0.9600.18860 AdblockPlusEngine.exe Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer new defect Unknown
#6550 Provide ability to hide background image ads Core new change Unknown
#6551 Provide ability to specify alternative hiding methods Core new change Unknown
#6561 #?#A:-abp-has(> span:-abp-contains(REKLAMA)) causing problems Core new defect Unknown
#6573 Crash on some Android 4.x devices Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new defect Unknown
#6578 Implement missing features for Orca Libadblockplus-Android new change Unknown
#6579 Implement missing features for Orca Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change Unknown
#6587 adblockplusui builds on Windows are broken User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6598 Element hiding filters covering iframes with display: block !important style hide too much Platform new defect Unknown
#6603 Investigate why .host variables are ignored on Ubuntu 16.04 Adblock-Plus-for-Chromium new change Unknown
#6613 Page-specific items hidden in icon popup on certain web pages User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6629 How to use libadblockplus? Unknown new defect Unknown
#6636 Add to Home Screen not working Adblock-Browser-for-Android new defect Unknown
#6641 Copyright year in about dialog is out of date User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6651 Introduce CI for Adblock Plus (devbuilds) Automation new change Unknown
#6656 ABP not working in Internet Explorer 10 Unknown new defect Unknown
#6663 AdblockPlus cause safari to crash (when loading page) Platform new defect Unknown
#6667 Reuse code from ElemHide module for faster lookup of Snippets scripts Core new mjethani change Unknown
#6672 [emscripten] Implement CSP filter in C++ Core new change Unknown
#6673 [emscripten] implement the "rewrite" filter option in C++ Core new change Unknown
#6674 [emscripten] implement snippets in C++ Core new change Unknown
#6682 [Gitlab CI] Move uploading logic from abpssembly to the buildtools Automation new change Unknown
#6684 Issue Reporter Active Tab Screenshot User-Interface new change Unknown
#6698 Add versioning information into projects used by third parties Libadblockplus new oleksandr change Unknown
#6700 Count in ABP icon is incorrect when a high number of ads are blocked User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6709 showing no search results with ABP Unknown new defect Unknown
#6714 Another site where ABP element blocking does not work Unknown new defect Unknown
#6716 Ignore resource: protocol in Firefox Unknown new tschuster change Unknown
#6725 Another site where ABP element blocking is not working Unknown new defect Unknown
#6729 Store filter text efficiently in memory Core new change Unknown
#6730 Subscribe links don't work with redirects Platform new defect Unknown
#6732 Reintroduce and expose filters' meta data in the UI User-Interface new change Unknown
#6745 Prefer strict equality operator Core new change Unknown
#6757 Static assets automation in Automation new change Unknown
#6762 Implement support for cookie-related filters Unknown new defect Unknown
#6765 No COPYING file in the root directory Platform new defect Unknown
#6766 Add "spies" in the test framework Core new change Unknown
#6769 Set and make use of siteurl in Unknown new change Unknown
#6770 Allow the "s" flag in :-abp-contains() regular expressions Unknown new hfiguiere change Unknown
#6772 Ads from not blocked Adblock-Plus-for-Android new defect Unknown
#6773 Implement support for domain wildcards Unknown new defect Unknown
#6774 $document doesn't whitelist everything inside iframes in Edge Platform reviewing geo defect Unknown
#6776 Adblock Plus does not fully initialize Platform new defect Unknown
#6777 Clicking Subscribe link on works only the second time Platform new defect Unknown
#6778 ABP for Edge fails on some test cases on Platform new defect Unknown
#6780 ad landing pages broken Adblock-Browser-for-iOS new defect Unknown
#6793 Element hiding exception rule not working for specific case Platform new defect Unknown
#6794 Bubble UI: UX improvements [UX] User-Interface new change Unknown
#6796 Ping requests not whitelisted in iframe whitelisted via $document Platform new defect Unknown
#6800 Regression: Issue report data is incomplete User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6801 Improved state for non http/s protocols User-Interface new change Unknown
#6806 It should be possible to sort by different columns in Filter Lists options User-Interface new change Unknown
#6816 Bubble UI: Add heading "Number of items blocked" User-Interface new change Unknown
#6820 Investigate moving away from nodeunit for tests Core new change Unknown
#6827 Issue reporter data overlay doesn't include screenshot User-Interface new change Unknown
#6828 Issue Reporter - reported data link breaks + cancel button User-Interface new defect Unknown
#6834 Index filter objects by hash Core new change Unknown
#6835 Add R support to python-abp Sitescripts reviewing atudor change Unknown
#6846 Add new error message for invalid snippet filters User-Interface new change Unknown
#6850 [python-abp] Remove generation of checksums Sitescripts new rhowell change Unknown
#6851 Implement IOScrollbar for infinite scroll User-Interface new change Unknown
#6852 Run linter on gitlab ci for all commits User-Interface new wspee change Unknown
#6864 ABP UI Nightlies User-Interface new change Unknown
#52 Refactor filter/subscription change notifications Core new change P5
#127 Make checkbox descriptions in Android describe the action, not show the current status Adblock-Plus-for-Android new change P5
#279 Experiment with storing filters in more efficiently parseable intermediate format Core new change P5
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