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Issue Summary Module Status Assignee Type Priority Milestone
#3708 Have abpbot join all channels Infrastructure new matze change Unknown
#4580 Remove the remaining ext code Platform new change Unknown
#5449 Clarify our JavaScript indentation rules Automation new change Unknown
#6230 Alter resolve path of info module generated by buildtools Automation reopened change Unknown
#6338 "Block element" tool gives no feedback about whitelisted elements User-Interface new change Unknown
#6380 Have hg commit hook check Noissue commits have linked review URL Sitescripts new change Unknown
#6425 [meta] Further modernise our JavaScript coding style rules, ESLint config and code bases Unknown new change Unknown
#7194 tox is failing for buildtools, reporting flake8 errors Automation reviewing defect Unknown
#7258 Video on won't play when Adblock Plus is enabled Platform new defect Unknown
#3122 Add sitescripts.testpages.web.sitekey_frame URL handler Sitescripts reviewing change P4
#4789 Migrate to the new Chrome options UI Platform new change P4
#1614 Refactor discourse puppet module to enable more general use Infrastructure new defect P3
#4632 Store sitekeys by frame ID instead of frame URL Unknown new change P3
#6358 Correct resource URL colours for dark theme version of our developer tools panel User-Interface new defect P3
#6710 Avoid storing filter domains multiple times Core new change P3
#7350 Remove Page.prototype.sendMessage from stub code User-Interface new change P3
#6387 Block element context menu does not show for divs with background image Platform new kzar defect P2
#6734 The latest Safari development build doesn't work Unknown new defect P2
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