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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#6757 Static assets automation in Automation new change Unknown
#6894 Finish issue reporter styles Unknown new change Unknown
#6990 Implement IOFilterTable with IOFilterSearch and IOFilterList Unknown new change Unknown
#7011 Add "detectedLanguage" data point User-Interface new defect Unknown
#7160 Use the io-filter-table instead of the textarea User-Interface new change Unknown
#7259 Inform user about errors that occur while using the options page User-Interface new change Unknown
#7316 Add link to help center in Settings > Help > Support User-Interface new defect Unknown
#7319 Update "Learn how to create filters" link on Settings page User-Interface new change Unknown
#7341 Use dom.js module utilities for consistency sake User-Interface new change Unknown
#7357 Disable filter table rich text paste User-Interface new defect Unknown
#7359 -abp-has shouldn't need nested -abp-has Core new defect Unknown
#7373 Broken abort-current-inline-script overrides Core new hfiguiere defect Unknown
#7383 Split out core io-filter-list functionality User-Interface new change Unknown
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