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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#5771 ABP prevents loading of Edge about:flags page Platform reopened defect P2
#5826 Block element UI does not fit the popup in Edge Platform new defect P2
#5988 [webextension] Devtools resource type dropdown doesn't work Platform new defect P2
#2705 Improve notification generation error reporting Sitescripts new defect P3
#3096 Notification icon animation is not stopped after desktop notification is dismissed Platform new defect P3
#3951 Duplicate filters can sometimes be added via Block element User-Interface new defect P3
#5271 Restoring automated backups does not work correctly in migration builds Core new defect P3
#6167 Release automation fails on Windows Automation new defect P3
#2519 Website tutorial animations error in IE9 Websites new defect P4
#4820 Links and text indistinguible in IE8 Websites new defect P4
#4821 Job application buttons do not work in IE8 Websites new defect P4
#5879 Acceptable Ads radio button selection jumps around User-Interface new defect P4
#2148 Create initial test pages for test suite Websites new Ross change P5
#2587 Update test pages to use added filter subscription entries Websites new Ross change P5
#2840 Update reference section on test pages Websites new Ross change P5
#2841 Update the "other test cases" section with researched test cases Websites new Ross change P5
#2851 Fix introduced test page problems and incorrect test text Websites new Ross defect P5
#3947 Excessive block counting on long YouTube videos Unknown new defect Unknown
#4026 First-run page and warning not shown after reinitializing filter subscriptions Platform new defect Unknown
#4066 Too many subscriptions with content blocking enabled causes Safari to crash Platform new defect Unknown
#5645 Requests still blocked with white-listing filter applied Platform new defect Unknown
#5663 [webextension] Could not establish connection error after fresh install Platform new defect Unknown
#5707 Anti-adblock subscription is not restored Platform new defect Unknown
#5746 Notification not shown in Edge Unknown new defect Unknown
#5878 Filter list update times are not displaying correctly User-Interface new defect Unknown
#5911 Cannot block elements without closing popup UI Unknown new defect Unknown
#5918 ABP blocks opening of downloaded files in Edge Unknown new defect Unknown
#6175 Animations are not displayed on faq pages Websites new defect Unknown
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